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ckelly.jpgLet It Ride is a film about the life of legendary snowboarder Craig Kelly.
It has been made by filmmaker Jacques Russo and it has just won “Best Picture” and “Best Soundtrack” at the 2007 X Dance Film Festival, the action sport festival that runs concurrently with Sundance in Park City Utah.

Ok this post is not about European snowboarding, it’s simply about snowboarding and our roots.
After an amazing pro career in the early days of our sport, Craig Kelly quit everything to dedicate his life to big mountain riding. In 2003 he died in an avalanche…
This movie is not about tricks, rails and huge drops. It’s about Kelly, snowboarding, and his connection and respect for the mountains.

View the trailer here.


avatar-tv-1.gifThe new lux layering brand Eesa, is among the winners of the 1st ISPO Boardsports Awards!

Along side Burton, Quiksilver, and Volcom, Eesa was chosen by the jury as the most innovative products of the board sports industry.
mens_lines_white1.jpgStephan Cleary, head and creator of Eesa which we interviewed earlier this season, is an avid snowboarder himself and therefore very familiar with the needs of the snowboarding community. The idea to develop a line of products that combines functional apparel with a trendy lifestyle was born on the slopes and resulted in a completely new design approach. Just as the motto “From Lift to Lounge“ suggests, Eesa’s garments are also super trendy and let their wearers look their best even for aprés ski activities.

We received a couple of Lines shirts from the current Eesa collection (Thanks Bill!) and went riding with them in order to make our own product review, it’s all on video :

milk3.jpgWho is Milk? You probably think you don’t know him at all…but you’re wrong! Michael ‘Milk’ Kuszla is the man behind most of the brand identity from A snowboards (RIP) and today APO snowboards.
He has been around for ten years, marking the snowboard industry with his designs and graphics. At BrOADER, we wanted to discover this other side of the snowboard industry.

So if you are an up and coming graphic designer interested in working for a snowboard brand, or simply fond of the artistic expression of snowboarding, you’ll enjoy reading this one!

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Check out the brand new team video from Hammer snowboards!The Hammer team has travelled the world to find and ride the best backcountry spots and city rails. Featuring the like of Sylvain LAMI Monney, Max and Antoine Delayen and more…

The movie can be downloaded here.

…or should we say teaserssSSS! Take a one minute edit and remix it with different musical flavours and this is what you get! FUN! (Personal proposition: they could have made one more with this sound..)

unictour.jpgThe Unic Riding crew will hit the road from this WE until the 15th of March with the objective of letting as many people as possible test their new boards!

Ok for now the guys are concentrating on french resorts – as it is a brand new french company – but since so many of you come ride in the french Alps during the winter, you might just be in the right resort at the right time!

Check out the dates on their website and experience unic riding!


The Isenseven crew just released their first monthly video of the season. It’s really good because it just shows how the riders survived during this f*cked up January month we had snow-wise: every snow-patch turns into a full slope, every possible terrain can be transformed into a playground.
Like last year, this first output presents you the Isenseven team for 2007. The video can be found on their website as usual – and you can even choose between HD or the old-school crap.

144.jpgIt was a very busy WE for the European riders! Most of them started the week in Laax competing in the BEO. Sadly the slopestyle got cancelled, but the halfpipe event went off with a day delay on sunday with perfect conditons. It’s canadian rider Crispin Lipscomb who took 1st place after completing his winning run – a frontside inverted 1080, into a Cab 720, into frontside 900 melon, into a backside 900, finishing on a huge backside alley-oop 360 indy. You can check out all of the action here.

Most of the “top” riders had left the Swiss alps after the slopestyle got cancelled, because they are all participating in the Xgames in Colorado. And the Euro riders represented massively trusting 4 of the 5 top spots in the slopestyle! Ok ok Andreas Wiig – the winner – could be considered half american, and Jussi – runner-up – almost too, since they spend so much time riding in the US but Mat Crepel (5th) and Antti Autti (4th) are definitely not! 😉 So only Shaun White managed to counter the Euro supremacy in the slopestyle. Halfpipe finals are planned for tonight…look out for the results tomorrow morning here.

Picture credit: BEO


Hey guys! Sorry for letting you down since friday but it finally snowed on the Alps and we just went riding! We needed it badly! We were in les 7 Laux a cool resort above Grenoble. The snow was fresh and it was sunny for 3 days. Don’t worry because we kept ourself busy in between runs : the Volcom Peanut butter and rail jam was rocking on saturday and we have cool footage + some nice interviews in preparation for you! Talking about itws, here’s a short one we made with Marko Grilc last week…

Marko Grilc is only 23 years old but he has been around for a while. After a couple of seasons filming with the Pirates, the slovene Burton international rider, hit the 6th gear and ended up filming with David Benedek and crew for last year’s most original snowboard movie “91 words for snow”. This season he stepped up his riding big time and will be filming with Standard films.
Grilc is probably the kind of rider who let’s his riding do the talking, but have a look at our “straight to the point” interview with the man and look out for a scoop about the gear he will ride next season…the first slovene Burton promodel ever?

Picture credit – portrait, action : Fish! Hvala lepa!

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avatar-boy-14.gifJust a quick one to tell you a little bit more about all those things that we show you on the left column of our blog. We have some new cool stuff!

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uninc.GIFThe dark times of skulls and bones are definitly over in the snowboard designs. With the SIA trade show closing today in the USofA and the ISPO in Munich set to start soon, all the brands from the industry are getting busy to show off their 0708 ranges of hardgoods and softgoods.

