new-landing.jpgYou might remember our previous post “LANDING on your head” where we presented you this brand new headwear company from France called LANDING. At that time we were stocked by this project. We wanted to know more, so we hooked up with Alix, Landing headwear co-owner and founder, for a BrOADER[View].
So ready to learn more about “LANDING”?

Hi Alix, it’s really cool to have a chat with you! What can you tell us about LANDING?

Well, we’re a brand new snowboard headwear company from France, not so new because we have created homemade hats since a while but it is our first year on the market. We decided to create the brand because no brand was making stylish hats. Beanies are cheap accessories but it was impossible to find any cool new products, so we decided to make things different, and now it’s a real success in Europe.

And can you tell us a little more about you?

I’m Alix Gindre, 20 years old from Lyon, France. I’ve been riding for 8 years now, and i’m currently studying in a design school. As you can imagine, I love snowboarding and that’s why I’ve been up with my own company.

What is your implication in “LANDING”? And who else is implicated?

I’m the Founder and a part owner of the brand, I’m working on it with my co-worker Julien “KANAKO” Avezac and we’re helped by 2 of our friends Annabel “Nab” Wissmans and Thibaud “2to” Germanangue.

When was “LANDING” created?

Well, the concept of Landing has been created something like 3 or 4 years ago, Neff headwear was the new fashion headwear brand in the snowboard industry and it was totaly new, a friend in Canada told me about the brand and it’s been like a revelation. We came up with the idea of making homemade knit hats, at this time, Lauri Heiskari and all those scanners were super trendy with their big knitted hats, so we launched LANDING. It was great, everyone wanted a hat, some famous riders were wearing our hats and then, we decided to make a real production and tried to involve our team riders into it.

Why did you call it “LANDING”?

Why Landing? I guess everyone knows what is a landing and it was quite similar to the famous “afterbang”, it was so apropriate to the context, I was stoked about the name.
Damn I just realize there’s something with my name… aha!

Can you tell us more about your range of product?

landing headwearOur 0607 collection is super coloful, we wanted to make something different and we definitely did. This year long beanies or “condom beanies” were really tendency and we were this first brand to really introduce it in a collection, we also came up with some basics and really cool products like pompom hats, a super sweet peruvian beanie and some pretty headbands. This season, 16 models are on the market. We want to keep it rare so you can find them in core boardshops in France, Switzerland and online at blue-tomato; urstyle and on our ebay online shop.

Who designs the headwear?

Actually, I design all the headwear with the help of my colleagues and many of our team riders. Stian Solberg, Julien “l’arrog” Haricot or our AM team are involved in the headwear creation.

And where are they produced if it’s not too secret?

Grandmas are working hard in our secret caves to keep your heads warm!

How do you manage to make your brand more famous?

Trust me, it is not that easy. I’ve been working on it since few years and this year we are rewarded, with some good featurings in mags and videos. Our team is a big support, they are 100% with us, spreading the good word around the world and we are so thankful.

And what about your “coming soon” website?

About our website, a new one is coming up pretty soon and it’s going to be great with a rider blog with reports and stuff like that. You can also find us on myspace.

This season, riders will have the “LANDING” headstyle?

I can tell you that people like Torstein Horgmo are ripin’ the brand and of course all of our team: Stian Solberg, Knut Eliassen, Julien “l’arrog”
Harciot, Hannes Metzler, Margot Rozies, Austen Granger, Chris Grenier, Mikkel Bentzon, Andre Benoit, Erik Botner, Jaakko Seppälä, Rusty Ockenden, Jari Tuoriniemi, Manu Continente, Jerôme Lafargue, Alexa Hohenberg, Robin Remond, Christopher Kvaernberg, Troy Erikson, Sam Samson, Ethan Morgan, Ole Scheie, Gerrit Verveij, Joey Van Essen , Anthony Brotto, Maeva Ballay, Harrison Gray and some people I can’t tell you the name.

L’arrog LANDIND ad

Ok before I leave you the last words, I got a final question! It is regarding a girl called NABBY! She is one of our friends on myspace and she is so cute! I can imagine she is not very far from “LANDING”, is she your MUSE?

Ahaha definitely! This is Annabel, she’s working for Landing, she’s so crazy but really nice, it’s one of my best friends and she’s really pretty. Anyway, seems like everyone gets a crush on her! It’s kinda crazy aha!

Oh my god! I almost forgot! Do you love [snow]BrOADER?

The first time I’ve heard of you was on myspace and your website is really great. [snow]BrOADER is one of the first blog in Europe which talks about the fresh news of the snowboard industry and the euro scene (rip Deluxe-sc) and it’s awesome to be part of that. LANDING definitely loves [snow]BrOADER!

Thanks a lot Alix, I really enjoyed talking to you! We wish you a lot of success and see you soon next to “La Saône”!

We would like to thank our families and friends, our team riders, a special thank to Noémie for everything she did for the brand , Mike from Nomis, Rome france, Damien from Burton, Stephen from Eesa, 2602 productions, Defective films, Psykopit, Daniel from mixxed buzinezz, Trine, Kara, Armory Clothing, Matt Hammer, Laura Berry, Snowsurf, Onboardmag, Magical-gogo, everyone involved in LANDING headwear and everyone who support the brand, and of course [snow]BrOADER!

Shred on and have fun!