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The Isenseven crew is working hard on their up-coming movie “Übermovie“. In 2 weeks people who live close to Munich will have the chance to see it before everyone else at the Pleasure Season’s End Party at the Badeanstalt, 12th of May.

However today it’s time for a new monthly clip: IDIOTS part 2.
It’s the sequel to last year’s popular “Idiots” clip that you can download now at!

We painted ourselves some holes to fall inside.
2 minutes packed with cheerfulness, foolishness and idiocy.
Our misfortune shall be your joy!


David Benedek and friends having fun with a remix of the famous moped dance!
Have a nice week-end and enjoy the video! 😉

LongBoard Classic pic 1 There exists a species of snowboarder that is more associated with the Gods of board sports than other riders. Most of them can recall times when they were skidding down the mountains on their homemade boards. This species is difficult to find today – or maybe it’s just too modest to reveal its true identity and heritage – although it embodies the backbone of the snowboard scene.
Once a year The Longboard Classic gets them crawling out of their holes and banding together. Once a year they do what their code and common sense forbids: hundreds of them drop into a face at the same time!
After a Le Mans-style mass start at the height of 2,408m, riders will hammer their way down 1,001 metres of off-piste to the village of Stuben (1407m).
So, if you have the heart of a shredder and an old school board or a board longer than 170 cm in your garage, you should instantly register !!

April 21, 2007 – Longboard Classic in Stuben, Arlberg
Fee: Euro 45. Includes lift ticket, event shirt, lunch and beverage

Roxy envi 08 board

BrOADER TV logo Sunny weather, fresh air, green grass, red flowers and milky cowes for this product review with Fanny Foucrier from Roxy Winter Division.

Fanny presented us the new 07/08 board “Envi“. It’s a nice looking all mountain freestyle board for the ladies including features like the magnetraction edge concept and a 100% natural bamboo topsheet.

This board is Torah Bright’s favorite! She was riding it when she won the X-games! So it’s definitly a board for good riders who wnat to push their level and progress in freestyle.

Watch our video & pics for more details and appreciate sexy Fanny with her “envi”…

Special thanks to Elodie T. for her support

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snowbomb2.jpgMethodmag’s HIGHWAY TO HELL kicks off today in Mayrhofen, Austria’s best snowpark.

Until next saturday (April, 14th), it will be the place to be to experience the hottest spring session and finish of the season in style!
Over 40 international pros – including the likes of Martin Cernik, Arthur Longo, Sani Alibabic, Quentin Robbins, Friedl Kolar, Danny Wheeler, Kalle Ohlson, Jenny Jones, Conny Bleicher or Lisa Filzmoser to name a few – will be shredding the Burton Snowpark, and taking full advantage of the high quality line-up of bands, and DJs present for the Snowbombing, Europe’s biggest mountain music festival.

The contest format is all about fun with a fearsome twist: Friday The Thirteenth will see obstacle sessions with On-The-Spot cash prizes. Saturday will see riders taking on the trident-shaped HIGHWAY TO HELL line for yet more cash handouts, plus €2k prize money for the top 3 overall riders.

burtonnike.jpg There had been rumors in the industry since a few weeks but the news was made official today: Burton snowboards has been purchased by leading sport manufacturer Nike.

It’s obvious that since a few years Nike is trying its best to enter the snowboard industry and take its piece of the pie. Facing problems reaching significant marketshares with its own products, acquisition seemed the best solution for Nike. So the sports giant decided to hit hard and went straight for the best snowboarding company out there: Burton snowboards.

It’s a hell of a shock for us and a damn dark day for snowboarding…

Ha ha! Ok most of you got it straight, our bad April fool’s joke. But we managed to trick a few of you and create a small buzz on the web (like here, here, here and here and even here and here for ex.)  so we are quite happy about our scam!  😉

If you lived in the 80ies or are just aware of the European history of snowboarding, you have for sure seen or at least heard about the mythical trilogy Apocalypse snow.
These movies shot in the mid 80ies inspired snowboarders all over the world!

