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Here at the snowbroader HQ, we are getting ready for the action and are busy redesigning snowbroader.eu for the coming winter season so that you guys can have an even better session than last year!

In the meanwhile, surf through our archives and check out our BrOADER TV episodes to relive some of the action from 2006/07!
Have a look especially at all of our posts from ISPO2007 if you want to discover some of the hot gear that you will find in the snowshops this fall. We have more than 30 brands covered for you!

Anyway, if you want to be sure not to miss any of the action, you can send us an email at hello[at]snowbroader.eu and we’ll let you know as soon as we are back on tracks! 

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2007 might have been the worst winter ever in our mountains, we still had a lot of fun riding and updating this blog, always doing our best to bring you closer to the European snowboarding action day after day!

We hope you enjoyed it and we want to thank our readers for supporting us and interacting with us during this past 6 months.
Thanks also to all the people who played the game: the riders, the film crews, the photographers, the press agencies, the young bloods, the brands, all the people we got in contact with.
Everybody has been so friendly. And this experience reminds us that snowboarding is such a FAMILY.

We are going to close http://www.snowbroader.eu now but we will be back in October 2007 to bring you once again all the news, and reviews on the European snowboarding action!

Of course we will try to come back stronger with cooler content and (maybe) a nicer site look and feel, so please give us your feedback or ideas about what you think we can improve.

Have a great summer!


The BrOs!

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Here’s a little clip from MMPfilms showing what Thomas Harstad, Christian Halland and their photographer IJ experienced when they where filming at mt.rose a couple of days ago. Take it as a lesson and be always aware of the consequences when hitting the backcountry! Fortunately nothing happened to the guys and they could enjoy the rest of their trip. That’s it for today, respect mother nature and stay safe!

Vaness Andrieux négatifavatar BrOADER girliesGreat! A new website where you’ll find high quality and stylish pics of snowboard.
The french and talented photographer Vanessa Andrieux has finally launched her own website www.vanessandrieux.com.
Free your mind and have a look at the 22 landscapes, the 26 portraits and the 36 snowboard shots!!! But as ever, you wont find any pics of the Miss, so here is her gun and a bit of her shoulder. Sexy insn’t it ?

Whiteout N°9 coverSince the end of April number 9 of the Whiteout Snowboard Magazine is available. It is the End of Season Powder Issue. As usual the magazine has been distributed to different Snowboard-Shops all over Switzerland. Check the detailed shop list here .
This issue features an interview with the old Super Rocker Gian Simmen, a huge photo gallery and a portfolio of the newcomer photographer Howzee.com. And of course various contest’s reports.
Last but not least, the obligatory 12 pages on French for the “Welsch Connection” are ready to be read.

Don’t miss their online mag whiteout.ch for plenty of news, pics, blogs… And if you’re lucky you’ll find a wonderfull http://www.snowbroader.eu banner on the left side !!! For various movies check whiteout.tv

These guys are great and get a pure snowboard spirit!! Special thanks to Moritz !!

Marc Andre Tarte

SQUAD PRIMEBeginning of March we had already posted about the SQUAD series. Here is the second and final part of this focus with the 08 SQUAD PRIME, the VÖLKL Pro Team favourite’s board !

Regarding the main features :
– sizes : 152-155-158-161 + 2 wide sizes
– tip-to-tail ultra-light wood core
– squad twin-tip sidecut
– 6×2 insert system
– wooden sidewalls
– sandwich construction
– sintered base with die-cut
– stone and diamond finish

We will give you our feedback as soon as we will ride it next season! 😉

Photo credit : Marcel Lämmerhirt

demoniumlogo.jpgHead out to Switzerland for some of the best snowboard summer camps in Europe!

Super active on the scene are the Demonium Masta camps providing summer camps from late June until early August in Saas Fee and Les 2 Alpes (France). Each week-long package is around 600 euro, which includes coaching, full board ludging and a skipass for six days.
Also don’t forget about the Iceripper camps which have been going on since years and offer top facilities and coaching on the famous Titlis glacier!

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This is a short short video that we shot during the ISPO 07 showing you in a glimpse the whole 2007/08 Forum snowboard range.

It’s short, colorful and straight to the point. 😉

btnsnow.jpgSpending a summer in Norway is a dream come true for a lot of dudes.
Make it happen and bring together two of the best things in life: beautiful girls and snowboarding?!

