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avatar-girl-1.gifThere’s not a day without a post on an up-coming contest! But today it’s a special one because it’s for the ladies!

Sista Sessions will take place in the Méribel Moon Park on March 6th – 9th 2007. It is the penultimate stop on the Soul Gang Tour – an all-new European freestyle tour for female riders organized by the founder of Intergirlactik, Julie Vergez. – and the winners will be invited to Pinky Jam in Italy (SGT finals) as well as Intergirlactik, a 3 star TTR event.


With up to €3000 worth of prizes up for grabs, a friendly open format, and Meribel’s lively après ski scene, there will be something to gain for everyone involved.
The competition will cater for all levels of rider and aims to attract the largest number of participants possible. On day 1 professional instructors from Alliance (Tignes) and Cab9 (Meribel) Snowboard Schools will be giving tuition to all levels and encourage girls to enter for day-2’s Slopestyle Jam. By working in close conjunction with the Moon Park – one of France’s premier snowparks – the course will offer a wide variety of girls’ specific obstacles (kickers, rails, boxes, hips and wall-ride). The jam session format and the range of hits will provide the best environment for girls to fully show off their skills.

Sista Sessions holds a unique appeal in that on day 3 the top amateur riders from each discipline will be invited on a backcountry photo shoot, guided by instructors and invited pros. Professional photographers and filmers will be present to capture the skills of the best 6 participants from the previous day in the outstanding terrain of the Méribel valley. Films and photographs of the shoot will be given to the winning girls.

Attending pro riders include Rita Comi, Maude Richon, Aurélie Garcin, Posy Dixon, Sabrina Cuzas, Conny Bleicher, Sarah Martinais and Camille Imbert, who will be there to compete, to inspire and to guide the other competitors.

Check out the program and the cool poster of the event!

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methodmag.jpgAfter the American mag Snowboarder – and last week-end’s Oscar ceremony in Hollywood – it’s Method Mag‘s turn to hand out their awards for the best achievements of this past season.
You can read about that in their great March issue, but if you haven’t bought it yet here – drums – are the results.

What we want to know is: what’s your opinion about all these awards? who are your winners?

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Budriders’ River JumpIt’s now official!! Between the 8th and the 10th of March the second edition of the Budriders’ River Jump will be held in Livigno. This year the event is awarded 4* within the TTR international circuit. Twenty among the best national and international freestylers will be called to give proof of their ability in an exciting challenge with the champions selected at the Mottolino Snowpark. The contest will end with the jump of the Spoel river “by night” and the award of the 30.000 euro prize money.

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O’Neill Big Mountain Pro 2007March is a very busy month contest-wise and we are receiving press releases from all over the place right now. March is also usually the time of the year with the best snow conditions…let’s beg that winter finally starts massively in Europe too. The organisers of the innovative freeride contest format – the Swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro 2007 – definitly need it anyways!


With innovation lying at the core of everything we do, it made perfect sense to push the envelope and develop a new contest format for 2007, and one that promises to revolutionize the world of freeride snowboard and ski competition as we know it.

In early March 2007, the inaugural edition of the Swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro will see 16 of the world’s best snowboarders and skiers coming together for a competition like no other.

Starting out in the picturesque Swiss ski resort of Laax with the Take-Off Party on 1st March and culminating in the Awards Party in the Austrian city of Innsbruck on 10th March, the O’Neill Big Mountain Pro will adopt an innovative mobile format guaranteeing the competition the best possible snow conditions and terrain.

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The Arctic Challenge logoTerje Haakonsen’s event officialy called “The Oakley Arctic Challenge” 5* TTR is kicking off in Oslo-Midtstuen today and will climax on March, 3rd with the quarterpipe finals live on Freecaster!
The quarter pipe has been built up with the latest high-techs to allow riders to beat a new “Highest Air” world record in total safety.
Here again the list of competing riders is impressive! Along side the legend himself, will be high flyers such as Henning Marthinsen, Steve Fisher, Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis, Gian Simmen and our favorite for the win Arthur Longo!

Don’t miss out on probably the most impressive contest of the season and remember you have until this thursday to predict what will be the Men TTR Top 5 presented by Swatch after The Oakley Arctic Challenge and get a chance to win a stylish Swatch watch!!!

We are cool so here’s some advice…

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The Big Day Out was created 10 years ago as a laid back session with good vibes and BBQ. Today it’s one of the biggest events in Europe!