Of course BrOADER will be at the ISPO to give you as many previews and interviews as possible but for now if you surf the web a little it’s allready possible to discover some boards. We showed you already the 0708 Rossignol promodels from John Jackson and Mathieu Crépel, but click below if you want to take a look at the Burton Uninc lign of next season featuring the slide system for binding settings. Even your grand’ma would like them! What do you think?

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Arno RepaThere are many ways to be involved in snowboarding. @BrOADER we try to give you each time new visions, new ideas, new points of view…Since october and the launch of BrOADER, we managed to deliver BrOADER[views] with different people from the European snowboard scene. A couple of riders (Anne-Flore Marxer & Christian KIKI Moillen), a photographer (Vanessa Andrieux), a contest organiser (Drew Stevenson from TTR), a film maker (Olivier Pictet from Thermos), and some entrepreneurs (Seb from Aaven, Alix from Landing, and Stephen from Eesa)!!! Not too bad, no? 😉

Today we have yet another perspective: we are proud to present you our BrOADER[view] with Arno Repa, snowboard product manager at Rossignol Snowboards. This guy manages the full range of snowboards at Rossignol from product definition to marketing! If you want to know a little more about this aspect of the snowboard industry and get a preview at some 0708 boards from Rossignol including the Mathieu Crepel and John Jackson pro models…go ahead!!!

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Escrambler bonus feature download projectWebisode N°2 of the Escramble Bonus Footage Download Project (sounds like a NASA project) is now available to the world! The N°1 was great but N°2 is already our favourite! This new episode is 100% Europe oriented! European riders (Terje, Gigi, Iker, TonTon,…)  shredding in European spots! All the shit that we love here @BrOADER. What’s hot in the video? For sure the intro will blast you. Terje still rules, reinventing our playground and those two artificial pillow lines in a ski jump arena are incredible! Freeride and Backcountry parts are mixed up during the rest of the video. Go and have a look at it on the Volcom website.

neffhead.jpgNeff Headwear has really exploded in the last couple of years in Europe. Neff now sports a full line of “steezy” products for your head including beanies, hats, ear warmers, face masks and more. But the most original product definitly is the knitted headphones! They feature premium speakers with amplified bass and are fully adjustable so they’ll fit perfectly.

Our friends from Tackyworld send us a mail to tell us they have a video interview of Terje online right now!

In the interview Terje talks about the preparations for the Oakley Artic Challenge, due next month : “Learning from last year’s mistake, this year we’ve reduced the compression a lot to make it easier, and not to mention safer, for the riders. Mathematic professors have made measures on what kind of speed we need down the slope, where we’ll have most compression and how much speed that is needed at the the jump when focusing on weight and stuff.”

Will Heikki Sorsa’s 9.3metre world record be broken at this year’s Arctic Challenge?

photo credit:

876430036_m.jpgRough snowboards is a small Italian company with an attitude providing a short range of freestyle & freeride oriented boards.

Their concept is “never mind the size” (feels like I already heard that somewhere??) only flex matters. So no other size mention than XS, S, M/m and L are given. Board’s designs are really modern & stylish and a small team of Italian riders promotes the brand. For now boards are available in Itlay and on-line.

For more details on the concept, check their website!

Rough Snowboards logo

Be rough !!

Lipstick Gang Lipstick Gang is a melting-pot of European riders. They are 5 snowboarders (Marco Rebetez, Max Fournier, Bruno Fragnière, Ghis Albasini & Lio Rebetez), 3 freeskiers (Phil Fragnière, Anthony Vuignier & Yvan Metrailler), two skaters (Steven Makusu & Wask cordova) and Alex Cereda assumes the whole coordination. You can have a look at their website, where you will find short video parts and pics of the riders, and their personal emails if you want to send them a Big Up. Watch their new 06-07 teaser…

Mathieu CrepelIt’s been a perfect week-end for MAThieu CREPEL in the FIS Snowboard world championship!
Double gold medal for the Pyrenees kid. On Friday he won the Big Air beating a bunch of Finnish riders led by Antti Autti with a huge switch backside 1080 on the last of his tries. Huge respect when you know how Antti performed during the O’Neill Evolution last week. Today Mat killed the Half Pipe with perfect runs.

So a bit like in boxing Mat reunites the world titles and carries now two belts since he is reining 0506 TTR world champ and now FIS “freestyle” world champ. This is also probably the best way he found to show the world his brand new 0708 pro-model. Now it’s time to head to Laax for the BEO where the riding level is expected to be incredible!

Mathieu Crépel pro-model Rossignol 07-08

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Zombies VideoZOMBIES VIDEO is an Italian video project born in 2000 with their first film “Zombies Skate & Snow video”. Since this first shooting they’ve been more and more active on the Italian and European snowboard scene. 5 videos later (“ZED”, “MAKE LOVE”, “OPEN YOUR EYEZ3”, “LET’S CHANGE SIDE” & “PROSIT”), they came back last December with their lastest opus “SOME SPLASH

Watch their website or myspace for more stuff.

avatar-tv-1.gifkiki.jpgFor our second episode of BrOADER TV, we have a BrOADER[view] with Christian “KIKI” Moillen from Les Diablerets, Switzerland. KIKI is on the European team of Rossignol Snowboards and he’s a super nice guy!
We accidently met in the local bar one evening, and the next day we were riding together on the glacier!
He had just received his brand new 0708 gear so it was a good opportunity for us to ask him his opinion about his new board and learn more about his plans for the season. We also shot a few of his tricks in the nice snowpark of Les Diablerets.
For the occasion we designed a new logo, specific for BrOADER TV. Hope you like it!


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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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