seb_150.jpgAaven snowboards is a new rider owned brand that we presented to you already briefly in november. Because at BrOADER we think it’s important to help out all those little brands with a heart we wanted to know more.
So we hooked up with the mastermind behind Aaven, ex-french pro rider Seb Vassoney for a BrOADER[view]!

Don’t be a sheep, support Aaven! Ready. Set. Go!

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Seb, can you tell us a few words about yourself?

Hi! I’m an ex pro rider, I’ve been riding for 17 years now and probably 10 of them as pro including a lot of World Cup HP contests.

What was it like being a pro rider? What were the highlights and the hardtimes of your career?

Being a pro rider is great as you get to ride and to travel a lot, meet people, and make your living out of snowboarding. The highlights of my career were when I was going to Japan, I just loved it, food, people, great halfpipes, shopping and most of the time I was doing good in contests while being there. I won a World Cup in Avoriaz . I’ve been experiencing the Olympics, which for me was great, weird and stress all at the same time.
The hard times were when I got injured, both Achilles tendons completely torn, luckily not at the same time.

Let’s focus on “Aaven snowboards” now. Why did you decide to launch this brand and with who are you working?

I have been thinking about that for long and I decided to launch a new brand because I was getting fed up with what I saw, always the same things, and I couldn’t “find myself” in what the industry was offering. Me and my friends, who were having the same thoughts decided to put our ideas together and bring out Aaven Snowboards.

Who designs the boards and where are they produced? Which board do you ride and why?

We design the boards, our graphic artist is Rémi Mercier who is part of Aaven. The boards are produced in Austria.

I ride our 59, because it’s a board which rides everywhere, anything between park, forest, and powder. Twin, 25.4 cm waist, maximum effective edges, short nose and tail for spins, good pop and solid construction.


How’s the feedback of the industry and more importantly the people who have tested your boards?

So far the feedback from the industry has been very positive and supportive. Everyone seems to look for new brands that are a little different, but still technically good and made with top materials. All the materials we use in our boards are from Austria.

aaven_t-shirt4.pngWhat’s the big plan for this season concerning Aaven? How do you expect the brand to develop?

This is our first season on the market, we hope people to notice our products and to know that they have other options that mainstream brands. We want Aaven Snowboards grow little and become stronger. We will be at Winter ISPO 07 at the Rider Owned Brands-area. You will find us in Hall A1, Booth 315. Taking part of ISPO and being accepted for the ROB-area is big for us.

Where are the boards distributed this season?

For this first year the boards are distributed in France and Finland.

Just to finish what do you think about [snow]BrOADER?

It’s great, I like it, it has all of the latest news, photos, videos and links.

Thanks a lot Seb, and we wish you lots of success. Final words and big ups?

Thank you BrOADER for this interview. Big Up for all the people and friends who have helped us this far. Thank you for the shops and customers for believing in what we do.