Riders have gathered in Val d’Isère to ride the perfect slopestyle and hit the monster quarter – with a 12m transition! – which has been built at the bottom of the course. Last year’s winner Hampus Mosesson will have to ride strong to counter the attacks of Janne Korpi, Aleksi Vanninen, Mathieu Crepel, Markku Koski, Jacob Wilhelmson and many more. The list of riders is really impressive and guarantees a spectacular showdown!

The slopestyle finals will be held next thursday but the highlight of the event will surely be wednesday’s “Le Monster” session: an attempt by 8 of the best vert riders to fly as high and as solid as possible!

Along side all the riding there will be great parties and concerts! Check out the official website of the Xbox Big Day Out for all the details!

jeevice2.jpgavatar-girl-11.gifWhen we asked Julie for a date, she told us that she would wear her black dress and high heels, just for us! We met her during the ISPO, she was not wearing the sexy dress she promised to, but she was sporting wonderful, trendy, glamour and sexy JEE VICE sunglasses!! And that was enough for us to fall in love… 😉

More seriously, we are proud to offer you this BrOADER[date] with the co-founder of JEE VICE.
Discover how it is like working for a small core brand dedicated to all young women who live their passion. Just by reading Julie’s word you can feel all her motivation and the pleasure this small team of people is getting by making their little JEE VICE baby grow every day! It’s hard work but it’s worth every penny!

Julie, at BrOADER we want to say big respect! And what about a “BrOADER” signature serie? 😉

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The 2007 Red Bull Hike and Ride final act started yesterday. The rider teams met in Zurich, Switzerland for the event briefing and they are now filming all over the Valais region including resorts such as Verbier, les Diablerets, and LesPortes du Soleil. That’s the solution the organisers found in order to give to the teams enough opportunities to hunt down the snow and the good conditions. To follow the adventures of the riders check out the official website daily as new video coverage is being added every day. Today some of the teams where on one of our favorite riding spots: the Glacier des Diablerets.


Today we’ll finish our coverage of the 2007 ISPO with a final post showing you some gear from Special Blend, the Villa Wool beanie collection and the SIXXA booth.
We hope you are pleased with all the pics we brought back and all the 07/08 products we managed to show you. We covered 27 brands – and we’ll try to cover even more next year and why not get our own booth!

If you want to check out all our ISPO reviews again, select “ISPO07” in our post categories or type ISPO in our “search box” and just select your favorite brand! You can also check out Freecaster for some good reviews on film!

Thanks for all the comments you left us with your questions, picture requests or opinions on the next season boards, we’re super happy about that!

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nordpark-sessions-flyer-200.jpgThe Snickers Nordpark Sessions 2007 will start next week – from February 27th to March 04th – at Nordpark, Innsbrooklyn/Austria.

Two contests will be held during the event:
The Skyline Expression session – 28/02 to 02/03 – is a freestyle contest with a final night session on March 02nd!
Nordpark Check the Ripper on March 03rd and 04th will select the perfect all-round rider.

Each rider will do a single timed run through three different sections: the park, the second section with well-shaped banks and finally a steep off-piste slope.

If you go there, don’t forget to send us pics!


Waooooo! We’ve been positively surprised by this Italian snowboard brand that we had never heard about! STATIC is the little jewel we brought back from ISPO. It is incredible that they are still unknown outside Italy. Their 07/08 board range is composed of 12 models covering all programs – kids, park, all mountain, freeride, freestyle, women- designs are a little bit basic but go further and have a look at their bindings, boots and wear ranges! They are just incredible for a small brand. Bindings have original and sophisticated cosmetics. Boots have no particular technical features but got this incredible Italian style. Regarding the Outer Wear, Street Wear and Accessories, just remember that Italy is a leader in fashion trends !

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Second youth for Rossi?? It looks like it! For those who were used to the Rossi’s booths in the past, this one is kind of an UFO! Modern & stylish, with DJs, a lounge area, a bar zone where great parties were held at night! Rossi gave the ski hall a little breath of oxygen and fun. Unbelievable isn’t it? Regarding products, corners where fulfilled with examples of the cross fertilization between Rossi and its US sister brands – DC & LibTech – BOA lacing systems on boots and magnetraction for the John Jackson signature. But bindings are for sure the most improved part of the range and Rossi almost filled the gap with the leaders…The pure mountain company is working hard on developping pura mountain gear for every rider!

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So girls tell us, what do you think about this one uhu?

