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Vaness Andrieux négatifavatar BrOADER girliesGreat! A new website where you’ll find high quality and stylish pics of snowboard.
The french and talented photographer Vanessa Andrieux has finally launched her own website
Free your mind and have a look at the 22 landscapes, the 26 portraits and the 36 snowboard shots!!! But as ever, you wont find any pics of the Miss, so here is her gun and a bit of her shoulder. Sexy insn’t it ?


ss_lift.jpgSam dropped us an email to let us know about his project, which has been going for just over a year now: SnowSphere Magazine.

It’s a new concept – a travel magazine blended with a snowboarding magazine – thereby featuring “off the beaten piste” articles about exotic ski destinations, from China to Chile, India to Iceland.

The mag is based on the fact that most people have to travel to go snowboarding, and the travelling part is just as important as the snowboarding part.

At we are totally backing this approach and hope you’ll learn a lot about snowboarding all over the world thanks to SnowSphere.

There are currently 192 different countries on planet earth. You may be surprised to hear that the snow falls on at least 90 of them, from Tanzania to Taiwan, Israel to Iran. SnowSphere explores the world through the medium of snow. Blending travel and local culture with skiing and snowboarding, we bring you inspiring, amusing and informative snow stories from the more mysterious peaks of the planet.


Right on the buzzer, the Isenseven crew treat us with a new monthly episode of high definition snowboarding! Check it out here.

The past few weeks, almost everyone spend time shooting in North America for a quite long period of time. We had an awful season in Europe, so we just jumped into airplanes quite spontaneously and stayed there way longer than planned – while the editing computers stayed home, of course.
It was a season far away from home, with plenty of catnaps at airports, bad food, rental cars, studying maps, meeting new friends, having extraordinary high phone bills and missing his own bed at home. In this months clip, you’ll watch some outtakes of our crew in North America – tired, confused, surprised but still, most of all – happy to travel with a bunch of friends.

bt_neil.jpg In our quest to always give you insights on different aspects of European snowboarding and people involved in making our sport grow, we bring you today a BrOADER[view] with Neil Slinger, Marketing and Product Manager for Blue Tomato Snowboard Shop.

Blue Tomato is an Austrian based retailing company which has chosen to develop a strong online strategy. We wanted to know how it was working for them and what benefits us – buyers of snowboard goods – could get out of it.
What we appreciate is that Blue Tomato (BT) is not just here for the business, they are riders and dedicated to promote snowboarding through their team, events and gatherings! Check it out!

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Elan snowboards and Salomon snowboards have almost simultaneously launched their art contests: the Artec Project Art Contest 3rd Edition for Elan vs. the 4th annual artwork contest for Salomon!

There is prize money and/or custom-made snowboards for grab, so pick up a pencil and start getting creative!  😉 

America, America, America, F@#k yeah!
Comin’ again to save the m@#!$@#!$@#!$g world yeah!
America, F@#k yeah!

That’s Team America‘s hymn, Flow on the other hand has released their first teaser for the upcoming 2008 team video called F*#w!.
This first teaser showcases the riding of Antti, Scotty and Risto, going big in pipes all over the world or scoring runs in contests.
Otherwise slashing fresh snow on skiers is always fun too!
Comin’ again to save the m@#!$@#!$@#!$g world yeah!


The 2007 Red Bull Hike and Ride final act started yesterday. The rider teams met in Zurich, Switzerland for the event briefing and they are now filming all over the Valais region including resorts such as Verbier, les Diablerets, and LesPortes du Soleil. That’s the solution the organisers found in order to give to the teams enough opportunities to hunt down the snow and the good conditions. To follow the adventures of the riders check out the official website daily as new video coverage is being added every day. Today some of the teams where on one of our favorite riding spots: the Glacier des Diablerets.

0207webisode4th90.jpg@BrOADER we are subscribed to a whole lot of podcasts so that we can watch them when we travel around.
Here’s a little selection of good snowboarding podcasts you should definitely check out :

  • – The free snowboarding news video podcast is an independent weekly video produced by Christian‘mee-z’ Miessner! Probably the best snow podcasts on the Internet today! Check out our favorite episode : number 53! 😉
  • Volcom has cool volcasts. Check out the Escramble Bonus Footage Download Project Webisodes! Number 4 is out since last week-end! It features big mountain sessions in Alaska and New Zealand starring Jason Toth, Bjorn Leines, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Terje Haakonsen, Erik Leines, Billy Anderson and Mark Landvik.
  • Lib Tech also has great videos from their riders – or ex-riders actually as the first video is from Markku Koski who recently joined StepChild. The latest one featuring Eric Jackson is – like always – perfectly edited!
  • The DC shoes snow team comes up regularly with cool videos. Their latest one features the team tripping in New Zealand.
  • Resort-wise, Laax, the European snowboarding mecqua has regular podcasts with good footage from their incredible snowpark.

