When we – BrOADER crew – started snowboarding Axel was already a legend. He had had his hair done in all the possible colors, was throwing huge frontside 3’s above cliffs in Les Arcs, had funky ‘french fries’ pro models from A snowboards, and hot sunglasses from Arnet. Believe it or not but this guy comes from a country with no mountains : Belgium. He was the first to make the trip to the  french Alps and shortly after a bunch of other belgian dudes followed his footsteps and started ripping. Most of them are still famous on the euro-scene, most active of all being Demir Julia who launched a new board brand called Imperivm.

Axel reached the top of the world in Alaska in 1999 when he became the first European rider to win the ‘King of the Hill’ contest beating a bunch of crazy americans. But Axel is the craziest and he proved it a couple of winters later during the ‘Extreme de Verbier’, when he was dropping cliffs and landing on his head…
Since then Axel had parts in every Absinthe movies and was always riding the most extreme hills in Alaska.

When he stopped his pro-career, he started a production company called Quinta films and produced 6 documentaries on extreme sport athletes for FuelTV.
Now Axel is back with a mega production due january 2007 and dedicated to Big mountain riding. The film is called ‘LINES‘ and it will blow your mind!

Check out the trailer here.