‘Style, Design and Performance’ is the three-word mantra for the company. By taking an artistic approach to the design, a BitchBoards snowboard is not just a board, but also a work of art. The use of modern and abstract photography, such as green smoke swirling in the air or smeared paint on a white palette, for the graphics immediately separates BitchBoards from the competition.

avatar-tv-1.gifCheck out our short – and not soo great, sorry – review on what Tignes has to offer to freestylers!
From now on, we’ll try to produce – better – short reviews like that on snowparks and nice freeride domains around Europe.
Contributions are welcomed! 😉
Remember also that if you want, you can add resorts where you go usually ride on our BrOADER MAP and put descriptions, pics and videos there directly!

0207webisode4th90.jpg@BrOADER we are subscribed to a whole lot of podcasts so that we can watch them when we travel around.
Here’s a little selection of good snowboarding podcasts you should definitely check out :

  • – The free snowboarding news video podcast is an independent weekly video produced by Christian‘mee-z’ Miessner! Probably the best snow podcasts on the Internet today! Check out our favorite episode : number 53! 😉
  • Volcom has cool volcasts. Check out the Escramble Bonus Footage Download Project Webisodes! Number 4 is out since last week-end! It features big mountain sessions in Alaska and New Zealand starring Jason Toth, Bjorn Leines, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Terje Haakonsen, Erik Leines, Billy Anderson and Mark Landvik.
  • Lib Tech also has great videos from their riders – or ex-riders actually as the first video is from Markku Koski who recently joined StepChild. The latest one featuring Eric Jackson is – like always – perfectly edited!
  • The DC shoes snow team comes up regularly with cool videos. Their latest one features the team tripping in New Zealand.
  • Resort-wise, Laax, the European snowboarding mecqua has regular podcasts with good footage from their incredible snowpark.

Of course, the best way not to miss any new podcasts is to subscribe to them on iTunes, just type “snowboard” in the search box…

Here’s the Eric Jackson video – sick soundtrack!


Of course, Head – like other ski companies – is not a core snowboard brand! The company is much more racing skis oriented but their snowboard department managed to do a great job. This 07/08 range is complete and there is nothing wrong regarding the technicity/quality of the products.

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avatar-boy-1.gifHey, maybe you remember a previous post where we presented all these little things which we have in the left side column.
Well, we have just released some more new cool stuff!

I guess you noticed that since a week we now have a BrOADER TV box so that you can easily see all our latest episodes, product reviews or spot checks without leaving!

We also just added the possibility to subscribe by email! Just click on the “Subscribe by email” button, leave your email address and you’ll receive our new posts directly in your mail box! Cool no? However this doesn’t mean you don’t have to come check out the site anymore! 😉

Finally our last feature is probably the best because you get to play! It’s our brand new BrOADER MAP! The idea with the BrOADER MAP is that all of you start adding new “places” – by places we mean resorts where you usually go shred. If possible add a little comment, web link, and even better pictures and videos. If the “place” already exist, just add information or leave a comment with your opinion!
Check out what I started to do for Leysin my home resort and one of two BrOADER headquarters!

Thanks! We hope you like these new features!

ride.jpgLast year at ISPO, Ride blasted the industry with its 06/07 bindings range. Light, comfortable, with hyper sophisticated aesthetics, there was a real gap with what the other brands were offering. Even Burton was suffering the comparison!
However this year, the bindings seem more “in the trend”. Seems like everybody worked hard to close the gap. And probably the guys from Ride spent more time and energy drinking all the cans available on their booth (take a look at the pics, in the background) than developing new and original products! 😉

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m_554afce061d299adf5bcef82228489a8.pngAfter several month of hard labour, they’ve finally dropped their new website. Not an atomic bomb yet but a time bomb, coz for the moment only few sections are online (products/contact/links), we look forward for the team section, pics, and videos…

Anyway Landing is not a web agency but a headwear company and they’ll blast you with a full scale beanie product offer – Plain Beanie, Peruvian Beanie, Pompom SP series, LB “condom” series, The series – @BrOADER we love the PomPom SP series 🙂 .

Don’t worry with LANDING Airlines your sessions will be stylish and warm!


Ok so we still have some cool stuff to show you from ISPO. We’ll finish our round-up this week with 07/08 gear from Head, Ride, Rossignol, Static and we’ll call it a wrap!

But for now : Punk’s not dead!!
At ISPO, the canadian brand Sapient showed a hot 07/08 range with very strong graphics influenced mainly by punk rock style but also hip-hopish street art. Chris Coulter, Kurt Wastell, Dionne Delesalle are the leading riders of the international team, challenged by strong rookie riders like French ripper Laurent “General” Gougain.

We’d buy a Sapient board just for the graphics coz there are the coolest ones we saw at ISPO! Check it out!

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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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