avatar-tv-1.gifThe Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam stopped in les 7 Laux, France on the 27 of January. We just happened to be riding there so we checked out the scene and filmed some action.

The rails were set up at the bottom of the resort in Prapoutel (yo!) by the HO5park crew. There were 3 lines to shred. 2 pools of riders burned the rails in a Jam session format in order to qualify for the finals. Some pro-riders were there including David Livet from Imperivm Snowboards, Lucas Benacchio, Rossignol rider and Emeric Front on his Quiksilver proto board, and some amateurs were pushing themselves hard.
The sun was shining, the crowd build up around the good vibes and the funny comments of the speaker. A nice afternoon of snowboarding!
Check out 5 minutes of edge against rail action on film :

Oh and talking about Volcom, Webisode 3 is out now! Featuring Mark Landvik with Bjorn and Erik Leines in a midnight gathering, followed by a massive rail assault by Zac Marben, Cheryl Maas and Seth Huot. Then it’s Shaun White in the pipe with Dan Brisse and Louie Vito in the Superpark, finishing up with Eero Niemela in a solo Mammoth session.