Régis Rolland, founder of Apocalypse snowboards, A snowboards and today APO snowboards was the main protagonist.
Well Régis has decided to prepare a comeback: times are alarming, the secret of riding as been stolen from Régis. To get it back, he decides to call all his friends, old and young, skiers, snowboarders and more, to help him out… 😉

The list of riders taking part in the project is sick: Jeremy Jones, Berti Denervaud, Steve Graham, Jean Nerva, Axel Pauporté, Mathieu Crépel, Doud’s and Bab’s Charlet, Xavier De Le rue, Julien Haricot, Karine Ruby, Doriane Vidal, Denis Bertrand, Denis Rey, David Vincent…

The shooting has started this winter in Chamonix and the 26 minutes movie will be out for Xmas 2007.

Refresh your memories on Apocalypse snow with this video or check out the teaser here.

Lord of SteelSaturday March the 31st, the “Lord of Steel” rail contest will be held in Lyon, France.
This original idea to bring snowboarding downtown comes from the crew called Chosen.
The event will take place at Espace Raphaël de Barros- Villeurbanne.
And BrOADER will be there to bring you back some footage!!

Regarding the schedule :
12h : Amateurs warm up
14h : Amateurs Open contest (jam session)
18h : Pros warm up
20h : Pros Invitational contest
23h : Party at «La Marquise »
Mix from dj’s HOLLS (fonktion) & dj’s OXIMOR (kinetik)
Inscription fees : 10€

All informations on the official “Lord of Steel” website

Have a look at the teaser (french speaking)

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With all our love.


avatar-tv-1.gifYesterday was a perfect day of snowboarding! The snow was a bit heavy like in end of April, but there was plenty of it and the sun was shining. We were riding in the cute resort of Isenau, Switzerland when we bumped into Christian “kiki” Moillen, who was just back from a promo trip to Lebanon and Joel Strecker, on his way to Japan. The two riders – which you can check out in the great snowboard movie Thermos – had found their perfect backcountry minishred run and were having a blast throwing themselves on every hit and trying tricks they hadn’t done for years! All of that with huge smiles on their faces!

Check out our video from this cool session and go check out Isenau where the locals have build an impressive snowpark with a nice rail line and 3 massive kickers!


So girls tell us, what do you think about this one uhu?

‘Style, Design and Performance’ is the three-word mantra for the company. By taking an artistic approach to the design, a BitchBoards snowboard is not just a board, but also a work of art. The use of modern and abstract photography, such as green smoke swirling in the air or smeared paint on a white palette, for the graphics immediately separates BitchBoards from the competition.

avatar-boy-1.gifHey, maybe you remember a previous post where we presented all these little things which we have in the left side column.
Well, we have just released some more new cool stuff!

I guess you noticed that since a week we now have a BrOADER TV box so that you can easily see all our latest episodes, product reviews or spot checks without leaving!

We also just added the possibility to subscribe by email! Just click on the “Subscribe by email” button, leave your email address and you’ll receive our new posts directly in your mail box! Cool no? However this doesn’t mean you don’t have to come check out the site anymore! 😉

Finally our last feature is probably the best because you get to play! It’s our brand new BrOADER MAP! The idea with the BrOADER MAP is that all of you start adding new “places” – by places we mean resorts where you usually go shred. If possible add a little comment, web link, and even better pictures and videos. If the “place” already exist, just add information or leave a comment with your opinion!
Check out what I started to do for Leysin my home resort and one of two BrOADER headquarters!

Thanks! We hope you like these new features!



Hey everybody! We’ve just produced our first sticker collection!
Basically they represent our logos. There are two models available: the girlie and the duddy.
You want some? Easy! Just drop us an email entitled “stick me” at hello(at) with your name and address!
We’ll give out a limited amount so don’t loose a minute!  (sorry my friend from the USofA, but this one is only for the people living in Europe).

midtermposter.jpg3VSA is the Three Valleys Seasonnaire Alliance, a non-profit organisation based in the 3 Vallées, France. Established for 3 years now, they have been running jam sessions and parties for the ski and snowboard hardcore. Seasonnaires and locals alike have come to love the events for their unique atmosphere.

