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It’s been a while since our last BrOADER[view], so today we are stocked to present you a new one with Christian “mee-z” Miessner who is the man behind shralp!, probably the best weekly podcast dedicated to snowboarding!

We were lucky enough to be featured on shralp!’s episode 53 last January, and from this point on we were eager to learn more about how shralp! worked and its future plans. Read on!

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If you haven’t heard about Scalp it means you haven’t been snowboarding on the same planet as us.

Scalp has been on the scene since the birth of snowboarding in Europe and has been showcasing it’s evolution year after year through his photography.
Senior photographer for Onboardmag and active with other magazines and brands, Scalp is a unique character in the industry. We were stocked sitting down with him for a beer and listening to what he had to tell us about his life, photography and snowboarding.

Kick back and press play for our latest video interview on BrOADER TV!

Roxy envi 08 board

BrOADER TV logo Sunny weather, fresh air, green grass, red flowers and milky cowes for this product review with Fanny Foucrier from Roxy Winter Division.

Fanny presented us the new 07/08 board “Envi“. It’s a nice looking all mountain freestyle board for the ladies including features like the magnetraction edge concept and a 100% natural bamboo topsheet.

This board is Torah Bright’s favorite! She was riding it when she won the X-games! So it’s definitly a board for good riders who wnat to push their level and progress in freestyle.

Watch our video & pics for more details and appreciate sexy Fanny with her “envi”…

Special thanks to Elodie T. for her support

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BrOADER TV logoDarius was part of the crew of 4 skiers and snowboarders who travelled to Nepal this winter to try and beat the record of building the highest kicker on earth and stomping tricks.

We met with Darius and asked him about this adventure, human experience and sporting challenge.
Mountain and nature rules it” is the message from Darius! In fact the record didn’t happen because of the harsh weather conditions but it turned out to be an unbelievable experience. Check out our video interview!

Intergirlactik 07

BrOADER TV logoIntergirlactik is over and looking back it has been a great event!

It was our first contest partnership and we were stocked to see how the girls were going big – back 7s on the 15m gap for Claudia – on the perfectly shaped HO5 Snowpark.

The weather was nice, the vibes super good and it was also cool to be able to check out and test 07/08 boards from Allian, Forum, Roxy, Gnu, Lib Tech as well as Beyond bindings. Oh yeah, and the friendly drunk swiss from the Pinard crew were there, hunting down Serge…

Can’t wait for next year!! In the meanwhile check out our video of the finals!

Results :
1st – Claudia Fliri (AUT)
2nd – Vicci Miller (UK)
3rd – Lisa Filzmoser (AUT)

avatar-tv-1.gifCheck out our video interview with swedish rider Michael Lundmark.

Michael is a strong allround rider and proved it in 2004 when he won the Billabong Jr Pro and imposed himself as a force to be reckoned with.
We met him in Leysin beginning of March and asked him some questions about his season and set-up. Michael is equipped head to toe with Rossignol snowboards gear and seems stocked about it. Check it out!


Kalle Ohlson is a talented rider who is part of the MMPfilms crew of riders.

We hooked up with him in Leysin where is was participating to the Billabong Jr Pro Champs and ask him some questions about his season, filming for MMPfilms, and his gear as he is riding Bataleon decks.

Check it out!

bt_neil.jpg In our quest to always give you insights on different aspects of European snowboarding and people involved in making our sport grow, we bring you today a BrOADER[view] with Neil Slinger, Marketing and Product Manager for Blue Tomato Snowboard Shop.

Blue Tomato is an Austrian based retailing company which has chosen to develop a strong online strategy. We wanted to know how it was working for them and what benefits us – buyers of snowboard goods – could get out of it.
What we appreciate is that Blue Tomato (BT) is not just here for the business, they are riders and dedicated to promote snowboarding through their team, events and gatherings! Check it out!

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avatar-tv-1.gif What have you ever wanted to ask Anne-Flore Marxer and never had the guts to?

Stuff like how is her season going, with who is she filming this year, how does her next year signature board looks like and feels, how does she dress up so cool and why is purple the hottest colour for goggles? All these questions are so overrated man.

Check out our video with Anne-Flore and get answers to questions that really – really – matter. pause. not!

avatar-tv-1.gifIn December we announced you the release of the movie LINES produced and directed by legendary freerider Axel Pauporte and his wife Flora (refresh your mind here).
Now they have been showing the movie around in different places and during different snowboard events like the ISPO, the Arctic Challenge and the Billabong Jr Pro before the official release planned this summer.

We watched the movie during the Swiss Premiere in Leysin and we came out of it completely stunted!
LINES is a must see for every rider because it showcases the true legendary freeride pioneers and the new kids who are bringing their tricks and flavors to riding the majestuous Alaskan mountains.

By following the Absinthe crew on their image quest during two months in Alaska and mixing it up with interviews and anecdotes by Farmer, Ranquet, Goodwill, Jealouse, and more, Axel and Flora have managed to show on film what big mountain riding is all about: the essence of snowboarding!


avatar-tv-1.gif Today was the first real day of competition here at the Billabong Jr Pro.
Sadly the weather conditions were not favorable for the riders to show their skills and bag of tricks.
Even though most of the boys had the chance to score some runs as soon as the sun was showing up in between the mist, the organisers finally decided to postpone the qualifications until tomorrow, as the forecasts are very good.

Not a lot of action to film so we asked Drew Stevenson, the TTR boss, what he thought of the day and most importantly we came back on what happened on the TTR until today and on what we can expect to see at the Burton US Open for the tour’s grand finale. Drew has a very positive vision of our sport and as always it was great having a chat with him on the halfpipe at the end of the day.

Check it out!

