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For all you guys and girls who are already thinking about what you will want to ride next season, check out those two short video presentations with 2008 snowboards from Allian and Gnu.

ALLIAN logo The girly freestyle range is composed of the Vivian serie (138-142-145-148) in the high end, while the Freedom serie (136-142-146-150-154) is offering the best prices.

GNU logoGirls will be happy with this easy riding B-nice serie (144-147-150-153). All mountain freestyle boards from entry level to rippers who want to look at the whole mountain as their park. Available in regular and smooth riding Magne-traction.75. The nice design is from Fumi Watanabe.


Nidecker logo

All lot of snowboard companies have developped the “mini-me” snowboard these past season. These boards are super playfull and taking them out for a day gives a completly different feeling to a regular snowboard day. When we met Darius last time, he was rocking the new 2007/08 Nidecker Nano and that’s what he had to say about it:

scs.jpgShort video presenting some 2007/08 boards from Santa Cruz exposed during the Intergirlactik in Les 7 Laux.
Unfortunatly we did not catch the names of these 3 models, so if you got them leave us a comment!



BrOADER TV logoEver since we first heard about the Beyondsnow binding concept we wanted to get a closer look at the products and if possible try them out to make up our mind and get the feeling about riding them.

It happened during the Intergirlactik, where Florent was holding the Beyondsnow booth with test gear. So we went to see him to ask him what this strap-in patented concept was all about and tried them ourselves.

Here’s our feedback : Ok, on a powder day when the “friendship doesn’t count” rule applies, you will be happy to gain a few precious seconds to be the first to hit the powpow line because when you have to step-in, the straps are widely opened and a simple pressure on the heel cup sets them in “closing” position in a flash. But then of course you have to tighten them like for a regular binding. We must say that we appreciated the comfort of the main strap. It’s design – split in two parts – makes it pressure points free. The front strap is not different then on a regular binding.
The straps are really easy to close but the ratchets could be improved as the “release button” is too sensitive.
General feeling when riding is good. The bindings offer good board control and are well balanced all round.
In terms of looks, let say that for their first season, the guys probably decided to play low profile with sober colours and designs, axing their communication on the technology more than the aesthetics.

Check out our BrOADER TV episode for our interview of Florent and our product review!



If you haven’t heard about Scalp it means you haven’t been snowboarding on the same planet as us.

Scalp has been on the scene since the birth of snowboarding in Europe and has been showcasing it’s evolution year after year through his photography.
Senior photographer for Onboardmag and active with other magazines and brands, Scalp is a unique character in the industry. We were stocked sitting down with him for a beer and listening to what he had to tell us about his life, photography and snowboarding.

Kick back and press play for our latest video interview on BrOADER TV!

Roxy envi 08 board

BrOADER TV logo Sunny weather, fresh air, green grass, red flowers and milky cowes for this product review with Fanny Foucrier from Roxy Winter Division.

Fanny presented us the new 07/08 board “Envi“. It’s a nice looking all mountain freestyle board for the ladies including features like the magnetraction edge concept and a 100% natural bamboo topsheet.

This board is Torah Bright’s favorite! She was riding it when she won the X-games! So it’s definitly a board for good riders who wnat to push their level and progress in freestyle.

Watch our video & pics for more details and appreciate sexy Fanny with her “envi”…

Special thanks to Elodie T. for her support

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BrOADER TV logoDarius was part of the crew of 4 skiers and snowboarders who travelled to Nepal this winter to try and beat the record of building the highest kicker on earth and stomping tricks.

We met with Darius and asked him about this adventure, human experience and sporting challenge.
Mountain and nature rules it” is the message from Darius! In fact the record didn’t happen because of the harsh weather conditions but it turned out to be an unbelievable experience. Check out our video interview!

Intergirlactik 07

BrOADER TV logoIntergirlactik is over and looking back it has been a great event!

It was our first contest partnership and we were stocked to see how the girls were going big – back 7s on the 15m gap for Claudia – on the perfectly shaped HO5 Snowpark.

