avatar-girl-12.gifAfter Anne-Flore Marxer, may we introduce you Vanessa Andrieux! You gonna say we are lucky guys!!! Yeeeessssssss you are right! But we have a secret weapon. We will talk about it later…

Vanessa Andrieux

This girl brings you, each month in your favoritesnowboard issues, her part of dream. Fantastic pictures taken worldwide with a fabulous style!

Indeed Vanessa is one of the most famous snowboard photographer and @BrOADER we love her work, so we got for you a BrOADER[date] with her!! Ready to learn more about Vaness?

Hi Vanessa, we are really proud @BrOADER to have a date with you! We always love having a chat with a girl, specially when she is sooooo cute!
Can you just tell us a few words about yourself? Except age and measures cause we respect the french “savoir-vivre”!

I don’t mind about telling my age, I’m 27 years old and for my measures I don’t think people will care about it. I’m from St Tropez and I’m living in Annecy right now, years before I was living in the resort of Les 7 Laux (BrOADER : French resort above Grenoble).
I stopped studying after my A-level, when I was at 19 years old. I never studied photography, I just learnt it by myself.

Nils Mossing by Vanessa AndrieuxHow did you come to snowboard photography?

I didn’t know what to do in my life, the only thing I was sure was not to work in an office. I wanted to find job which would make me travel and I was passionate with snowboarding so I started thinking about working in it. With my best friend we created a snowboard website and I started to shoot…

As far as you can remember, what was your first photo?

When I decided to be a photographer I had to learn so I bought a photography book and during my holidays in Corsica I tried to make my first pictures. I wrote all the adjustment for each pictures, but my camera was broken and half of these pictures were fucked up. This was my first deception in photography but I didn’t give up!

Do you remember your first published snowboard picture?

Wouaww!!! Hard to remember! I think – but I’m not sure – that it was in “Windsurf neige”, some pictures for a resort page.

And your latest one?

I think it’s in Methodmag.

If you would have to keep only one of your photos, which one would it be?

I think it will be one of the pictures I made last year, but I don’t know how to describe it.

Last season you shot a lot in Les 7 Laux (Fr), didn’t you?

I was living there so it helps, but in fact I didn’t shoot that much there ! I was always gone, I just made one really good session at the end of the season on a big hip.

Eman Robert by Vanessa Andrieux

Many of your pictures feature Anne-Flore, portraits and “in Action”. Well I mean snowboard action of course! I know that you are really good friends! Is she the perfect model?

Anne-Flore Marxer by Vanessa AndrieuxAnne-Flore is one of my best friend that’s right! But unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to shoot together, she’s always gone and me too but as soon as we can we tried to shoot together. She’s a perfect model for both portrait and Action coz she’s a really good rider and she is photogenic too.

Are the Psyckopit also good models, or are they harder to catch?

They are some friends too and of course they are some good models, but it’s way harder to catch Anne-Flore. I have a lot more chance to shoot with the Psykopit crew.

That’s my fuck*ng stupid question ! Do you know how many “clics” you’ve done last season 05.06?

I have no idea! How can I count that????? I can’t imagine counting all the “clics” ahahah!!!

Tell us how you manage to be always at the right spot at the right time?

If I knew I would be so happy.

I was wondering, what happens after the shooting session till you are published ?

Now I’m working with digital so it’s easier. I download all the pictures on my computer, I select the good ones and after that I send them to the magazines.

Mathieu Crépel by Vanessa Andrieux

Where can I get a chance to meet you this season? Maybe you can give me your plans?

I never plan anything as far as I can. It depends of the snow and the conditions, specially this year with that late snow, I still don’t know what I’m gonna do tomorrow.

What are your other favorite photography themes?

Travel, beautiful guys 🙂 (i’m kidding !!)

What about an expo of your whole work?

I need to make some good shots first ahah!

What is your opinion regarding what we called @BrOADER the “WOMEN TSUNAMI“? I mean the implication & actions of girls in all sectors of the snowboard industry.

I just don’t understand why everybody always wants to make a special girl think and not to include some girls in the normal part. Like why the magazines and the videos are making some special girls issues or some girls video. It would be so much better to include more girls in every magazine and video. But at least the women market is getting bigger! I don’t think it’s coz there are more girls riding, I think it’s just coz everybody became conscious that women sales activity is important.

Usually, in each BrOADER[date] our guest have to give us her feeling about BrOADER. You are an artist! So from your artistic point of view : how is [snow]BrOADER?

I’m not really good for that, I just think you need more pictures ahah!!!

Got it !! Thanks a lot Vaness, we wish you a happy season ..07 and a lot of success !! See you…

Photo credit : Vanessa Andrieux of course !!!