avatar-girl-12.gifafm.JPG@BrOADER we received a fabulous gift for Christmas, guess what?
A virtual date with Anne-Flore MARXER.
Indeed this girl is so nice that she agreed to answer our questions. We do not usually share our gifts but we will make an exception and let you enjoy with us this great moment!



a-flore.jpgHi Anne-Flore! It is a real pleasure for us to have a little virtual date with you!
I remember that we met each other something like 4 years ago in Les Arcs during a hip session.
So, what happenned for you after?
No I am joking! Everybody knows that you are now a famous pro rider (Transworld rookie of the year last season), sponsored by great brands like Burton, Oakley, and DVS, have a part in the most famous 100% girl film Project “Misschief“, and so on.
Our French education doesn’t allow us to talk about your age and size. So if you want we will focus on what is going to happen for you this season and try to know a little more on what you like. Ready?

Can you send me a pic so I might better remember meeting you?

Which board, bindings and boots will you use this season?

I switch boots here and there until I find one I like and then I keep it until it’s dead.gtwin.jpg
My favorite bindings are the Burton Lexa Bindings.
Natasza and I had the sweet opportunity to develop our own Burton board, it’s called the “Gtwin”, I ride the 156cm.
We wanted a women’s board made for the park that could still ride slopes and powder. We also chose the art. It’s the best board I have ever ridden and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun on the mountain.

Which resort will be your “home sweet home” this season?

My home resort will always be Samoens, France. Even though I get to ride there at Christmas only. I’m there right now, unfortunately the snow conditions are so bad that the resort couldn’t open.. booooh!!!!!!!
I will probably spend the good months in Austria since I’ll be filming with the Pirates, and I’ll live out of my bags for the rest of the winter.

Which contest are you going to focus on this season?

I will focus on filming not on contests.
I really want to get a good video part, it’s a big challenge for me to film with guys and I want to give myself all the chances to make it right.

lexa1.jpgAre you going to film for the next Misschief project?

Misschief won’t make another movie this year, but the girls are motivated and they are building their own project. I will try to film with them a little too if I find the time. But my main occupation will be filming with the Pirates, for those who don’t know the Pirates yet, they live in Austria, speak German, drink beer, jump huge backcountry kickers and they are really nice guys!

What kind of trick do you want to succeed this season?

All of them! I need to stomp better in the powder. That was my biggest issue last season and I need to work on that.

Who are going to be your partners in ride this season?

I haven’t ridden with the pirates yet, so I’ll just go with anyone who doesn’t mind having me in the crew. I’m excited to see how it goes.

Imagine that you are at the top of the hill, on the left a perfect shaped superpipe, in front of you a park with rails and kickers, on the right a fresh 1m deep powpow field, and behind you a BrOADER boy ! Do you stay with a perfect guy or do you take a line (which one)?

I always choose the powder and the cute boy can try to follow?

Good one! Thank you Anne-Flore for this miniview. I really enjoyed writing this little words while watching your “angel face” on the Burton Team page.

My Pleasure!
The Angel face is a good trick! People think I m just nice and blond.. but
then.. they realize I can bite too!

Last words and special thanks?

You, my friends and family
My sponsors, Burton, Oakley, DVS, Bluebird wax, Kiuu underwear and Les Ettes.