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Hi there!

We hope you are having a blast and making the most out of this summer!

Here at the snowbroader HQ, we are getting ready for the action and are busy redesigning for the coming winter season so that you guys can have an even better session than last year!

In the meanwhile, surf through our archives and check out our BrOADER TV episodes to relive some of the action from 2006/07!
Have a look especially at all of our posts from ISPO2007 if you want to discover some of the hot gear that you will find in the snowshops this fall. We have more than 30 brands covered for you!

Anyway, if you want to be sure not to miss any of the action, you can send us an email at hello[at] and we’ll let you know as soon as we are back on tracks! 

That’s it for now, see you in the fall for a brand new session!

The BrOs


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2007 might have been the worst winter ever in our mountains, we still had a lot of fun riding and updating this blog, always doing our best to bring you closer to the European snowboarding action day after day!

We hope you enjoyed it and we want to thank our readers for supporting us and interacting with us during this past 6 months.
Thanks also to all the people who played the game: the riders, the film crews, the photographers, the press agencies, the young bloods, the brands, all the people we got in contact with.
Everybody has been so friendly. And this experience reminds us that snowboarding is such a FAMILY.

We are going to close now but we will be back in October 2007 to bring you once again all the news, and reviews on the European snowboarding action!

Of course we will try to come back stronger with cooler content and (maybe) a nicer site look and feel, so please give us your feedback or ideas about what you think we can improve.

Have a great summer!


The BrOs!

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lesetteslogo.jpgWant-ette is fruity, fresh and clean with light notes of fig, Love-ette is feminine, soft, sweet and light with a touch of iris. Why not end up the season in style with a nice perfume from Les ettes?

Les Ettes and BrOADER have teamed up to make 3 lucky girls – or guys who want to make a nice gift to their girlfriends – the happy winners of an exclusive bottle of Want-ette or Love-ette!

To take part in the draw it’s super simple! Just fill in the form below and in the comment box give us the name of 2 of the sexy sweet riders on the Les Ettes team as well as your age, favorite hobbies, and nationality.

Best of luck!


It’s been a while since our last BrOADER[view], so today we are stocked to present you a new one with Christian “mee-z” Miessner who is the man behind shralp!, probably the best weekly podcast dedicated to snowboarding!

We were lucky enough to be featured on shralp!’s episode 53 last January, and from this point on we were eager to learn more about how shralp! worked and its future plans. Read on!

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What a wonderful day for the INTERGIRLACTIK‘s qualifications!!
Sunshine, good snow, warm temperatures and girls in bikini 😉
The HO5 park was specially shaped for the event with a line composed of rails, table 1, table 2 and rails again to finish the run. Girls had fun all day long and judges a hard time to give tickets for the finals….

Are qualified for tomorrow’s final :
1st heat :

2nd heat :
A.LAUKKANEN (FIN) roxy wear
3rd heat :
+ 2 other girls during a final heat

Special thanks to our “Roxy” reporter Mélanie L.


avatar BrOADER girliesAt, we are proud to officially support the Intergirlactik contest which will take place in les 7 Laux, France, from April 6th till 8th. We will be reporting live on location to deliver you a full coverage of this great international women snowboard event!

A stop of the TTR Women’s Tour as a 3-star event, Intergirlactik will gather together the best women riders in the Freestyle Area of Les 7 Laux shaped by h.o.5. park and voted 2006 Best French Snowpark.

The list of confirmed riders is impressive and guarantees a hell of a show down: Conny Bleicher, 2007 ONEILL PRO SLOPESTYLE 3rd rank, Basa Stevulova, 2007 EU CHICKEN JAM BEST TRICK, Lisa Filzmoser, 2007 ONEILL EVOLUTION 2nd rank, Rita Comi, IT 2007 ONEILL PRO SLOPESTYLE WINNER, Julia Baumgartner, AUT 2007 PINKY JAM WINNER and many more!

More than a snowboard competition, the event is a festival about feminine alternative culture…A lot of different happenings will go on around the main TTR Intergirlactik Comp…

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plakat_m__.gifHey guys and girls!

