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LongBoard Classic pic 1 There exists a species of snowboarder that is more associated with the Gods of board sports than other riders. Most of them can recall times when they were skidding down the mountains on their homemade boards. This species is difficult to find today – or maybe it’s just too modest to reveal its true identity and heritage – although it embodies the backbone of the snowboard scene.
Once a year The Longboard Classic gets them crawling out of their holes and banding together. Once a year they do what their code and common sense forbids: hundreds of them drop into a face at the same time!
After a Le Mans-style mass start at the height of 2,408m, riders will hammer their way down 1,001 metres of off-piste to the village of Stuben (1407m).
So, if you have the heart of a shredder and an old school board or a board longer than 170 cm in your garage, you should instantly register !!

April 21, 2007 – Longboard Classic in Stuben, Arlberg
Fee: Euro 45. Includes lift ticket, event shirt, lunch and beverage


snowbomb2.jpgMethodmag’s HIGHWAY TO HELL kicks off today in Mayrhofen, Austria’s best snowpark.

Until next saturday (April, 14th), it will be the place to be to experience the hottest spring session and finish of the season in style!
Over 40 international pros – including the likes of Martin Cernik, Arthur Longo, Sani Alibabic, Quentin Robbins, Friedl Kolar, Danny Wheeler, Kalle Ohlson, Jenny Jones, Conny Bleicher or Lisa Filzmoser to name a few – will be shredding the Burton Snowpark, and taking full advantage of the high quality line-up of bands, and DJs present for the Snowbombing, Europe’s biggest mountain music festival.

The contest format is all about fun with a fearsome twist: Friday The Thirteenth will see obstacle sessions with On-The-Spot cash prizes. Saturday will see riders taking on the trident-shaped HIGHWAY TO HELL line for yet more cash handouts, plus €2k prize money for the top 3 overall riders.

Location : Flachauwinkl (AUT)
Date : March 31 to April 1 2007

The official 3 Star TTR contest had to be postponed from Saturday to Sunday. The reason was the bad sight which made it impossible to clear “the biggest Spring Battle Jam Kicker ever” without any risk.

Sunday, April the 1st :
The setup for the Absolut Park Spring Battle 07 consisted of a fat booter with massive airtime bigger than any other Spring Battle kicker before. At the end of the course on the right they had a 6 m Tree Bonk, a Wallride in the middle and a small Corner on the left – the riders had to face a choice.

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Burton US Open men results picIn harsh riding conditions, Travis Rice (USA) killed today’s Slopestyle contest at the 25th Burton US Open Snowboard Championships – as Shaun White’s (USA) 3rd place finish boosts him straight up to TTR World Nr 1 spot.

In a best of 3-runs format, Travis Rice (USA) threw down a solid frontside boardslide on the first rail, to a backside 720 Japan air, frontside 720 melon grab, backside rodeo 720 nose-grab, switch backside 180 and a front boardslide-to-270-off on the final rail.
Janne Korpi (FIN) landed a worthy 2nd place impressing the judges with his frontside-boardslide, backside 720 mute-grab, frontside 900-melon grab, Cab 720 mute grab, switch backside 720 and ending with a half-Cab boardslide on the rail.
But it was Shaun White (USA) with his podium 3rd who rocked the TTR Ranking List by landing in the key TTR World Nr 1 spot with his result. White’s (USA) run consisted of a boardslide-to-fakie, switch backside 540, frontside 1080, backside 720 mute grab, Cab 900 ending with a lipslide on the final rail. The biggest question is, can White (USA) hold his position after tomorrow’s Halfpipe results to win the TTR Champion title?

The Live Halfpipe Finals can only be viewed on OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA

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Absolut ParkEnd of March (30-31) and for the fifth time in a row, the Spring Battle will be held at the Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl (Austria).
This year the invited and qualified riders can collect some extra 3* TTR points.
Beside the massive Spring Battle Kicker, the shapers of the Absolut Park with supervision from Ex Pros Max Rehrl and Seppi Harml will build a Surprise Obstacle like in the last years. Maybe you remember last year’s “Bowl to Wallride”!!
This year riders have to qualify via “Friends Events” like the Ästhetiker Shred Down in Westendorf, the Final of the Snow Park Tour or the Absolut Park Event Pop’n’Drop. There will be no open “Amateurs Quali” before the event. But a lot of international pros like Mone Monsberger, Marco Grilc, Stefan Gruber and Martin Sandberg will be present and we are curious about who is going to win.

