imperivmispo1.jpgThe First Legion banners float above ISPO and the Imperivm‘s booth brings you back to the antic Rome. You cannot ignore them! They are so true and their will is too strong.
Demir Julia lives his brand, leads the wolves and fights in the alley 🙂 like a gladiator.
The range of product is getting wider with two new promodels – David Livet & Olivier Cluzel signatures – and a first price entry board under 400E with the Ghetto Civitas. The famous Parabellum and 3DJ stay in the range. At the end, 9 models compose the entire 07/08 offer. Expect high end finitions coz all boards are made in Europe (by Elan in Austria and by a small italian hand manufacturer in Italy).


From L to R : Centurion & El Desperado & David Livet signature & 3DJ


Nico Watier’s promodel on the left with a nice nude creature


Watch Demir Julia presenting the full range live!