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m_554afce061d299adf5bcef82228489a8.pngAfter several month of hard labour, they’ve finally dropped their new website. Not an atomic bomb yet but a time bomb, coz for the moment only few sections are online (products/contact/links), we look forward for the team section, pics, and videos…

Anyway Landing is not a web agency but a headwear company and they’ll blast you with a full scale beanie product offer – Plain Beanie, Peruvian Beanie, Pompom SP series, LB “condom” series, The series – @BrOADER we love the PomPom SP series 🙂 .

Don’t worry with LANDING Airlines your sessions will be stylish and warm!



Icon is exactly the kind of brand we love to support @BrOADER!
A small team driven by their passion for snowboarding, a nice looking board range, original technical outerwear and street wear, a few experienced pro-riders (Tomi Savela, Danny Wheeler, Heppu Pentti are the most famous) and most importantly: they are European! Special thanks to Alain Frei who presented us their new 07/08 collection. Check it out!!

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eesa31.jpgWhy hide it, we love eesa!

Since we received two Lines shirts from Bill, we wear them everyday for snowboarding and getting f*cked up directly after the ride in the après-ski bar! 😉 Check out our eesa product review here.

Eesa received the 1st ISPO Boardsports Award this week for the most innovative products of the board sports industry.
This is quite a huge achievement for such a young brand. Specially when you know who the other winners are (Burton, Quiksilver and Volcom)!

As seen on their ISPO booth, next year’s eesa product range looks fresh.
Pink is punk, cuts and materials are top notch!
Big up to Stephen for coming up with this wicked idea of lux layering gear and all the best to eesa!

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Some of the guys from the ISENSEVEN crew aren’t busy enough. They decided to create Colonie and have come up with probably the next big hit in snowboard accessories : the tie-belt!

Get one of those if you want to have the steez before everybody else! 😉

avatar-tv-1.gifThe new lux layering brand Eesa, is among the winners of the 1st ISPO Boardsports Awards!

Along side Burton, Quiksilver, and Volcom, Eesa was chosen by the jury as the most innovative products of the board sports industry.
mens_lines_white1.jpgStephan Cleary, head and creator of Eesa which we interviewed earlier this season, is an avid snowboarder himself and therefore very familiar with the needs of the snowboarding community. The idea to develop a line of products that combines functional apparel with a trendy lifestyle was born on the slopes and resulted in a completely new design approach. Just as the motto “From Lift to Lounge“ suggests, Eesa’s garments are also super trendy and let their wearers look their best even for aprés ski activities.

We received a couple of Lines shirts from the current Eesa collection (Thanks Bill!) and went riding with them in order to make our own product review, it’s all on video :

neffhead.jpgNeff Headwear has really exploded in the last couple of years in Europe. Neff now sports a full line of “steezy” products for your head including beanies, hats, ear warmers, face masks and more. But the most original product definitly is the knitted headphones! They feature premium speakers with amplified bass and are fully adjustable so they’ll fit perfectly.

000830_v.jpgThe H.2 Series range of wearable electronics is the high-tech clothing line of O’Neill.
In this line you can find the “Fat Controller”, a technically superior, performance orientated snow glove that incorporates a wireless remote control for your Ipod. Only a limited number of these gloves will be distributed throughout Europe this coming Winter season for a price of €139.

000833_v.jpgOf course, the ‘Fat Controller’ is a seriously technical snow glove with a top water resistance and breathablity but most of all it uses radio frequencies to relay instructions to a module installed on top of the iPod. Tune selection is managed from a small, thumb-controlled joystick woven in to the top of the right-hand glove that mirrors the behavior of the iPod’s scroll wheel. By nudging the joystick to different points of the compass the wearer can play/pause, adjust volume and skip tracks without having to remove the iPod from the inner sanctums of a snowboard jacket.

No more freezing your hands off, when trying to change your playlist on the chairlift!

Is this new swiss streetwear brand created by a few local proriders and named PRISM looking to become the new Volcom Stone? 😉
Decide for yourself!

prism.JPG Prism wants to be on the creativity and the originality in the collaboration with artists who create strong visual sense. Alliance of the graphic arts and the photography, Prism find it’s roots from the urban vibration as well as from the combinaison of the style which we’ll find in our streets. A state of mind, retranscribe it in clothes and on other supports, make it live, share it with people, such is the wish of Prism. Prism want to be an identical “clothing brand by crystallizing the existence of a real sociocultural movement. Exclusivity, Creativity, Independence, Open minded = PRISM

Photo credit :


Oh yeah! KIUU is a new underwear brand with stylish creative designs.
The products will be out in the shops in February and both girls and dudes will find what they’re looking for!
Finally you’ll be able to show what you’ve got!

The KIUU snowboard panty team is already known : sexy ladies such as Doriane Vidal, Anne-Flore Marxer and Caroline Beliard, and hot dudes as Eero Ettala, Jeremy Jones and Morgan Lefaucheur!