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Photo credits : Konflozius, Rider :  Rudi Kroell

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With all our love.


Today we’ll finish our coverage of the 2007 ISPO with a final post showing you some gear from Special Blend, the Villa Wool beanie collection and the SIXXA booth.
We hope you are pleased with all the pics we brought back and all the 07/08 products we managed to show you. We covered 27 brands – and we’ll try to cover even more next year and why not get our own booth!

If you want to check out all our ISPO reviews again, select “ISPO07” in our post categories or type ISPO in our “search box” and just select your favorite brand! You can also check out Freecaster for some good reviews on film!

Thanks for all the comments you left us with your questions, picture requests or opinions on the next season boards, we’re super happy about that!

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nordpark-sessions-flyer-200.jpgThe Snickers Nordpark Sessions 2007 will start next week – from February 27th to March 04th – at Nordpark, Innsbrooklyn/Austria.

Two contests will be held during the event:
The Skyline Expression session – 28/02 to 02/03 – is a freestyle contest with a final night session on March 02nd!
Nordpark Check the Ripper on March 03rd and 04th will select the perfect all-round rider.

Each rider will do a single timed run through three different sections: the park, the second section with well-shaped banks and finally a steep off-piste slope.

If you go there, don’t forget to send us pics!


Second youth for Rossi?? It looks like it! For those who were used to the Rossi’s booths in the past, this one is kind of an UFO! Modern & stylish, with DJs, a lounge area, a bar zone where great parties were held at night! Rossi gave the ski hall a little breath of oxygen and fun. Unbelievable isn’t it? Regarding products, corners where fulfilled with examples of the cross fertilization between Rossi and its US sister brands – DC & LibTech – BOA lacing systems on boots and magnetraction for the John Jackson signature. But bindings are for sure the most improved part of the range and Rossi almost filled the gap with the leaders…The pure mountain company is working hard on developping pura mountain gear for every rider!

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Of course, Head – like other ski companies – is not a core snowboard brand! The company is much more racing skis oriented but their snowboard department managed to do a great job. This 07/08 range is complete and there is nothing wrong regarding the technicity/quality of the products.

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ride.jpgLast year at ISPO, Ride blasted the industry with its 06/07 bindings range. Light, comfortable, with hyper sophisticated aesthetics, there was a real gap with what the other brands were offering. Even Burton was suffering the comparison!
However this year, the bindings seem more “in the trend”. Seems like everybody worked hard to close the gap. And probably the guys from Ride spent more time and energy drinking all the cans available on their booth (take a look at the pics, in the background) than developing new and original products! 😉

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midtermposter.jpg3VSA is the Three Valleys Seasonnaire Alliance, a non-profit organisation based in the 3 Vallées, France. Established for 3 years now, they have been running jam sessions and parties for the ski and snowboard hardcore. Seasonnaires and locals alike have come to love the events for their unique atmosphere.

On February 25th March 10th – event has been postponed but only to come back stronger and better -, it will be time for the Mid terms! This exciting new concept freestyle skiing and snowboarding event is open to all amateurs. Courchevel’s snowpark crew will be reshaping the park especially for the event whilst the 3VSA crew will lay on Djs and a BBQ.
2000€ of gear is up for grabs courtesy of the kind sponsors. There will be no rounds, just unlimited runs. Tricks will be judged out of 10, but only one of each trick counts – versatility will be the key to success.
Registration will be 10h-13h at the park. Discounted lift passes are available for competitors by contacting info@3vsa.comin advance.
For the full explanation of the format and more information on this years’ events, reports from previous ones and photos, check out


Icon is exactly the kind of brand we love to support @BrOADER!
A small team driven by their passion for snowboarding, a nice looking board range, original technical outerwear and street wear, a few experienced pro-riders (Tomi Savela, Danny Wheeler, Heppu Pentti are the most famous) and most importantly: they are European! Special thanks to Alain Frei who presented us their new 07/08 collection. Check it out!!

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avatar-girl-1.gifstickerfriends_small1.jpgDon’t take it the wrong way!! This is not a sexist or macho trend we want to launch. 😉

Be sure that we love and respect all the girls on the following pics, and they give it back to us the best way with their beauty, fun & humor!!

But ya know after a few drinks you start sticking everybody…it was just like a game at this FUNK party on ISPO.