Of course, the best way not to miss any new podcasts is to subscribe to them on iTunes, just type “snowboard” in the search box…

Here’s the Eric Jackson video – sick soundtrack!

avatar-boy-1.gifHey, maybe you remember a previous post where we presented all these little things which we have in the left side column.
Well, we have just released some more new cool stuff!

I guess you noticed that since a week we now have a BrOADER TV box so that you can easily see all our latest episodes, product reviews or spot checks without leaving!

We also just added the possibility to subscribe by email! Just click on the “Subscribe by email” button, leave your email address and you’ll receive our new posts directly in your mail box! Cool no? However this doesn’t mean you don’t have to come check out the site anymore! 😉

Finally our last feature is probably the best because you get to play! It’s our brand new BrOADER MAP! The idea with the BrOADER MAP is that all of you start adding new “places” – by places we mean resorts where you usually go shred. If possible add a little comment, web link, and even better pictures and videos. If the “place” already exist, just add information or leave a comment with your opinion!
Check out what I started to do for Leysin my home resort and one of two BrOADER headquarters!

Thanks! We hope you like these new features!

m_554afce061d299adf5bcef82228489a8.pngAfter several month of hard labour, they’ve finally dropped their new website. Not an atomic bomb yet but a time bomb, coz for the moment only few sections are online (products/contact/links), we look forward for the team section, pics, and videos…

Anyway Landing is not a web agency but a headwear company and they’ll blast you with a full scale beanie product offer – Plain Beanie, Peruvian Beanie, Pompom SP series, LB “condom” series, The series – @BrOADER we love the PomPom SP series 🙂 .

Don’t worry with LANDING Airlines your sessions will be stylish and warm!


It’s funny sometimes like things are just meant to be.
The first post on was dedicated to MMPfilms’ Snowbored movie teaser.
Last week, we got contacted by Lars from MMPfilms and the cool news is that the swiss production crew is going to hit us regurlarly with hot news from their team, the events they will be attending and how the filming of their 2007 movie is progressing.
No time to waist! Here is a first update.

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Seems like the motivation and good mood is back. No frustation anymore!
Who ever thought lack of snow would depress the Isenseven crew was completly wrong!!

Check out their february episode, it will give you a boost!

Now finally, we are allowed to ride park all day, do mini-jibs with the whole crew and just dance on the slopes. No one can blame us for not shooting some fresh champaign powpow turns. This will be a great season!
This month you’ll get 2.5 minutes of spins, flips, taps, bonks, bagels, reverts, slashs and rock’n’roll featuring the footage from our last months shootings in Munich, Dresden, Dachstein, Laax and Colorado. As usual in HD, all available on

Mathieu CrepelNo need to present Mat anymore! And if you want to follow him during the season, you’ve got to check out his brand new dedicated website :!

Hot news, pics, and videos of the kid and on the start page take some time to listen to “Tristan”. The Pep’s song in memory of Tristan Picot gone at only 20yo in 2003 – Jackson Hole.

Remember back in the mid 90ies when snowboard manufacturers where concentrating their R&D on bindings and offering different solutions around the step-in system? At that time, the strap binding was doomed…But riders are not lazy people, and the boot + binding combination of step-ins didn’t offer the expected confort and flex. Eventually the good old strap bindings won the battle and remained a favorite both for freeriders and freestylers.
From that point on, innovation was thought around the strap binding and different systems have been brought to the market. Most successful of them being the back entry Flow bindings, and this year the APO Expresso bindings.

open_home.jpg2007. Introducing Beyondsnow.
The Beyondsnow strap-in binding is a completly new concept that the inventors present as the next generation of bindings, born on the European slopes. 

The strap-in has clear advantages: easy and quick entry, fully adjustable, all boot compatible and extremely comfortable due to relief from foot pressure points.