Picture credit: Vanessa Andrieux


The initial plan was to have a classical BrOADER[view] with David Pitschi to bring you an insight on how an ex-pro rider can successfully reorient in the industry and still score stylish handplants!
But David is in Leysin since he is the organiser of the Billabong World Junior Pro, so we met up for a beer and talked about his old life as pro rider and new life as working slave at Billabong ūüėČ

David also presented us what we can expect to see in Leysin this week during the Billabong World Jr Pro both on and off the slope.

Check it out!


avatar-tv-1.gifAs you can see Nico Watier is a busy man. That’s because he has a double life!
Pro rider for Imperivm snowboards where he’s got his “hot babes” signature model and technical director for HO5 parks, one of the leading European park construction company.
We met Nico during the Volcom PBRJ contest in Les 7 Laux and asked him some questions about building snowparks. If you remember we already discussed this topic with the guys from Mellow park constructions. It’s interesting to get another point of view and this time on video!

matcrepel_broader.jpgLadies and Gentlemen! We are stocked to present you our BrOADER[view] with one of the most naturally talended snowboarder this side of the Atlantic: Mathieu Crepel!
Math had a brilliant 05/06 season as he will be remembered in the history books as the first ever TTR overall world champion!
This year he kicked off the season with an amazing double win in the FIS WC’s big air and halfpipe events. But don’t reduce Math to a contest machine, the rider from La Mongie, Pyrenee – who by the way also surfs better than you! – is taking filming very seriously this year as he should score a nice part in the up coming Standard movie. So a lot of stuff to discuss with Math, who we thank a lot for taking the time to answer us! Have a great season Math!

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It took some time, but resorts around Europe seem to be convinced now that having a good snowpark will bring more riders to their mountains. All over Europe perfectly shaped and thinked snowparks are flourishing. Behind some of those are companies whose jobs is to help resorts build the best, safest park for riders to enjoy.

One of the most experienced and reliable of these companies is Mellow Constructions.
In order to know more about this aspect of snowboarding, we had a chat with Thomas Marsh, one of the founders of Mellow Constructions.

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avatar-tv-1.gifIf you read us since the beginning, you might remember one of our first post where we told you that Quiksilver was developing their own range of snowboards for the 07/08 season.

During the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam contest in les 7 laux last week-end, we met Emeric Front who is one of the two pro riders (Freddie Austbo is the second one) in charge for the development and promotion of the QS boards.
We asked him what was the plan and he told us more about Quiksilver snowboards, the prototype he was riding, and also about himself.
That day Emeric burned the rails and won the contest! The video of the Volcom PB&RJ will be up soon but for the time being check out what Emeric has to say:

milk3.jpgWho is Milk? You probably think you don’t know him at all…but you’re wrong! Michael ‘Milk’ Kuszla is the man behind most of the brand identity from A snowboards (RIP) and today APO snowboards.
He has been around for ten years, marking the snowboard industry with his designs and graphics. At BrOADER, we wanted to discover this other side of the snowboard industry.

So if you are an up and coming graphic designer interested in working for a snowboard brand, or simply fond of the artistic expression of snowboarding, you’ll enjoy reading this one!

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Hey guys! Sorry for letting you down since friday but it finally snowed on the Alps and we just went riding! We needed it badly! We were in les 7 Laux a cool resort above Grenoble. The snow was fresh and it was sunny for 3 days. Don’t worry because we kept ourself busy in between runs : the Volcom Peanut butter and rail jam was rocking on saturday and we have cool footage + some nice interviews in preparation for you! Talking about itws, here’s a short one we made with Marko Grilc last week…

Marko Grilc is only 23 years old but he has been around for a while. After a couple of seasons filming with the Pirates, the slovene Burton international rider, hit the 6th gear and ended up filming with David Benedek and crew for last year’s most original snowboard movie “91 words for snow”. This season he stepped up his riding big time and will be filming with Standard films.
Grilc is probably the kind of rider who let’s his riding do the talking, but have a look at our “straight to the point” interview with the man and look out for a scoop about the gear he will ride next season…the first slovene Burton promodel ever?

Picture credit – portrait, action : Fish! Hvala lepa!

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Arno RepaThere are many ways to be involved in snowboarding. @BrOADER we try to give you each time new visions, new ideas, new points of view…Since october and the launch of BrOADER, we managed to deliver BrOADER[views] with different people from the European snowboard scene. A couple of riders (Anne-Flore Marxer & Christian KIKI Moillen), a photographer (Vanessa Andrieux), a contest organiser (Drew Stevenson from TTR), a film maker (Olivier Pictet from Thermos), and some entrepreneurs (Seb from Aaven, Alix from Landing, and Stephen from Eesa)!!! Not too bad, no? ūüėČ

Today we have yet another perspective: we are proud to present you our BrOADER[view] with Arno Repa, snowboard product manager at Rossignol Snowboards. This guy manages the full range of snowboards at Rossignol from product definition to marketing! If you want to know a little more about this aspect of the snowboard industry and get a preview at some 0708 boards from Rossignol including the Mathieu Crepel and John Jackson pro models…go ahead!!!

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Our friends from Tackyworld send us a mail to tell us they have a video interview of Terje online right now!

In the interview Terje¬†talks about the preparations for the Oakley Artic Challenge,¬†due next month : “Learning from last year’s mistake, this year we’ve reduced the compression a lot to make it easier, and not to mention safer, for the riders. Mathematic professors have made measures on what kind of speed we need down the slope, where we’ll have most compression and how much speed that is needed at the the jump when focusing on weight and stuff.”

Will Heikki Sorsa’s 9.3metre world record¬†be¬†broken at this year’s Arctic Challenge?

photo credit:


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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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