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This is a short short video that we shot during the ISPO 07 showing you in a glimpse the whole 2007/08 Forum snowboard range.

It’s short, colorful and straight to the point. πŸ˜‰


Rough snowboards 08

@BrOADER we love these small core brands which have an original philosophy/approach to snowboarding – and even more when they are from Europe!
So we got in touch with the Italian guys from Rough and asked them for info regarding their 0708 range.

Appreciate it! It’s only on!

Rough Snowboards winter 07/08 production includes a total of 8 models based on seven different shapes.
Directional boards are 4, in XS, S, M, and L sizes. The XS has been thought and designed for cool chicks that want to rip on the mountain, while the S deck sets aside sex distinctions and will be appreciated by all freestyle enthusiasts. The M and L are dedicated and thought for the most demanding riders.
Twin tip boards are 4 in S, M,and L sizes. To top it all the Rejdo Army M Twin Tip limited edition is designed by a Core Crew of Italian riders…

Check all the boards down here !!!

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Today we’ll finish our coverage of the 2007 ISPO with a final post showing you some gear from Special Blend, the Villa Wool beanie collection and the SIXXA booth.
We hope you are pleased with all the pics we brought back and all the 07/08 products we managed to show you. We covered 27 brands – and we’ll try to cover even more next year and why not get our own booth!

If you want to check out all our ISPO reviews again, select “ISPO07” in our post categories or type ISPO in our “search box” and just select your favorite brand! You can also check out Freecaster for some good reviews on film!

Thanks for all the comments you left us with your questions, picture requests or opinions on the next season boards, we’re super happy about that!

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Waooooo! We’ve been positively surprised by this Italian snowboard brand that we had never heard about! STATIC is the little jewel we brought back from ISPO. It is incredible that they are still unknown outside Italy. Their 07/08 board range is composed of 12 models covering all programs – kids, park, all mountain, freeride, freestyle, women- designs are a little bit basic but go further and have a look at their bindings, boots and wear ranges! They are just incredible for a small brand. Bindings have original and sophisticated cosmetics. Boots have no particular technical features but got this incredible Italian style. Regarding the Outer Wear, Street Wear and Accessories, just remember that Italy is a leader in fashion trends !

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Second youth for Rossi?? It looks like it! For those who were used to the Rossi’s booths in the past, this one is kind of an UFO! Modern & stylish, with DJs, a lounge area, a bar zone where great parties were held at night! Rossi gave the ski hall a little breath of oxygen and fun. Unbelievable isn’t it? Regarding products, corners where fulfilled with examples of the cross fertilization between Rossi and its US sister brands – DC & LibTech – BOA lacing systems on boots and magnetraction for the John Jackson signature. But bindings are for sure the most improved part of the range and Rossi almost filled the gap with the leaders…The pure mountain company is working hard on developping pura mountain gear for every rider!

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Of course, Head – like other ski companies – is not a core snowboard brand! The company is much more racing skis oriented but their snowboard department managed to do a great job. This 07/08 range is complete and there is nothing wrong regarding the technicity/quality of the products.

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ride.jpgLast year at ISPO, Ride blasted the industry with its 06/07 bindings range. Light, comfortable, with hyper sophisticated aesthetics, there was a real gap with what the other brands were offering. Even Burton was suffering the comparison!
However this year, the bindings seem more “in the trend”. Seems like everybody worked hard to close the gap. And probably the guys from Ride spent more time and energy drinking all the cans available on their booth (take a look at the pics, in the background) than developing new and original products! πŸ˜‰

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Ok so we still have some cool stuff to show you from ISPO. We’ll finish our round-up this week with 07/08 gear from Head, Ride, Rossignol, Static and we’ll call it a wrap!

But for now : Punk’s not dead!!
At ISPO, the canadian brand Sapient showed a hot 07/08 range with very strong graphics influenced mainly by punk rock style but also hip-hopish street art. Chris Coulter, Kurt Wastell, Dionne Delesalle are the leading riders of the international team, challenged by strong rookie riders like French ripper Laurent “General” Gougain.

We’d buy a Sapient board just for the graphics coz there are the coolest ones we saw at ISPO! Check it out!

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The swiss snowboard manufacturer Nidecker came to ISPO with a very consistent product range. Nothing to say about the boards, Nidecker covers all the aspects of snowboarding and as a manufacturer can also experiment and propose unique board structures. The NDK boards are probably their best assets, with poppy constructions and cool graphics. Where Nidecker doesn’t make a lot of noise but has one of the best offer in the industry is the binding segment! Check out our pics and powpowpow la Suisse!

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“The truth is inclusive, not exclusive, and CAPiTA is the same. You don’t have to be the best snowboarder on the hill, or the best artist in the scene, or the coolest kid in town, you just have to be honest with yourself and love snowboarding like we do” from the Capita’s manifest.

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For sure Salomon is the brand which improved its snowboard range the most. Compared to last season, graphics are much more sophisticated and the way they use print and die-cut on their bases is cool!
The binding range gets even wider with a few new Relay models and the fitting of boots stays one of the best in the industry. We’ve taken a short video on their booth, check it out !

avatar-girl-11.gifElan Chicas is the best of Elan snowboards for girls. This specific program has everything needed to satisfy the ladies! Light technical freestyle boards with nice topsheet designs, super confortable boots with optional heating system, bling bling bindings. Enjoy Elan Chicas!