We have 3 gift packages from our friends MMPfilms, the proud creators of the impressive European snowboarding movie “Snowbored” featuring the riding of non else than Markus Keller, Gian Simmen, Iouri Podladtchikov, Christian Haller and many more!

The gift package includes a DVD, a cool baseball cap, stickers and a sample of Magic potion!
The only thing you have to do to take part in our drawing is to subscribe to our BrOADER newsletter by sending us a simple e-mail entitled “Gimme gimme” to hello(at)!
You can’t loose coz if you are not drawn, at minimum you’ll receive our newsletters with cool info on all the important things we covered recently on and the subjects we are preparing for you!

The “competition” is on until end of March. We’ll contact the lucky winners by email!

Guys! Today is your last chance to take part in this contest, so take 5 minutes and make your prediction! There’s a cool Swatch for grab!


Attention everybody!!! Serious business now! It’s time to win some cool stuff exclusively on!
Sit tight and read the rest of this post!

The Ticket To Ride World Snowboard Tour is a rider-driven organization that aims to represent the progression of snowboarding.

ttr_swatchtac_snowbroader.jpgTo create a clear rookie-to-pro structure, TTR is based on global grass root and key independent snowboarding events. These events are hold together by the TTR Ranking List presented by Swatch.

Swatch, the global and youth-driven brand is the proud Premium Partner of the Ticket To Ride (TTR) World Snowboard Tour. Swatch presents the Women’s and Men’s TTR Official Ranking List.

As the TTR Ranking List gets tighter, we offer you an exciting competition to win the most stylish Swatch.

The Oakley Arctic Challenge, the mythic Quarterpipe contest and the Five (5) Star Event will happen from February 26th to March 3rd in Midtstuen, Oslo.

Predict what will be the Men TTR Top 5 presented by Swatch after The Oakley Arctic Challenge and get a chance to win this stylish Swatch watch!!!

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avatar-boy-1.gifHey, maybe you remember a previous post where we presented all these little things which we have in the left side column.
Well, we have just released some more new cool stuff!

I guess you noticed that since a week we now have a BrOADER TV box so that you can easily see all our latest episodes, product reviews or spot checks without leaving!

We also just added the possibility to subscribe by email! Just click on the “Subscribe by email” button, leave your email address and you’ll receive our new posts directly in your mail box! Cool no? However this doesn’t mean you don’t have to come check out the site anymore! 😉

Finally our last feature is probably the best because you get to play! It’s our brand new BrOADER MAP! The idea with the BrOADER MAP is that all of you start adding new “places” – by places we mean resorts where you usually go shred. If possible add a little comment, web link, and even better pictures and videos. If the “place” already exist, just add information or leave a comment with your opinion!
Check out what I started to do for Leysin my home resort and one of two BrOADER headquarters!

Thanks! We hope you like these new features!



Hey everybody! We’ve just produced our first sticker collection!
Basically they represent our logos. There are two models available: the girlie and the duddy.
You want some? Easy! Just drop us an email entitled “stick me” at hello(at) with your name and address!
We’ll give out a limited amount so don’t loose a minute!  (sorry my friend from the USofA, but this one is only for the people living in Europe).

avatar-girl-1.gifstickerfriends_small1.jpgDon’t take it the wrong way!! This is not a sexist or macho trend we want to launch. 😉

Be sure that we love and respect all the girls on the following pics, and they give it back to us the best way with their beauty, fun & humor!!

But ya know after a few drinks you start sticking everybody…it was just like a game at this FUNK party on ISPO.

Big up to Maud and special thanks to Sarah!!!! They will understand!! 😉

With love….BrOs

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avatar-boy-14.gifThe ISPO is an important milestone every season! All the snowboard industry gatheres together for 4 days of chilling in the alleys and intense partying! The exposition halls are really huge and there are heaps of cool stuff to check out; special events, contests and VIP parties to attend.

Being at ISPO was very important for BrOADER and even if we didn’t have our own booth this year (com’on we’re only 3 months old – this would be nonsense!), it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of cool people!
The feedback we are getting about what we are trying to do with – bringing you closer to the European snowboarding action! yeah! – is incredible and stockes us every time!
We can see it in our stats too. Every month we reach new levels, scoring a solid 700 views/day and growing, since the beginning of February!
From our point of view, it’s quite nuts for a blog dedicated to snowboarding and maintained by two dudes on their freetime!

