It took some time, but resorts around Europe seem to be convinced now that having a good snowpark will bring more riders to their mountains. All over Europe perfectly shaped and thinked snowparks are flourishing. Behind some of those are companies whose jobs is to help resorts build the best, safest park for riders to enjoy.

One of the most experienced and reliable of these companies is Mellow Constructions.
In order to know more about this aspect of snowboarding, we had a chat with Thomas Marsh, one of the founders of Mellow Constructions.

mellow1.jpgHi Thomas, to start can you tell us a few words about yourself and then present us briefly Mellow Constructions?

I´m 33 year old, live in Innsbruck, snowboarder with passion. I ride since 18 years, 7 years as pro rider, and at the age of 25, I decided to design and promote snowparks in the Alps!

If I’m not mistaken Mellow Constructions has been active for 10 years already? How did it all start? How many people are involved today?

Mellow Constructions was established dec 99. Me, Wolfi Schröter and Baumi started to work for some Austrian ski resorts to help them to build good parks. Within the years we got more experience, organized plenty of events etc…… Today we are a team of 6 guys working for Mellow Constructions in Europe and China, but we need of course more people when we have to organize an event.

You have worked on the organisation of big events like the “Air and Style” but let’s focus on the snowparks you are building all over Europe. How do you approach the resorts, what kind of solutions and services do you propose them?

The ski resorts already know our services, so it’s quite possible that the marketing managers contact us to get some support for their parks. We can help them to plan the best suitable park for their customer needs. Then we take care of the parkbuilding and teach the snowpark employees how to keep the park in good shape during the winter season. During season we check the park´s conditions and reshape obstacles which were necessary to ajust again. Additional we offer events and pr-tools to promote their parks better.

Which mellow park are you the most proud off and why?

I´m proud of every mellow park as they all are great to ride (not only the park) and have different park highligts to offer. The best kickerline is Lech, the best shape and variety is in Engadin St.Moritz and the most obstacles plus an own park for beginners you will find in Kitzsteinhorn/Kaprun.

What’s the biggest kicker you have shaped in a park? If we try to imagine the perfect park of the future, how do you see it? Do you feel that your company is also participating in pushing the limits of snowboarding?

Actually we run a sweet wave-butter box in st.Moritz . We don´t need to push the limits as we want to provide safe and perfect obstacles for everybody´s need. So I wouldn´t want to have the biggest kicker in my park, but clever planned and built lines.

This season again you will organise the SPT, could you tell us more about this tour? Can we expect spectacular snowpark constructions for this occasion?

The SPT is in its 6th season. We want to support newcomers (rookies) to get their audience which is important to get seroius sponsorships. For the final in Saas Fee I´ll add an extra “mellow” obstacle . It´s gonna be something everyone will love to ride.


You seem to be very active in China too. How is it going over there? Is snowboarding exploding?

China is a great country with good food, but more polluted air than here. Good skiresorts and snowparks are rare, but we found home in Nanshan which is the best around Beijing area. Steve Zdarsky, Austrian too, is the main force in China. Without his efforts there would be no parks or snowboardschool 5 years ago! Now he is the CEO of mellow china and doing a sick job there. Snowboarding is not so big there but in 5 years the market seems to be interesting for the industry.

There are only very few companies in Europe proposing the kind of services Mellow Constructions has to offer. Do you think this will change in the near future? Do you expect to have more and more competitors?

Yes of course! More kids get grown up and become serious. Some of them will try the same business but I have no problem with that. There are more ski resorts than we can support.

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The BrOADER blog is cool as it’s always up to date.

Thanks a lot! Final words and big ups?

Thanks to my girlfriend Renate, my family, my friends. I love u all. Respect the nature and buy local!

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