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eleven.JPGEleven is a super innovative technical clothing brand from Switzerland. Since the start they are focused on design, style and the smallest detail to make the most incredible snowboarding outerwear! Owned and operated by a small crew of talented and dedicated riders, their winter collection is mind blowing. The star product is in fact a star program : the Eleven Edit. That’s what they have to say about it :

foto03.jpgThe hocus jacket brings a flavour of uniqueness into our boring world of off-the-rack clothing in a way unseen previously. It consists of individual pieces zipped together, covered on both sides to make sure it resits the forces of nature just the way you expect it to.
Have fun putting together your very own EDIT jacket.

I’d kill for one of those!  Hop Schwitz!


If you still need any motivation to be part of the Nokia Air & Style 6****** TTR event this coming week-end, just check out the teaser and it should do the trick! ha!

dc-shoes.jpg You know, BrOADER gave you some breaking news already about DC coming up with a complete winter product offer, adding snowboards to their already impressive line of boots, technical clothing and accessories…well that’s secret stuff but trust us it’s planned for season 2007/2008…

However just in time for the 2006/2007 season, DC launched its brand new snowboarding website today. Visitors to can access all the latest information about DC Snowboarding, from the team, news, and events to boots, apparel, and outerwear.

“We are excited about the new snow section of the DC website,” said Ken Block, DC’s Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder. “There is so much going on with the DC snowboarding category, it was hard to keep up with it all – new products and innovations, team interviews and features, team trips, Mtn.Lab photos and stories. With the new snow site we have an amazing forum to showcase everything that’s going on with our snow program and give visitors a real insiders look at DC’s snowboarding category and all that it entails.”

Munich in Germany can almost be considered as the capital of European snowboarding being home to the ISPO events and to a lot of snowboard related company offices. But now there is a new landmark in the German snowboard scene! The long awaited SnowFunPark, Germany’s fifth indoor snow centre, will open on 8th December with a weekend long party. The indoor slope, one of the world’s largest will feature the world’s largest indoor halfpipe.

The half pipe will be 130m long, 20m wide with walls 4.5m high and will be able to host world cup events. There will also be terrain features for boarders including rails and jumps. That’s one huge freezer where I wouldn’t mind livin’! Prost! ja.

qwst.JPGGeeee! QWST worked hard the all summer to come up with a super stylee new website and an impressive lign of streetwear for the fall/winter 0607. QWST is a small swiss brand with great potential, built by and around Romain De Marchi. PRoducts are available in core shops all over Europe so what are you waiting for? What’s your QWST?

2ndunit.JPGWhat the hell!! Their film last year was crazy but this new German production from 2nd Unit seems particularly well orchestrated! Have a look at the previews!

WELCOME BACK – Season 06/07

OKLAHOMA – Season 05/06 (just to remember)

top_logo_am.gif Just to tell you that The Burton Amateur Tour is on the road ! As it was the case last year, this slopestyle contest is reserved to juniors and kids (less than 20 yo). But the tour is going BIG this season, with  not less than 18 dates ! Don’t hesitate to catch it in your favorite resort, the level is really high, and one of these kids will be the future Superstar.

Checking points :

21-10-06 Snowworld Landgraaf (ned), 28-10-06 Les 2 Alpes (fra), 18-11-06 Xscape Milton Keynes (uk), 02-12-06 Snow Zone Madrid (esp), 16-12-06 Snow Dome Hamburg (ger), 13-01-07 Les Crosets (sui), 20-01-07 Madesimo (ita), 03-02-07 Heubach (ger), 11-02-07 Alpe Di Suisi (ita), 17-02-07 Bansko (bul), 25-02-06 Wildhaus (sui), 03-03-07 Bialka Tatrznska (pol), 10-03-07 Milzkalns (lat), 17-03-07 Kuutsemale (est), 24-03-07 Talma (fin), 31-03-07 Are (swe), 07-04-07 Mayrhofen (aut), 31-04-07 Hemsedal (nor)

For more details :


Burton AM tour


The 2006 Air & Style will be going off in Munich’ Olympic stadium, next saturday, December, 2sd! First major TTR event in Europe this year, the contest is expected to be spectacular, with American Shaun White looking to grab his second win.
The good news this year is that it will be possible to follow the event live on FREECASTER and Live on TV!
Our money is on Nicolas Müller, because in Air & Style, the emphasy is on Style…Where’s your money?

Ok, ok this is sort of reheated news but we had the chance to be in NY City beginning of November for the premiere of “For Right or Wrong?“, the 2006 Burton Snowboards movie. “For right or wrong” is a documentary style snowboarding movie where you get to see the different aspects of snowboarding and how every rider has a different approach . Some focus on contests and the Olympic dream, some on the hardcore street freestyle, and some on the true spirit of snowboarding…but remember, as Jake says it : “It’s not about how many days you ride, but about how much fun you get doing it!” 😉

Check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet and click at the bottom of the post for some pics featuring Trevor Andrew, Keir Dillon and Nicolas Müller!