Big up to Maud and special thanks to Sarah!!!! They will understand!! 😉

With love….BrOs

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avatar-boy-14.gifThe ISPO is an important milestone every season! All the snowboard industry gatheres together for 4 days of chilling in the alleys and intense partying! The exposition halls are really huge and there are heaps of cool stuff to check out; special events, contests and VIP parties to attend.

Being at ISPO was very important for BrOADER and even if we didn’t have our own booth this year (com’on we’re only 3 months old – this would be nonsense!), it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of cool people!
The feedback we are getting about what we are trying to do with – bringing you closer to the European snowboarding action! yeah! – is incredible and stockes us every time!
We can see it in our stats too. Every month we reach new levels, scoring a solid 700 views/day and growing, since the beginning of February!
From our point of view, it’s quite nuts for a blog dedicated to snowboarding and maintained by two dudes on their freetime!

So this post is to thank everybody for their support!
It gives us the motivation to continue the adventure!

Keep on reading us, commenting our posts and sending us news about your projects!
And keep on spreading the word about!

Here are a few pics from friends we were happy to meet at ISPO. Enjoy!

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The guys behind the triple base technology also have lots of humor!
On the Bataleon ISPO booth we specially liked the FUN.KINK. This new board in the range is a directional twin and it’s a big “f*ck ya” to Burton’s range! Come here little piggy, the butcher’s gonna take care of you!

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illume.jpgThe Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2006 is the first-ever international photography competition that celebrates the world of action and adventure sports. The spirit, the grit, the edgy perfection – that’s what we’re here to honor. The top 50 finalists will get their work exhibited in bigger-than-life outdoor venues across the globe, providing the most dramatic compilation of action and adventure sports images ever assembled.

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himalaya.jpgSince a couple of seasons, it seems like snowboarding has things to prove to itself. Lately you cannot open a snowboard mag, without reading about world records: Mads Jonsson historical backside 3 over a 130 feet gap, Heikki Sorsa’s record backside air on a quarterpipe…Back in 96 when Ingemar Backman nailed the highest and most stylish backside air in Riksgransen, do you think he was obsessed with world records? Ok, ok breaking records might be part of the progression of our sport but sometimes it just seems a bit too much…it appears more like a marketing coup than pushing the limits. Where are the style and fun factors? “Bigger is better” and “spin to win” is not so much the approach we have to snowboarding at BrOADER.

Anyway. Introducing the Rip Curl Himalaya Search (from 10th to 26th February).
” 4 of the planet’s best riders, snowboarders and skiers, will get together on ‘top of the world’ in order to break a record: build and jump off the highest kicker on Earth” is what you can read on the official website.

After a full week of acclimatisation, Andy Finch (USA), Chris Booth (AUS), Per Loken (NOR) and Frenchman Baptiste Collomb Patton will go forth and seek the slopes of Annapurna, at an altitude of 5 000m, where they must find and build what they need to break this new record.The 4 Riders, accompagnied by professional alpinists and Himalayan climbing specialists, will discover virgin land, untouched by man, staying true to the essence of The Search. Every step of The Quest will be reported back via the official Internet site, illustrated with photos, videos and commentary…

What could be narrated as an amazing snowboarding trip and human adventure will then be marketed and sponsored by the Guinness book of records…

unictour.jpgThe Unic Riding crew will hit the road from this WE until the 15th of March with the objective of letting as many people as possible test their new boards!

Ok for now the guys are concentrating on french resorts – as it is a brand new french company – but since so many of you come ride in the french Alps during the winter, you might just be in the right resort at the right time!

Check out the dates on their website and experience unic riding!

Mathieu CrepelIt’s been a perfect week-end for MAThieu CREPEL in the FIS Snowboard world championship!
Double gold medal for the Pyrenees kid. On Friday he won the Big Air beating a bunch of Finnish riders led by Antti Autti with a huge switch backside 1080 on the last of his tries. Huge respect when you know how Antti performed during the O’Neill Evolution last week. Today Mat killed the Half Pipe with perfect runs.

So a bit like in boxing Mat reunites the world titles and carries now two belts since he is reining 0506 TTR world champ and now FIS “freestyle” world champ. This is also probably the best way he found to show the world his brand new 0708 pro-model. Now it’s time to head to Laax for the BEO where the riding level is expected to be incredible!

Mathieu Crépel pro-model Rossignol 07-08

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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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