On February 25th March 10th – event has been postponed but only to come back stronger and better -, it will be time for the Mid terms! This exciting new concept freestyle skiing and snowboarding event is open to all amateurs. Courchevel’s snowpark crew will be reshaping the park especially for the event whilst the 3VSA crew will lay on Djs and a BBQ.
2000€ of gear is up for grabs courtesy of the kind sponsors. There will be no rounds, just unlimited runs. Tricks will be judged out of 10, but only one of each trick counts – versatility will be the key to success.
Registration will be 10h-13h at the park. Discounted lift passes are available for competitors by contacting info@3vsa.comin advance.
For the full explanation of the format and more information on this years’ events, reports from previous ones and photos, check out

avatar-girl-1.gifstickerfriends_small1.jpgDon’t take it the wrong way!! This is not a sexist or macho trend we want to launch. 😉

Be sure that we love and respect all the girls on the following pics, and they give it back to us the best way with their beauty, fun & humor!!

But ya know after a few drinks you start sticking everybody…it was just like a game at this FUNK party on ISPO.

Big up to Maud and special thanks to Sarah!!!! They will understand!! 😉

With love….BrOs

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avatar-boy-14.gifThe ISPO is an important milestone every season! All the snowboard industry gatheres together for 4 days of chilling in the alleys and intense partying! The exposition halls are really huge and there are heaps of cool stuff to check out; special events, contests and VIP parties to attend.

Being at ISPO was very important for BrOADER and even if we didn’t have our own booth this year (com’on we’re only 3 months old – this would be nonsense!), it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of cool people!
The feedback we are getting about what we are trying to do with – bringing you closer to the European snowboarding action! yeah! – is incredible and stockes us every time!
We can see it in our stats too. Every month we reach new levels, scoring a solid 700 views/day and growing, since the beginning of February!
From our point of view, it’s quite nuts for a blog dedicated to snowboarding and maintained by two dudes on their freetime!

So this post is to thank everybody for their support!
It gives us the motivation to continue the adventure!

Keep on reading us, commenting our posts and sending us news about your projects!
And keep on spreading the word about!

Here are a few pics from friends we were happy to meet at ISPO. Enjoy!

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Some of the guys from the ISENSEVEN crew aren’t busy enough. They decided to create Colonie and have come up with probably the next big hit in snowboard accessories : the tie-belt!

Get one of those if you want to have the steez before everybody else! 😉

…or should we say teaserssSSS! Take a one minute edit and remix it with different musical flavours and this is what you get! FUN! (Personal proposition: they could have made one more with this sound..)

Tattoo Boards You’ve probably noticed that this season, the trend is to ride his own designed board! Many projects give you the possibility to get your personal board graphics : Unic Riding, The Artec Blue Print project, and probably some others…

But Tattoo Boards, a small Italian company, provides you the cheapest and easiest way to pimp your board!! And it goes further, because you’ll have your design on your favorite deck. Where Elan (The Artec Blue Print project) and Unic offer you your own design on their branded boards, Tattoo Boards gives you your own design on any board. How does it works? It’s very simple, Tattoo Boards prints your design on a special sticker covered by a scratch resistant protective film. Resistant to ice, water and sun. It seems much more wear resistant than a simple PVC sheet!

The whole concept hold in 3 steps : send the design – receive the material – stick it like a skateboard grip!

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What’s the best way for a snowboard brand to prepare board graphics for the future seasons?
Easy. Ask skilled and creative snowboarders to submit their ideas of designs! It doesn’t cost a thing and out of the hundreds of entries, there will definitely be 2 or 3 killer designs 😉
On the other hand, there’s a custom “made in the Alps” board for grab so to your pencils everybody!

Elan Snowboards and The Artec Project have set up the 3rd edition of the successful Artec Project Art Contest. Once again we are calling on everybody to get creative and take the chance of winning a personally designed snowboard.

Here’s how it works:
Join the Artec Project Art Contest by submitting your self-created favorite top sheet design. Our international team riders will check all submissions and choose the winning artwork. The winner will get an own custom-made Artec Blue Print snowboard with the personally designed graphics on it. For designs ranked 2nd and 3rd we reserved a bag of Artec goodies and accessories.

The Artec Project Art Contest will run until the 31st of March 2007. Just visit for all details and download one of
the design templates offered for all submissions. In case you are not the lucky winner, don’t miss the chance to check out were you can purchase your personally designed board.


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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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