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Here’s a little clip from MMPfilms showing what Thomas Harstad, Christian Halland and their photographer IJ experienced when they where filming at mt.rose a couple of days ago. Take it as a lesson and be always aware of the consequences when hitting the backcountry! Fortunately nothing happened to the guys and they could enjoy the rest of their trip. That’s it for today, respect mother nature and stay safe!


btzlogo.jpgAfter CHILLing last year, H8 productions and the Advita crew have been working hard on their new video which will be out in fall 07. Due to lack of snow in Europe, the guys had to travel a lot to find the right spots to express their styles. So this film will be about all their adventures, good and bad.

Check out their first teaser and head to their website for more videos, rider presentations and goodies.

Hand Guns For Headphones logo

As they say on their website “Focus is a raw and aggresive look into the lives of snowboarders trying to make a career out of something they love so much. Let us take you on an artistic journey into the lives of a few individuals and their circle of friends who are all on different paths but are all connected by snowboarding. This film will document a winter of their triumphs and failures and why they put so much blood, sweat and years into this winter passion. People, who struggle through many things in life just so they can snowboard. People with everything to lose and possibly nothing to gain: people brought together by one focus – snowboarding.”

Watch their teaser:


The Isenseven crew is working hard on their up-coming movie “Übermovie“. In 2 weeks people who live close to Munich will have the chance to see it before everyone else at the Pleasure Season’s End Party at the Badeanstalt, 12th of May.

However today it’s time for a new monthly clip: IDIOTS part 2.
It’s the sequel to last year’s popular “Idiots” clip that you can download now at!

We painted ourselves some holes to fall inside.
2 minutes packed with cheerfulness, foolishness and idiocy.
Our misfortune shall be your joy!

mmp_logo1.jpgThe guys at MellowMoodProductions say qon-itschi-wah!
They have edited their second podcast about their recent trip to Japan.

So get comfortable and join Thomas Harstad, Stefan Maurer, Sanchez and Vinzenz Lüps on their journey. Figure out what it’s about to be stuck at airports, eat some of the best food in the world or ride the infamous japanese-pow-pillows.

Of course it’s just a little taste and tease, more to come in their new movie appearing fall 2007. Arigato!

intercrew4.jpgAfter a small pause, the “Intercrew” celebrates its great return in Chamrousse on April 7th . The small “Iséroise” ski resort opens its doors to freestylers for a session which promises to be epic.
Invited by the pro riders from Wise Ride, Brynild Vulin and Bruno Rivoire, ten teams will confront each other during the weekend.

The main French crew such as Advita, Bouchkail, Ho5, Denjo, Audience 33 will show up to compete as well as European teams such as the Thermos from Switzerland, the Spanish of Snowpark division or the English of Skyrockets.

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Right on the buzzer, the Isenseven crew treat us with a new monthly episode of high definition snowboarding! Check it out here.

The past few weeks, almost everyone spend time shooting in North America for a quite long period of time. We had an awful season in Europe, so we just jumped into airplanes quite spontaneously and stayed there way longer than planned – while the editing computers stayed home, of course.
It was a season far away from home, with plenty of catnaps at airports, bad food, rental cars, studying maps, meeting new friends, having extraordinary high phone bills and missing his own bed at home. In this months clip, you’ll watch some outtakes of our crew in North America – tired, confused, surprised but still, most of all – happy to travel with a bunch of friends.


The Ästhetiker Wängl Tängl Jam final went of yesterday, Sunday 25th 2007.

On a super creative park including either a three-kicker line to a step-up bowl or a banked slalom rail line followed by a half-cradle, a corner and two rails, the 30 finalists battled their way to the top. Some sick riding!

At the end of the day local hero and Aesthetiker spiritual leader, Steven Gruber won the contest with an impressive and most stylish run: Cab 720, switch backside 540, backside 720 and a super smooth move in the Taco. The strongest oppostion came from scandinavian riders Jaakko Ruha from Finland and swede Kalle Ohlson who finished second and third respectively with strong runs.
As always the spirit was great during the whole 4 days of contest and the set up really allowed the riders to show their skills and creativity.

Keep da spirit!


Snapshot : it´s all about Snowboarding and the people who love this sport. Snapshot will show you different riders, different characters and different ways of living a life as a snowboard professional.

This new European film crew is working on their first movie which will feature riding from Marc Andre Tarte, Seppi Scholler, Flo Mausser, Matevz Pristavec, Mitch Tölderer, Ilkka Ojansivu ,Werni Stock, Michi Bacher and Bernd Mandlberger, Ville, TMT, Rudi Kroell, Migl Putz, Walter Fanninger, Max Weikl, Roli Scharmer, Simon Schwaiger, Stani, Klausi Hofmeister, Reini Rieser and Herby Thaler.

They just released their first teaser: a trip to Slovenia with Michi Bacher, Ilkka Ojansivu and local ripper Matevz Pristavec. Filmed on location in Matevz’s home resort of Vogel, a place which host both the Elan park and lots of great freeride possibilities.

Check it all out on their website and follow their adventures!

aesthetiker.jpgOn March 22 till 25, in the beautiful park of Mayrhofen, the Asthetiker Jam Wängl Tängl , an eclectic mixture of Austrian snow, skate, sound and street art will kick off. The comp is a TTR 5-Star event – which means a huge payout of $30,000USD and a brand new Suzuki LT-Z400 Quad Bike to the Wangl Tangl slopestyle winner.

