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Marc Andre Tarte

SQUAD PRIMEBeginning of March we had already posted about the SQUAD series. Here is the second and final part of this focus with the 08 SQUAD PRIME, the VÖLKL Pro Team favourite’s board !

Regarding the main features :
– sizes : 152-155-158-161 + 2 wide sizes
– tip-to-tail ultra-light wood core
– squad twin-tip sidecut
– 6×2 insert system
– wooden sidewalls
– sandwich construction
– sintered base with die-cut
– stone and diamond finish

We will give you our feedback as soon as we will ride it next season! 😉

Photo credit : Marcel Lämmerhirt


Bataleon Snowboards just won breakout brand of the year from The Source in EU. They say thank you ! We say Big Up !!!

Roxy envi 08 board

BrOADER TV logo Sunny weather, fresh air, green grass, red flowers and milky cowes for this product review with Fanny Foucrier from Roxy Winter Division.

Fanny presented us the new 07/08 board “Envi“. It’s a nice looking all mountain freestyle board for the ladies including features like the magnetraction edge concept and a 100% natural bamboo topsheet.

This board is Torah Bright’s favorite! She was riding it when she won the X-games! So it’s definitly a board for good riders who wnat to push their level and progress in freestyle.

Watch our video & pics for more details and appreciate sexy Fanny with her “envi”…

Special thanks to Elodie T. for her support

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Here’s our friend and Rossignol team rider Christian “KIKI” Moillen again, with a short video presentation of one of his 2007/08 set-ups from Rossignol snowboards: the Premier with HC 2000 bindings.

Zion snowboards Zion Snowboards is a rider driven company devoted to the details. We strive to set ourselves apart and be creative and unique in all that we do. Uniqueness is everything to us and its in everything we build. From the topsheet to the base and everything in between. All our boards are hand crafted in Canada with the best engineering materials and shapes. Our goal is to enhance your on snow experience and give you the best ride possible “.

Here is a shot of their new 08 products. From left to right and top to down the Whoa Man, Lost, Z1.
Zion snowboards Whoa Man new 08 boardZion snowboards LOST new 08 boardZion snowboards Z1 new 08 board


avatar BrOADER girlies Les ettes is an international cosmetic and lifestyle company with roots in the boardsports community.

It was about time! Non alcoholic perfumes for girls who ride!
The love-ette and the want-ette will be available in shops as from May, in the mean time come to snif some scents at Intergirlactik this coming saturday!



Vogel is probably the best riding spot in Slovenia: it’s the home resort of the Elan snowboards crew, where they’ve set up their lab – the experimental Elan Snowpark with modules designed by Aleksi Vaninnen – and an impressive freeriding spot when the conditions are good.
The mountains surrounding Vogel are not the highest ones in Europe but Slovenia – usually – gets lots of snow even at low altitudes.
But most of all the setting is beautiful and the view on the Bohinj Lake coming down with the gondola is always amazing.

Ok that’s for the scenery, now for the crew. We met up with Primoz, Elan snowboards manager, who provided us with some 07/08 Artec boards and Elan bindings and with Blaise Rosenthal…yeap Blaise Rosenthal, dude! I can’t still believe I actually rode the whole day with Blaise Rosenthal (pictured with Matej Pavli, AM Elan rider) 😉
It was really cool by the way. We sessioned the Elan Snowpark pulling old school tricks like chicken salads, cross rockets and so on. Blaise even nailed a backside 3 double suitcase! 😉 sick! Up there we also met with local Elan pro rider Matevz Pristavec who was going big on the main kicker, stomping switch frontside 9s like he was having a beer. Too easy.

So we rode a couple of different boards from next season’s ARTEC serie and we were really stocked! The Elan Plab is pushing snowboarding to the next level by providing some of the best hardgoods ever.
Check out our video and get the full story!

avatar-tv-1.gifForget all your prejudices from the past. Hammer snowboards reborns in 2007 and is heading for a brand new dimension!

Hammer is independent again. It has been bought last summer by M. Herbert Marxer from the Rossignol group and has established its offices near Lausanne, Switzerland. The small team of people working there are pumped and dedicated to bring a new image to the brand and push product innovation to bring you the best snowboards ever!

Plus Hammer is the first snowboard brand to include a full range of skis in its product line!
Yes skis, but not your average ski. Skis made by snowboarders!
A few years ago, skiers looked at snowboarding and realised progression was into stealing snowboard technologies and applying them in the ski’s construction. They took the technologies but they didn’t manage to get a grip on the feeling and the lifestyle. What Hammer brings on the market are skis with a snowboard construction and feeling – made by snowboarders!

Check out our visit at the Hammer offices where Alex presented us the full 2007/2008 Hammer snowboards range!
Enjoy and support Hammer!

Rough snowboards 08

@BrOADER we love these small core brands which have an original philosophy/approach to snowboarding – and even more when they are from Europe!
So we got in touch with the Italian guys from Rough and asked them for info regarding their 0708 range.

Appreciate it! It’s only on!

Rough Snowboards winter 07/08 production includes a total of 8 models based on seven different shapes.
Directional boards are 4, in XS, S, M, and L sizes. The XS has been thought and designed for cool chicks that want to rip on the mountain, while the S deck sets aside sex distinctions and will be appreciated by all freestyle enthusiasts. The M and L are dedicated and thought for the most demanding riders.
Twin tip boards are 4 in S, M,and L sizes. To top it all the Rejdo Army M Twin Tip limited edition is designed by a Core Crew of Italian riders…

Check all the boards down here !!!