The weather was nice, the vibes super good and it was also cool to be able to check out and test 07/08 boards from Allian, Forum, Roxy, Gnu, Lib Tech as well as Beyond bindings. Oh yeah, and the friendly drunk swiss from the Pinard crew were there, hunting down Serge…

Can’t wait for next year!! In the meanwhile check out our video of the finals!

Results :
1st – Claudia Fliri (AUT)
2nd – Vicci Miller (UK)
3rd – Lisa Filzmoser (AUT)

Here’s our friend and Rossignol team rider Christian “KIKI” Moillen again, with a short video presentation of one of his 2007/08 set-ups from Rossignol snowboards: the Premier with HC 2000 bindings.



Vogel is probably the best riding spot in Slovenia: it’s the home resort of the Elan snowboards crew, where they’ve set up their lab – the experimental Elan Snowpark with modules designed by Aleksi Vaninnen – and an impressive freeriding spot when the conditions are good.
The mountains surrounding Vogel are not the highest ones in Europe but Slovenia – usually – gets lots of snow even at low altitudes.
But most of all the setting is beautiful and the view on the Bohinj Lake coming down with the gondola is always amazing.

Ok that’s for the scenery, now for the crew. We met up with Primoz, Elan snowboards manager, who provided us with some 07/08 Artec boards and Elan bindings and with Blaise Rosenthal…yeap Blaise Rosenthal, dude! I can’t still believe I actually rode the whole day with Blaise Rosenthal (pictured with Matej Pavli, AM Elan rider) 😉
It was really cool by the way. We sessioned the Elan Snowpark pulling old school tricks like chicken salads, cross rockets and so on. Blaise even nailed a backside 3 double suitcase! 😉 sick! Up there we also met with local Elan pro rider Matevz Pristavec who was going big on the main kicker, stomping switch frontside 9s like he was having a beer. Too easy.

So we rode a couple of different boards from next season’s ARTEC serie and we were really stocked! The Elan Plab is pushing snowboarding to the next level by providing some of the best hardgoods ever.
Check out our video and get the full story!

Lord Of Steel

BrOADER TV logoLast week-end, BrOADER was in Lyon (Fr) for the Chosen InvitationalLord Of Steel “.
First, Big Up to Jo, the organizer, for the amount of work his crew put up to prepare this in-town contest! The jib area was filled with modules (C-rail, straight rails, box, trash car…), but the launching zone was maybe not high enough to get sufficient speed and the riders found it hard to express their skills. At that game Lucas Bennachio played well and won the pro contest.

The other bad thing was that during the pro finals, the jib zone was reserved for the “official” film company. So we had a hard time filming some good footage. Anyway we got some good shots during the demo session and in the crowd we enjoyed the good vibes, the punk & bling bling attitudes of a couple of dutch riders, the beers, the yellow, the black…

Here is the 19th episode of BrOADER TV!!

avatar-tv-1.gifCheck out our video interview with swedish rider Michael Lundmark.

Michael is a strong allround rider and proved it in 2004 when he won the Billabong Jr Pro and imposed himself as a force to be reckoned with.
We met him in Leysin beginning of March and asked him some questions about his season and set-up. Michael is equipped head to toe with Rossignol snowboards gear and seems stocked about it. Check it out!

avatar-tv-1.gifStraight out from les 2 Alpes, Arthur Longo is the new hot shot from the french snowboard scene.
Arthur has had an amazing contest season winning the O’Neill Pro Freestyle in Avoriaz, scoring big in the O’Neill Evolution in Davos, flying high at the Artic Challenge and finishing -only- second at the Billabong Jr Pro in Leysin!

And that’s a season for Arthur during which – in his own words – he didn’t push it to hard!
That’s right, Arthur is concentrating on finishing school this year but is completly pumped up already for next year when he plans to push it to the next level!
Check out our video with Arthur shot during the Billabong Jr Pro and get to know this super talented rider. Oh, I almost forgot, Arthur also plans to improve his English so in the meanwhile it’s your turn to improve your French…

avatar-tv-1.gifForget all your prejudices from the past. Hammer snowboards reborns in 2007 and is heading for a brand new dimension!