Over 40 riders from all over will compete at this TTR event for big prizes on a slopestyle course featuring snow cradles – park-size skate bowls you can shred on. This skate-to-snow invention is credited to its inventors, the Shape Crew slopestyle makers, who also threw into the course a variety of wild rails and kickers for competitors to choose from.

“Last year was the first time we had a cradle in the contest. We had a one before, but we had it for ourselves,” says Bernie Koeffler, press manager for “Last year was the first time we integrated it as an obstacle in the slopestly contest.”

Riders who tackle the Shape Crew course select their own run from a mixed bag of options. The main rule: four tricks have to be thown and stomped for a complete run. The variety factor remains high as riders must test and trust their creativity to place first.


As the first edition was a success, United Riders strikes again with the Bataleon Pipe Show #2!
It will still take place in the french resort of Serre-Chevalier on March 17th & 18th.

March 17th : SLOPESTYLE + REGGAE & BATALEON parties
March the 18th : HOT SESSIONS + ROCK & UNITED RIDERS parties


It’s funny sometimes like things are just meant to be.
The first post on was dedicated to MMPfilms’ Snowbored movie teaser.
Last week, we got contacted by Lars from MMPfilms and the cool news is that the swiss production crew is going to hit us regurlarly with hot news from their team, the events they will be attending and how the filming of their 2007 movie is progressing.
No time to waist! Here is a first update.

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Seems like the motivation and good mood is back. No frustation anymore!
Who ever thought lack of snow would depress the Isenseven crew was completly wrong!!

Check out their february episode, it will give you a boost!

Now finally, we are allowed to ride park all day, do mini-jibs with the whole crew and just dance on the slopes. No one can blame us for not shooting some fresh champaign powpow turns. This will be a great season!
This month you’ll get 2.5 minutes of spins, flips, taps, bonks, bagels, reverts, slashs and rock’n’roll featuring the footage from our last months shootings in Munich, Dresden, Dachstein, Laax and Colorado. As usual in HD, all available on


Some of the guys from the ISENSEVEN crew aren’t busy enough. They decided to create Colonie and have come up with probably the next big hit in snowboard accessories : the tie-belt!

Get one of those if you want to have the steez before everybody else! 😉


The Isenseven crew just released their first monthly video of the season. It’s really good because it just shows how the riders survived during this f*cked up January month we had snow-wise: every snow-patch turns into a full slope, every possible terrain can be transformed into a playground.
Like last year, this first output presents you the Isenseven team for 2007. The video can be found on their website as usual – and you can even choose between HD or the old-school crap.

Lipstick Gang Lipstick Gang is a melting-pot of European riders. They are 5 snowboarders (Marco Rebetez, Max Fournier, Bruno Fragnière, Ghis Albasini & Lio Rebetez), 3 freeskiers (Phil Fragnière, Anthony Vuignier & Yvan Metrailler), two skaters (Steven Makusu & Wask cordova) and Alex Cereda assumes the whole coordination. You can have a look at their website, where you will find short video parts and pics of the riders, and their personal emails if you want to send them a Big Up. Watch their new 06-07 teaser…

Zombies VideoZOMBIES VIDEO is an Italian video project born in 2000 with their first film “Zombies Skate & Snow video”. Since this first shooting they’ve been more and more active on the Italian and European snowboard scene. 5 videos later (“ZED”, “MAKE LOVE”, “OPEN YOUR EYEZ3”, “LET’S CHANGE SIDE” & “PROSIT”), they came back last December with their lastest opus “SOME SPLASH

Watch their website or myspace for more stuff.

Stomp ItHuge Respect for those british guys who ride most of their time on plastic! Yes slams hurt much more on their ground then on natural snow.
These  amateurs are so implicated in the british snowboard scene that they founded STOMP-IT and released their first film “Cuming” last year.

They are back in 07 with “Slappy Hour!“. The film is not finalised yet but you can already see the teaser on their website. Click on ‘play’ below, have a look at “Cuming” also and you gonna say “WOUAAA !! It’s crazy !”.

omni.jpgCrews, teams, bands, associations, gangs… Whatever you want to call it, at the end it is the same thing : friends sharing the same passion, the same parties, the same laughs, the same good and bad times….Life on the snow!

Europe is filled with these crews which are at the core of snowboarding – and @BrOADER it’s our ‘duty’ to showcase their action.
Some are really famous and well organized some others a little less, but the goal is the same: having pleasure together.

M16 Crew is one of these french crews who act for their passions of snowboard and music. They are a group of riders & DJs from France, they lead different projects and we wanted to know a little more…

Oh and to all you crews out there, working hard to do cool stuff for snowboarding, send us some infos about you and we’ll feature you here too!
So are we all set for a new BrOADER[view]?

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aud33.JPGAudience 33 is a crew of artists involved in the ski & snowboard industry. They are from the south of France and have already worked for Rossignol (Scratch design and videos), and most recently for ACG. These dudes have a real talent and you can have a look at their creations on

Watch this short clip :

Of course BrOADER supports their work !


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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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