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Elan snowboards and Salomon snowboards have almost simultaneously launched their art contests: the Artec Project Art Contest 3rd Edition for Elan vs. the 4th annual artwork contest for Salomon!

There is prize money and/or custom-made snowboards for grab, so pick up a pencil and start getting creative!  😉 

logo Volkl ISPO was very short! So we focused on some of our favorite brands and VOLKL does not really belong to this category. Anyway, this is a personal point of view and some of you may ride or like VOLKL’s boards. So for those weird riders 😉 here is a focus on the new 07/08 SQD series!!

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America, America, America, F@#k yeah!
Comin’ again to save the m@#!$@#!$@#!$g world yeah!
America, F@#k yeah!

That’s Team America‘s hymn, Flow on the other hand has released their first teaser for the upcoming 2008 team video called F*#w!.
This first teaser showcases the riding of Antti, Scotty and Risto, going big in pipes all over the world or scoring runs in contests.
Otherwise slashing fresh snow on skiers is always fun too!
Comin’ again to save the m@#!$@#!$@#!$g world yeah!

O’Neill Big Mountain Pro 2007March is a very busy month contest-wise and we are receiving press releases from all over the place right now. March is also usually the time of the year with the best snow conditions…let’s beg that winter finally starts massively in Europe too. The organisers of the innovative freeride contest format – the Swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro 2007 – definitly need it anyways!


With innovation lying at the core of everything we do, it made perfect sense to push the envelope and develop a new contest format for 2007, and one that promises to revolutionize the world of freeride snowboard and ski competition as we know it.

In early March 2007, the inaugural edition of the Swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro will see 16 of the world’s best snowboarders and skiers coming together for a competition like no other.

Starting out in the picturesque Swiss ski resort of Laax with the Take-Off Party on 1st March and culminating in the Awards Party in the Austrian city of Innsbruck on 10th March, the O’Neill Big Mountain Pro will adopt an innovative mobile format guaranteeing the competition the best possible snow conditions and terrain.

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jeevice2.jpgavatar-girl-11.gifWhen we asked Julie for a date, she told us that she would wear her black dress and high heels, just for us! We met her during the ISPO, she was not wearing the sexy dress she promised to, but she was sporting wonderful, trendy, glamour and sexy JEE VICE sunglasses!! And that was enough for us to fall in love… 😉

More seriously, we are proud to offer you this BrOADER[date] with the co-founder of JEE VICE.
Discover how it is like working for a small core brand dedicated to all young women who live their passion. Just by reading Julie’s word you can feel all her motivation and the pleasure this small team of people is getting by making their little JEE VICE baby grow every day! It’s hard work but it’s worth every penny!

Julie, at BrOADER we want to say big respect! And what about a “BrOADER” signature serie? 😉

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Today we’ll finish our coverage of the 2007 ISPO with a final post showing you some gear from Special Blend, the Villa Wool beanie collection and the SIXXA booth.
We hope you are pleased with all the pics we brought back and all the 07/08 products we managed to show you. We covered 27 brands – and we’ll try to cover even more next year and why not get our own booth!

If you want to check out all our ISPO reviews again, select “ISPO07” in our post categories or type ISPO in our “search box” and just select your favorite brand! You can also check out Freecaster for some good reviews on film!

Thanks for all the comments you left us with your questions, picture requests or opinions on the next season boards, we’re super happy about that!

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Waooooo! We’ve been positively surprised by this Italian snowboard brand that we had never heard about! STATIC is the little jewel we brought back from ISPO. It is incredible that they are still unknown outside Italy. Their 07/08 board range is composed of 12 models covering all programs – kids, park, all mountain, freeride, freestyle, women- designs are a little bit basic but go further and have a look at their bindings, boots and wear ranges! They are just incredible for a small brand. Bindings have original and sophisticated cosmetics. Boots have no particular technical features but got this incredible Italian style. Regarding the Outer Wear, Street Wear and Accessories, just remember that Italy is a leader in fashion trends !

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Second youth for Rossi?? It looks like it! For those who were used to the Rossi’s booths in the past, this one is kind of an UFO! Modern & stylish, with DJs, a lounge area, a bar zone where great parties were held at night! Rossi gave the ski hall a little breath of oxygen and fun. Unbelievable isn’t it? Regarding products, corners where fulfilled with examples of the cross fertilization between Rossi and its US sister brands – DC & LibTech – BOA lacing systems on boots and magnetraction for the John Jackson signature. But bindings are for sure the most improved part of the range and Rossi almost filled the gap with the leaders…The pure mountain company is working hard on developping pura mountain gear for every rider!

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So girls tell us, what do you think about this one uhu?

‘Style, Design and Performance’ is the three-word mantra for the company. By taking an artistic approach to the design, a BitchBoards snowboard is not just a board, but also a work of art. The use of modern and abstract photography, such as green smoke swirling in the air or smeared paint on a white palette, for the graphics immediately separates BitchBoards from the competition.


Of course, Head – like other ski companies – is not a core snowboard brand! The company is much more racing skis oriented but their snowboard department managed to do a great job. This 07/08 range is complete and there is nothing wrong regarding the technicity/quality of the products.

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ride.jpgLast year at ISPO, Ride blasted the industry with its 06/07 bindings range. Light, comfortable, with hyper sophisticated aesthetics, there was a real gap with what the other brands were offering. Even Burton was suffering the comparison!
However this year, the bindings seem more “in the trend”. Seems like everybody worked hard to close the gap. And probably the guys from Ride spent more time and energy drinking all the cans available on their booth (take a look at the pics, in the background) than developing new and original products! 😉

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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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