Hammer is independent again. It has been bought last summer by M. Herbert Marxer from the Rossignol group and has established its offices near Lausanne, Switzerland. The small team of people working there are pumped and dedicated to bring a new image to the brand and push product innovation to bring you the best snowboards ever!

Plus Hammer is the first snowboard brand to include a full range of skis in its product line!
Yes skis, but not your average ski. Skis made by snowboarders!
A few years ago, skiers looked at snowboarding and realised progression was into stealing snowboard technologies and applying them in the ski’s construction. They took the technologies but they didn’t manage to get a grip on the feeling and the lifestyle. What Hammer brings on the market are skis with a snowboard construction and feeling – made by snowboarders!

Check out our visit at the Hammer offices where Alex presented us the full 2007/2008 Hammer snowboards range!
Enjoy and support Hammer!


Kalle Ohlson is a talented rider who is part of the MMPfilms crew of riders.

We hooked up with him in Leysin where is was participating to the Billabong Jr Pro Champs and ask him some questions about his season, filming for MMPfilms, and his gear as he is riding Bataleon decks.

Check it out!

avatar-tv-1.gif What have you ever wanted to ask Anne-Flore Marxer and never had the guts to?

Stuff like how is her season going, with who is she filming this year, how does her next year signature board looks like and feels, how does she dress up so cool and why is purple the hottest colour for goggles? All these questions are so overrated man.

Check out our video with Anne-Flore and get answers to questions that really – really – matter. pause. not!

avatar-tv-1.gifIn December we announced you the release of the movie LINES produced and directed by legendary freerider Axel Pauporte and his wife Flora (refresh your mind here).
Now they have been showing the movie around in different places and during different snowboard events like the ISPO, the Arctic Challenge and the Billabong Jr Pro before the official release planned this summer.

We watched the movie during the Swiss Premiere in Leysin and we came out of it completely stunted!
LINES is a must see for every rider because it showcases the true legendary freeride pioneers and the new kids who are bringing their tricks and flavors to riding the majestuous Alaskan mountains.

By following the Absinthe crew on their image quest during two months in Alaska and mixing it up with interviews and anecdotes by Farmer, Ranquet, Goodwill, Jealouse, and more, Axel and Flora have managed to show on film what big mountain riding is all about: the essence of snowboarding!

Valerian Ducourtil & Arthur Longo

avatar-tv-1.gifValerian Ducourtil won the Tristan Picot award at the Billabong Jr Pro. He was the most impressive amateur rider, going for innovative tricks on every run. That’s what the judges were looking for and that’s why he got the award!
We had a good feeling about Valérien so we focused our lenses on him sunday morning and here is the result. Tristan would be proud!



It took us a couple of days to get our brains back in play mode and finalise this post/video on the Billabong Jr Pro.
The past week in Leysin was great: high standard of riding by the future stars of the worldwide snowboard scene – when the wind was not blowing too hard – and a very festive and laid back atmosphere.

Props to Billabong for putting up this true rookie competition and giving the kids the best conditions to express their talent.
The finals which were scheduled on saturday had to be postponed to sunday because of strong winds. Sadly it was still blowing on sunday morning so the organisers and the riders took the best decision which was to keep the results from the semi-final runs to crown the winners.

Franck April from Canada and Marie Hucal from the USof A (high fiiive!) are the Billabong Jr Pro World Champions!
The Tristan Picot award went to french ripper Valérian Ducourtil who impressed the judges with his smooth pipe runs and technical rail shredding. Valérien will receive unique media exposure in the pan European snowboard magazine METHOD MAG.


Picture credit: Scalp

avatar-tv-1.gif Check out our footage from yesterday’s qualification and semi-finals at the Billabong Junior Pro. Some sick riding!
The finals have been postponed to sunday because of strong winds blowing on the slopestyle course today.



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Men TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. White, S (986.23)
2. Autti, A (964.73)
3. Rice, T (948.98)
4. Pearce, K (909.88)
5. Davis, D (805.38)

Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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