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It’s been a while since our last BrOADER[view], so today we are stocked to present you a new one with Christian “mee-z” Miessner who is the man behind shralp!, probably the best weekly podcast dedicated to snowboarding!

We were lucky enough to be featured on shralp!’s episode 53 last January, and from this point on we were eager to learn more about how shralp! worked and its future plans. Read on!

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mmp_logo1.jpgThe MMPfilms crew is working hard on producing their 2007/08 video. Last week they uploaded their first podcast about a little rail trip to Prague that they did early this season with Iouri Podlatchikov, Christian Haller and Gianluca Cavigelli.

Check it out on their webpage!

0207webisode4th90.jpg@BrOADER we are subscribed to a whole lot of podcasts so that we can watch them when we travel around.
Here’s a little selection of good snowboarding podcasts you should definitely check out :

  • – The free snowboarding news video podcast is an independent weekly video produced by Christian‘mee-z’ Miessner! Probably the best snow podcasts on the Internet today! Check out our favorite episode : number 53! 😉
  • Volcom has cool volcasts. Check out the Escramble Bonus Footage Download Project Webisodes! Number 4 is out since last week-end! It features big mountain sessions in Alaska and New Zealand starring Jason Toth, Bjorn Leines, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Terje Haakonsen, Erik Leines, Billy Anderson and Mark Landvik.
  • Lib Tech also has great videos from their riders – or ex-riders actually as the first video is from Markku Koski who recently joined StepChild. The latest one featuring Eric Jackson is – like always – perfectly edited!
  • The DC shoes snow team comes up regularly with cool videos. Their latest one features the team tripping in New Zealand.
  • Resort-wise, Laax, the European snowboarding mecqua has regular podcasts with good footage from their incredible snowpark.

Of course, the best way not to miss any new podcasts is to subscribe to them on iTunes, just type “snowboard” in the search box…

Here’s the Eric Jackson video – sick soundtrack!

Escrambler bonus feature download projectWebisode N°2 of the Escramble Bonus Footage Download Project (sounds like a NASA project) is now available to the world! The N°1 was great but N°2 is already our favourite! This new episode is 100% Europe oriented! European riders (Terje, Gigi, Iker, TonTon,…)  shredding in European spots! All the shit that we love here @BrOADER. What’s hot in the video? For sure the intro will blast you. Terje still rules, reinventing our playground and those two artificial pillow lines in a ski jump arena are incredible! Freeride and Backcountry parts are mixed up during the rest of the video. Go and have a look at it on the Volcom website.

Escrambler bonus feature download projectThe Escramble Bonus footage download project isn’t the garbage of Volcom! For sure, these unseen video footage of Escramble will stock you. You will find these bonuses for free on the Volcasts page. These 7 bonus tracks are 5-7min long and will be displayed on the web every 15 days.

Hurry! The webisode N°1 is available since yesterday!! Get it here.

Webisode 1 starring Bjorn Leines, Seth Huot, Wille Yli- Louma, Mark Landvik, Erik Leines, Terje Haakonsen, Chris Demolski and Scott Blum

avatar-boy-14.gifWAAAAOOOO what a way to finish the year!
BrOADER is featured in Shralp! episode 53 and we are sooooo stocked! Thanks a million guys!
We are going to drink till we drop now to celebrate this and a crazy 2007!!!

We wish everybody to fullfill their dreams and to enjoy riding the mountains as much as possible! But remember it’s all about having fun!

Peace. Phil and Nico @ BrOADER

ob-k2k-tour.jpgThe K2 Couloirs to Bars Tour kicked off this past WE with the first event being held in Laax, Switzerland.
The first price went to Nicolas Buchi for his snowboard photography on urban canvas. There is a cool video of the event in this week’s Shralp! podcast (number 51).
K2 Couloirs to Bars, however, is not so much about being first place. It’s basically about expressing the passion of snowboarding through video or photography by showing the creativity, style and inspiration of our sport.
Each photographer and filmer is given 5 to 10 minutes to convince the (drunk) jury of his art.

Next events are planned in Chamonix, France on January, 19th, then Garmish, Germany on the 16th of March and finally the final event will be held in Are, Sweden on March, 27th. You should definitly plan to check them out!


Shralp! is a weekly podcast – an internet video news show! – delivering visual info about snowboard events, contest, sessions, parties, gear and so on.

You can follow their feeds straight from here. Just check on the bottom left corner of the blog.


THIS IS THE 2006/07 VERSION of! Click here or type in your browser to access the NEW 2007/08 version of - The European snowboard blog!


Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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