So this post is to thank everybody for their support!
It gives us the motivation to continue the adventure!

Keep on reading us, commenting our posts and sending us news about your projects!
And keep on spreading the word about!

Here are a few pics from friends we were happy to meet at ISPO. Enjoy!

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avatar-boy-14.gifJust a quick one to tell you a little bit more about all those things that we show you on the left column of our blog. We have some new cool stuff!

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avatar-girl-12.gifAfter Anne-Flore Marxer, may we introduce you Vanessa Andrieux! You gonna say we are lucky guys!!! Yeeeessssssss you are right! But we have a secret weapon. We will talk about it later…

Vanessa Andrieux

This girl brings you, each month in your favoritesnowboard issues, her part of dream. Fantastic pictures taken worldwide with a fabulous style!

Indeed Vanessa is one of the most famous snowboard photographer and @BrOADER we love her work, so we got for you a BrOADER[date] with her!! Ready to learn more about Vaness?

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avatar-boy-14.gifWAAAAOOOO what a way to finish the year!
BrOADER is featured in Shralp! episode 53 and we are sooooo stocked! Thanks a million guys!
We are going to drink till we drop now to celebrate this and a crazy 2007!!!

We wish everybody to fullfill their dreams and to enjoy riding the mountains as much as possible! But remember it’s all about having fun!

Peace. Phil and Nico @ BrOADER

Hello everybody!
Yesterday we met up with an old wise grandpa from the mountains. He told us that usually when it dumps so hard in North America, like it is happening now, it will dump even more in Europe two weeks later…so we trust his words and wish you all a Merry Xmas!

By the way, we spotted Santa Claus riding and he sure can hit rails! Check this video and have a great time!

avatar-girl-11.gif avatar-boy-12.gif The BrOADER crew 

snowflake2.JPGAt BrOADER we are scanning the world of snowboarding, and reading feeds about what’s going on in North America right now just go us crazy!!!
Check this out :

The Echo team has been working all day to get ready, and we will reopen Friday morning at 10am with 29″ of new snow! We a plan to leave some powder stashes for the powder hungry, so bring your wide boards.

What some local meteorologists have dubbed the “storm of the year” has blanketed Colorado Ski Country with 37 inches of powder in the last three days, and will continue through tomorrow morning.
Wolf Creek has been buried in 37 inches of snow in the last three days. Durango Mountain has received its fair share with 33 inches of new snow in the last 72 hours, while Silverton and Telluride have seen 31 and 30 inches respectively pile up over the same time period, creating some of the best skiing and riding conditions of the year.

Since here in Europe, it feels more like end of season, BrOADER would like to propose to everybody to : step outside, watch the sky at night, put your hands up in the air, start jumping around, and yell ‘Let it snow, let it snooooow, let it snoooooooooow! aaaaaaaaaahhh!’


“Hey this is Doriane Vidal and you are watching BrOADER”

Doriane Vidal, the 2003 world hafp-pipe champion and silver medal at the 2002 olympic games, is supporting BrOADER !

You think it’s a joke or a fake.

Go and see the truth on snowBrOADER TV !!

logo-green1.jpgHey Guys!

Check us out on myspace also =>>>

We have a page with more and more BrOs!
It’s really easy if you want to become our friend too.
We’ll be glad to have you in our ‘Happy BrOaders’ community!

What’s a BrOader anyway?
Easy, a bro who rides!!

So what about a brolex? a bro who’s always on time.
a broser? a dude who thinks he’s a bro.
a Broshevik? a bro from Russia.
Chewbrocca? Your big, hairy bro who yells a lot and protects you.
David Browie? Your friend who thinks he’s glam rock.

Check out the complete BrOism dictionnary here. It’s too good! ;)


That’s it! Finally! The first heavy snowfalls arrived in Europe this WE!
It’s time to screw those bindings on your (new) board and head to the mountains!

The season will be great!
We couldn’t live without it. Go out an ride.

Photo credit :


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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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