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eesa.JPGIf you’re still rocking a long-sleeve cotton-T and hoody when you ride; eesa is the brand for you. Birthed from the need for first-layer that can be worn from lift-to-lounge, eesa turns its sights on making design-driven innerwear and apparel with a sophisticated focus on functional fabrics engineered with your style in mind.

Lots of snowboarders skip on wearing base layer garments because they look more appropriate for the gym than apres ski or getting lunch. The result is that they might look cool in their t-shirt or hoody, but they wind up getting colder quicker because their sweat just lingers on the shirts (not to mention the stink factor).

The brainchild of former Burton Snowboards manager Stephen Cleary, eesa came about when Cleary realized that most riders don’t wear performance base layers because they simply don’t look good. With eesa, Cleary developed “lux layering” that can go from lift-to-lounge. Rugby and button-down style shirts that look great off the hill, but also have the performance characteristics (moisture wicking, anti-microbial and quick drying) that you want to keep you warm, dry and stink free when riding.

eesa will be distributed in some core shops all over Europe this winter, so check it out! We are expecting to receive some test samples here @ BrOADER so we’ll give you our feedback soon.

laneo_logo_rgb.JPGWe posted already briefly about Laneo here @ BrOADER. But we were so stoked about it that we wanted to learn more. I had the chance to meet Andrew Paterson, founder and president of Laneo, for a couple of beers last thursday and he took the time to explain me in details the spirit and values of Laneo…and also why he’s confident Laneo will be a success!

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Today we want to present you the Iuter crew from Italy. The Iuter crew gathers a bunch of talented Italian riders including local hero Giacomo Kratter. Check out the teaser from their new 2006 movie called Some Splash. If you are in Milan on Dec, 1st you should definitly attend the world premiere. Also the crew is starting to work on a clothing brand with some classy fresh stuff, italian style of course! Keep an eye on these guys and go ride in Italy, there are still some uncrowded crazy spots over there!

Here is the teaser from their 2004 flick. Get the spirit?


In his 17-year-career as a snowboard pro Sebastian Vassoney learned what it takes to meet the daily demands on the slopes and to develop products, which reflect the original spirit of snowboarding. The result is the French-Finnish label Aaven Snowboards, whose freestyle-oriented hardware collection looks really promising.


a.gifIf you don’t know who the Ästhetiker are, then you slept through the swift growth of one of Europe’s most prominent snowboarding crews. “Born” in the Zillertal, the crew quickly became the center of European snowboarding culture: be it Tell-Ä-Vision – an authentic TV series on the life of snowboard pros, the special 4star TTR Event at the Penken, their local mountain in Mayrhofen, or their selection of snowboards and apparel; the Ästhetiker have their fingers in every aspect of European snowboard business. Steve Gruber is now riding is own Ästhetiker pro model this season!


What began with the humble intention to offer one’s attitude towards art, music, snow- and skateboarding with the help of t-shirts, has turned into a steadily growing, global community within the last few years. Five collections after their debut the Lifetime Collective is ready to take on plenty of orders in Europe.


Snowboard Collective is building up a new type of rider’s ranking. And this is original !

The rule is that :

The more a rider has shooting parts in a magazine the more he gets points.

They use different magazine and different bonus point depending if it is a cover or a 1/4 page, etc…

EERO ETTALA is today the most mediatic riders !

See who is coming next…


Fatal issue for the french snowboard and skateboard magazine made in Grenoble.

October was the last issue, so if you get one in time put it into a frame with candles around. This magazine is a myth !!

These last month the team fighted against their publisher “Les éditions Nivéales” for keeping it a little more alive. But money is money, and nothing to matter with snow & skate !

This is a basement of the french snowboard & skateboard culture which is gone now….

Thank you Fred D. !!


Imperivm snowboards is on the scene since 2-3 seasons now and is gaining momentum to become one of Europe’s snowboard brand with the strongest image as a hardcore freestyle, true to the board, brand. Imperivm is rider owned and that’s what makes it a company all riders should support. Belgian rider Demir Julia is heading this adventure with high quality products and a pro team that rocks – call them the Imperivm legion!
Since October they also have a new website with lots of features. So check it out!


Unic Riding is a new french brand with a strong style and great products! They have a complete lign of snowboards and I believe freestyle skis and skateboards will follow soon. Their business model seems to be built around online distribution…Check out their website for more!


ir77 is the result of a project started in 2004 by Lukas Huffman as an effort to tell a story about the raw passion in snowboarding.
ir77 is a coffee table book and sweet snowboarding DVD that goes beyond riding by letting some of today’s top riders show us what inspires them day to day. Through this collaboration of around 50 photographers, designers, artists and snowboarders, different perspectives of snowboarding are shown on the themes of Anticipation, Dedication, Stories, Pain and Exhilaration. Definitly a must have!


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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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