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aavenlogo.jpgThe french-finnish brand Aavencheck out our BrOADER[view] from founder Seb Vassoney – was stocked to have a booth at ISPO and therefor made a real effort to design it. It was a success!
Seems that we can say the same for the 07/08 boards which look very nice with a lot of emphasis on the graphics. Make sure to support rider-driven Aaven to help them grow!

Click below to know what bears like to eat on the BBQ.

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Icon is exactly the kind of brand we love to support @BrOADER!
A small team driven by their passion for snowboarding, a nice looking board range, original technical outerwear and street wear, a few experienced pro-riders (Tomi Savela, Danny Wheeler, Heppu Pentti are the most famous) and most importantly: they are European! Special thanks to Alain Frei who presented us their new 07/08 collection. Check it out!!

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Arbor snowboardsArbor is a brand which claims the truth Aloha spirit! It is not surprising that they come from Venice beach and that their boards look like the first surfboards shaped in tree’s trunks. Regarding their products almost everything is made of wood: bamboo topsheets, wooden sidewalls, paulownia core, bamboo fabrics for the apparel… The shapes and sizes are freeride oriented, so that while riding big mountains you will feel like Eddie Aikau surfing Waimea! Chaka BrO!

More seriously Arbor is one of the only brand in the industry with a true ecological approach to the production of snowboards, using “fast growing” woods such as bamboo and limiting the amount of epoxy and other chemicals.

Check out part of the 07/08 line!

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stepchildintro.jpg StepChild is a very young and cool US brand with an impressive team of riders including scandinavian rippers Markku Koski, Fredu Sirvio and Stian Solberg.
In 07/08 they are strenthening their snowboard range! With no complex StepChild is bringing back the fun and disco into snowboarding. We particularly liked the KOOL model which pays respects to one of the coolest snowboard brand of the 90’ies: Look Lamar snowboards. Otherwise they claim that powder sucks…

Make sure to come back to check out in the coming days, as we still have lots of cool stuff to show you from NDK snowboards, Rossignol snowboards, Capita, Sapient, Arbor, Head, Aaven, Icon, Static, Volkl, SP, Salomon…

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imperivmispo1.jpgThe First Legion banners float above ISPO and the Imperivm‘s booth brings you back to the antic Rome. You cannot ignore them! They are so true and their will is too strong.
Demir Julia lives his brand, leads the wolves and fights in the alley πŸ™‚ like a gladiator.
The range of product is getting wider with two new promodels – David Livet & Olivier Cluzel signatures – and a first price entry board under 400E with the Ghetto Civitas. The famous Parabellum and 3DJ stay in the range. At the end, 9 models compose the entire 07/08 offer. Expect high end finitions coz all boards are made in Europe (by Elan in Austria and by a small italian hand manufacturer in Italy).


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Last year the K2 booth was “Saloon” style. Lots of cowboys and whisky.
This year K2 came up with a pirate theme. Their pirate boat brang a little fun in the ski area. But it seems like they didn’t cross many fregates on their way to ISPO as their treasure was pretty poor. No really new stuff except some bubbles hidden behind the top sheet and a full inverted camber board just like some of their last season skis “Pontoom”.
On that specific topic you will notice the opposite ways of developping boards between K2 and Lib Tech!! Check out the pics and leave us your comments!

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Mr. Marxer was well inspired when he decided to buy HAMMER snowboards from Rossignol last year!
The shapes of the 07/08 boards are almost the same as the present collection but the graphics have improved. Stylish mat and glossy effects on the top sheet, perfect use of printed and die-cuted bases, black&white themes. Wonderful stuff!!
Hammer’s new owner has decided it was a good idea to launch a range of freestyle and freeride skis too. Snowboards and skis are well coordinated, taking the same graphics. Really hard to adapt a snowboard graphic on a pair of ski but they did it well by using asymmetrical decorations. The new hammered team takes full advantage of their agreement with Rossignol: the access to their factory and board/skis structures – the Hammer ski line uses Rossignol’s Bandit & Scratch shapes.

This full collection is so beautiful that Mr. Marxer should have called it like his daughter: Anne-Flore!

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The sLOVEne brand Elan – which produces almost a third of all the snowboards found on the European market in their Austrian plant – is becoming a force to recon with. At ISPO they had a very nice booth presenting a very complete range of products including boots, bindings and boards. Elan snowboard is not imposing itself on the scene with heavy advertising. Step by step they are building a name for themselves through innovative products, quality finitions and a good team of riders which includes the likes of Aleksi Vanninen and Anssi Maninen just to name a couple.

The P.lab’s – that’s the name of their snowboard development team – most interesting line is definitly the Artec Project. In 07/08 they are increasing it, adding new models and more sizes. They also improved the graphics a lot. This last comment is true for the whole Elan range.
Producing the boards yourself gives you some advantages other brands who are outsourcing production don’t have. Elan took full advantage of it through their Blue print project which got awarded at ISPO with a “Personal design” award.

Check out what Elan/Artec is preparing for next year!

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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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