Check out the Snowboard Summer Camp in Stryn, from the 18th to 22nd of June 2007, and in Folgefonna where Nixon presents the 12th season of snowboard summer camps to be held there.

This year, camps will be better than ever with more activities, more pro riders, more suprises but keeping the same laid back attitude that makes this the camp with soul…

For all you guys and girls who are already thinking about what you will want to ride next season, check out those two short video presentations with 2008 snowboards from Allian and Gnu.

ALLIAN logo The girly freestyle range is composed of the Vivian serie (138-142-145-148) in the high end, while the Freedom serie (136-142-146-150-154) is offering the best prices.

GNU logoGirls will be happy with this easy riding B-nice serie (144-147-150-153). All mountain freestyle boards from entry level to rippers who want to look at the whole mountain as their park. Available in regular and smooth riding Magne-traction.75. The nice design is from Fumi Watanabe.

Les 2 Alpes snowpark pic 1

Hey, it’s really time to quit the ride for this year and concentrate on the beach, but for addicts out there who didn’t get enough days on the slopes or want to practise new tricks in the best conditions, we decided to prepare a quick round-up of Summer camps which will be held in Europe. Today we start with the camps in Les 2 Alpes!

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btzlogo.jpgAfter CHILLing last year, H8 productions and the Advita crew have been working hard on their new video which will be out in fall 07. Due to lack of snow in Europe, the guys had to travel a lot to find the right spots to express their styles. So this film will be about all their adventures, good and bad.

Check out their first teaser and head to their website for more videos, rider presentations and goodies.

Nidecker logo

All lot of snowboard companies have developped the “mini-me” snowboard these past season. These boards are super playfull and taking them out for a day gives a completly different feeling to a regular snowboard day. When we met Darius last time, he was rocking the new 2007/08 Nidecker Nano and that’s what he had to say about it:

lesetteslogo.jpgWant-ette is fruity, fresh and clean with light notes of fig, Love-ette is feminine, soft, sweet and light with a touch of iris. Why not end up the season in style with a nice perfume from Les ettes?

Les Ettes and BrOADER have teamed up to make 3 lucky girls – or guys who want to make a nice gift to their girlfriends – the happy winners of an exclusive bottle of Want-ette or Love-ette!

To take part in the draw it’s super simple! Just fill in the form below and in the comment box give us the name of 2 of the sexy sweet riders on the Les Ettes team as well as your age, favorite hobbies, and nationality.

Best of luck!

scs.jpgShort video presenting some 2007/08 boards from Santa Cruz exposed during the Intergirlactik in Les 7 Laux.
Unfortunatly we did not catch the names of these 3 models, so if you got them leave us a comment!



Hand Guns For Headphones logo

As they say on their website “Focus is a raw and aggresive look into the lives of snowboarders trying to make a career out of something they love so much. Let us take you on an artistic journey into the lives of a few individuals and their circle of friends who are all on different paths but are all connected by snowboarding. This film will document a winter of their triumphs and failures and why they put so much blood, sweat and years into this winter passion. People, who struggle through many things in life just so they can snowboard. People with everything to lose and possibly nothing to gain: people brought together by one focus – snowboarding.”

Watch their teaser:

Freesteal II

AKTAES, a french multimedia agency has produced an interesting first episode Freesteal I, with good riders such as Nico Watier & Xavier Marcoud. Freesteal II is the second opus of this trilogy dedicated to snowboarding. It will be available next season but you can already have a look at the teaser here!!

Bataleon Snowboards just won breakout brand of the year from The Source in EU. They say thank you ! We say Big Up !!!


The Isenseven crew is working hard on their up-coming movie “Übermovie“. In 2 weeks people who live close to Munich will have the chance to see it before everyone else at the Pleasure Season’s End Party at the Badeanstalt, 12th of May.

However today it’s time for a new monthly clip: IDIOTS part 2.
It’s the sequel to last year’s popular “Idiots” clip that you can download now at www.isenseven.de!

We painted ourselves some holes to fall inside.
2 minutes packed with cheerfulness, foolishness and idiocy.
Our misfortune shall be your joy!

Picture This

Take 16 of the best snowboarders in the world, the hardest working crew of cinematographers in the industry and one of the worst snow years in memory! PICTURE THIS is the next 07 MDP film, and watching the teaser we can’t stand to wait a few months more !!!


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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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