The system works like this :


1. Put your board on the snow. The binding automatically goes into the ‘open’ position.Step into the strap-in™ binding and put pressure on the base-pedal of the binding.
2. The straps close automatically through the built-in mechanism.
3. Lock the straps, ready to ride.

beyondsnow.JPGThe strap-in bindings will be officially launched at the ISPO this week-end and tests will be organised by the brand during the rest of the season. They will then be available for the 2007-2008 season on the European and Japanese market.
You will find them in your local specialized shop as from September 2007.

If you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening around Beyondsnow, check out their blog which will launch tomorrow!


The Isenseven crew just released their first monthly video of the season. It’s really good because it just shows how the riders survived during this f*cked up January month we had snow-wise: every snow-patch turns into a full slope, every possible terrain can be transformed into a playground.
Like last year, this first output presents you the Isenseven team for 2007. The video can be found on their website as usual – and you can even choose between HD or the old-school crap.

Escrambler bonus feature download projectWebisode N°2 of the Escramble Bonus Footage Download Project (sounds like a NASA project) is now available to the world! The N°1 was great but N°2 is already our favourite! This new episode is 100% Europe oriented! European riders (Terje, Gigi, Iker, TonTon,…)  shredding in European spots! All the shit that we love here @BrOADER. What’s hot in the video? For sure the intro will blast you. Terje still rules, reinventing our playground and those two artificial pillow lines in a ski jump arena are incredible! Freeride and Backcountry parts are mixed up during the rest of the video. Go and have a look at it on the Volcom website.

Our friends from Tackyworld send us a mail to tell us they have a video interview of Terje online right now!

In the interview Terje talks about the preparations for the Oakley Artic Challenge, due next month : “Learning from last year’s mistake, this year we’ve reduced the compression a lot to make it easier, and not to mention safer, for the riders. Mathematic professors have made measures on what kind of speed we need down the slope, where we’ll have most compression and how much speed that is needed at the the jump when focusing on weight and stuff.”

Will Heikki Sorsa’s 9.3metre world record be broken at this year’s Arctic Challenge?

photo credit:


Back to progressive snowboarding! 🙂
Just a few day left to wait before the start of probably the biggest snowboarding event of the year this side of the Atlantic, the 2007 BEO!
The good news is that the highlight of the event, the halfpipe final, will be available for webcast viewing live through on saturday 27th direct from Laax.

Witness live action from the world’s top halfpipe snowboarders including reigning women’s TTR world Snowboard Tour Champion, Cheryl Maas (NED); current TTR Top 10 riders Nicolas Mueller (SUI) and Markku Koski (FIN); Scandanavian young-bloods Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) & Torstein Horgmo (NOR); and representing the local flag, Gian Simmen (SUI), Frederik Kalbermatten (SUI) & Markus Keller (SUI).
The Halfpipe Finals at the Burton European Open 2007 is the final highlight in a week of supreme snowboarding starting with slopestyle, followed mid-week by Juniors’ contests, and ending with halfpipe.
All of this, delivered to you in a burrito, with a drop of tequila!


Mountain trails, oceans, lakes, rivers and parks – the outdoor areas you play in – are under attack. They are being overused, polluted and sometimes even completely wiped out without any regard to your ability to enjoy them. Ready to reclaim your playground? Join thousands of outdoor enthusiasts, companies and organizations across the world as we work together to restore the places we love to play in.

We posted a couple of times already about Laneo, since we had the chance to meet Andrew Paterson, founder and president of Laneo, last november.
Andrew put a lot of hard work to finalise and optimise his project and since today Laneo is alive!
Laneo is the easiest way for us, snowboarders and outdoor sport addicts, to make sure the future generations get to enjoy the fresh powpow as much as we do today!

Get involved, signing up takes only a minute and you might meet a lot of great, interesting people along the way!

ridertech.jpgRiderTech is an interesting “community” website to check if you are planning a snowboard trip and want to discover cool worldwide destinations or advertise your riding spots to make them known to other riders…

Registered riders from anywhere in the world can add a new action sports location to the map. Then any rider in the community can represent a location with their photos, videos and comments. In addition, we have the latest news, lots of videos and a video aggregator that breaks down podcasts by sport.


THIS IS THE 2006/07 VERSION of! Click here or type in your browser to access the NEW 2007/08 version of - The European snowboard blog!


Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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