Hey guys! Sorry for letting you down since friday but it finally snowed on the Alps and we just went riding! We needed it badly! We were in les 7 Laux a cool resort above Grenoble. The snow was fresh and it was sunny for 3 days. Don’t worry because we kept ourself busy in between runs : the Volcom Peanut butter and rail jam was rocking on saturday and we have cool footage + some nice interviews in preparation for you! Talking about itws, here’s a short one we made with Marko Grilc last week…

Marko Grilc is only 23 years old but he has been around for a while. After a couple of seasons filming with the Pirates, the slovene Burton international rider, hit the 6th gear and ended up filming with David Benedek and crew for last year’s most original snowboard movie “91 words for snow”. This season he stepped up his riding big time and will be filming with Standard films.
Grilc is probably the kind of rider who let’s his riding do the talking, but have a look at our “straight to the point” interview with the man and look out for a scoop about the gear he will ride next season…the first slovene Burton promodel ever?

Picture credit – portrait, action : Fish! Hvala lepa!

Hi Marko! You sort of exploded to the world last season with your participation in “91 words for snow”. But the truth is that you ride almost since ever and are one of the “oldest” rider on the Burton team. Can you tell us briefly about how/why you started snowboarding and how you ended up in the Burton team?

I started for fun, was into skating and snowboarding was just as fresh. I hooked up with Burton in my junior years.

You come from a beautiful little country called Slovenia. I had the chance to live for 2 years in Ljubljana, met a cool bunch of local riders and was up in the mountain every WE. I liked the spirit a lot because the people I was riding with were so much into snowboarding and wanting to push the sport in Slovenia. What is our opinion on the snowboard scene there?

It could be better, but the market is so small so there is not so much investing into the scene, but we are all doing our best.


From my experience people know too little about Slovenia and always mess it up with Slovakia… 😉
Go ahead dude : promote your country, your mountains, culture and fine looking ladies! Why should riders go discover this part of Europe?

Well you said it all, it is a nice part of the world that is definitly a gold mine!

Ok let’s get back to you now. Can you tell us about “91 words fo snow”. How did it all happen? (Btw i was wandering what happened with your Yamahama snowmobile that you’re so proud of ;))

David Benedek asked me to film and I was so stooked. My snowmobile was in storage for a long time, but I will shred it next week.

In 91 words you stomped a beautiful frontside 1080 to powpow if I’m not mistaken. What new tricks are you working on this season? Since you are a good friend of David, are you also working on double corks and other crazy shit like that?

Well I am progresing my snowboarding into backcountry, lines and natural stuff. But i have a few tricks planed as well…

2 years ago you were filming with the Pirates. Are you still going to film with them or have you definitly moved to other projects?

Standard is my main focus now!

How important are contests for you? Do you plan to take part in a lot of TTR events this year?

Contests are not so important for me. This year I’ll be at the Gap session and the US open. I’m much more into filming.

If we talk about gear now can you let us know which is your favorite setup?

I ride the CustomX, with ion boots, and p1 bindings. To keep me warm and dry I wear Ronin pants and jacket.
I like a pretty big stance, I have like 60cm, and for the angles 15 front, -15 back.

Are you involved in product development with Burton and when can we expect the first Grilc Pro Model?

I have a signature model for next year! DCP, Freddie, Kazu and me are the customX crew, so sick!!!


In every BrOADER[view], we ask our guest his opinion about our blog. So Marko what do you think?

Super cool..

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