Remember February 14th is Valentine day and your girlfriend would look good in these, no?

new-landing.jpgYou might remember our previous post “LANDING on your head” where we presented you this brand new headwear company from France called LANDING. At that time we were stocked by this project. We wanted to know more, so we hooked up with Alix, Landing headwear co-owner and founder, for a BrOADER[View].
So ready to learn more about “LANDING”?

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75071_131_01_200.jpgSince 1999, skateboard protection brand TSG produces helmets specifically for skaters on the snow. Built with skate roots, the TSG snowboard helmets created a totally new look in the lame winter sport safety business. Backpacks, travel bags, accessories and a small apparel line complete the program. Functionality, quality, design and surprising details are the deciding factors for all TSG products.

This year, they have two promodel helmets in their product line : The Eero Ettala and the Gian Simmen (featured). Both are lightweight head protection for skaters on the snow tricked out with audio headphones.

We took the proven design and features of our evolution skate helmet and transformed it into the most stylish snowboard helmet on the earth. The helmet sits slightly lower and the sides curve around your temples a little more than a regular helmet to provide increased protection and great look. Trust in the ultra lightweighted but strong ABS shell and enjoy the soft inner layer, that is so comfortable like wearing a beanie.

All TSG products can be bought online in their e-shop, so check it out!

1195262120_m1.pngYo dawg! Do you wanna ride with steez?
Check out Clast – a fresh new brand of neckwear! They opened a zoo and guess who’s in it? A whole bunch of impressive riders : Eero Ettala the zebra, Gian Simmen the gummibear, Markku Koski the penguin, Nicolas Müller the monkey and latest addition, Sani Alibabic the crow!

Clast has neckwarmers, scarfs, tees and facemasks on which you can write whatever you want dawg. Check it out!

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Ok we are back after a Xmas day off! Hope you had a good time, and nice gifts! 😉

kana2.JPGToday we want to present you a brand which you should know if you ride in France : Kanabeach!
Kanabeach is a surf streetwear brand from Britanny, on the french Atlantic coast. Since a few years, they have developped a ‘snow division’ with some funky technical clothing. They also have a cool bunch of team riders with David Vincent, the mushroom smurf and tweak master, as team captain!
If you like original clothing and funky colors, check out Kanabeach, available in shops all over Europe and also online  worldwide throught their e-shop.

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1275798155_m.pngBecause snowboarding is fun, we created stylish headwear for people who wanna ride with steez!”

Check out Landing a headwear brand straight out of Rhône Alpes RPZ! Their beanies look great and if you don’t find them in snowshops you can look for them on ebay. So who’s wearing Landing already? L’arrog, Stian Solberg, Jaakko Seppäla and many more…

Check out their myspace page and their ‘soon to come’ website.


If you don’t like wearing a helmet when you ride, but still would like some head protection, you should have a serious look at this great cross-over idea from a little swiss company called ribcap : they produce protective beanies which actually look good!
For now they are only available in Switzerland though… 😦 Warum then?

Oups, we made a mistake. Ribcap is available worldwide baby! Check out the ‘Kontact’ section of their website.



Nivit is a small dedicated clothing brand from Austria. It was founded in 2002 and operates from Tyrol, with a connection in Beijing, China, where theirs clothes are made – in total respect of chinese workers situation!
You can find Nivit gear in Switzerland, Austria and France. Check out their 0607 winter collection here.

Updated : an their new website here. For now it is still unter construction.

arcus1.JPGIs there really still the need to present ARCUS, the brand created by two of the most talented and stylish swiss riders : Freddi Kalbermatten and Nicolas Müller?
Ich don’t think soo!
Check out their website and look out for ARCUS gear in core swiss snowshops this winter.

sans-titre.JPGYesterday we posted about the very cool original headwear brand from Germany called Sionyx. Today, it’s the turn of Elm company! Elm produces some really stylish headwear : beanies, caps, and copeland! Check out their products on their website and look out for them in shops in Germany and Austria for now. It’s getting cold..time to buy a beanie!

We posted allready about the lux-layering clothing brand called eesa.
Now BrOADER hooked up with Stephen Cleary, brand director from eesa, for a short e-mail interview about the brand, the concept, the products.


Click on the link below to read it!

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In 2003 my jacket was ripped off together with my favourite beanie.
Outside it was the coldest winter and as I already told you: My favourite beanie was gone! Sheer lunacy started again!
I ran from one shop to the next; but it was winter and everybody had already bought a beanie. Shit!
What remained on the shelf was not what I fancied: the last leftovers…
“Well! I could just as well take my granny’s beanie!”
No getting around it – Plan B had to do now…
So I went to the wool shop, bought some knitting needles and some cool wool and went home quickly.
“It was freezing cold and without a beanie this is no joke …”
At home I called my mum and she brushed up my former knitting skills. Then I got started …

… I knitted day and night … and I did not stop after the first beanie …
Autumn 2004: I’m tired of if else for switch and so on.
I quit my job as a software developer.
After 9 months of pregnancy Sionyx saw the light of day. Rock on …

That’s the SIONYX story! If you want to have style this winter, discover their really cool hand crafted high-quality wool beanies made in Germany. Each beanie is unique and you can buy them online!

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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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