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Vaness Andrieux négatifavatar BrOADER girliesGreat! A new website where you’ll find high quality and stylish pics of snowboard.
The french and talented photographer Vanessa Andrieux has finally launched her own website
Free your mind and have a look at the 22 landscapes, the 26 portraits and the 36 snowboard shots!!! But as ever, you wont find any pics of the Miss, so here is her gun and a bit of her shoulder. Sexy insn’t it ?


avatar BrOADER girlies

Wooo come down dude! There’s no porn on BrOADER (yet)!
Just kidding 😉
Here are some more pics from the Intergirlactik contest!
Enjoy our slideshow from this super cool week-end!

[rockyou id=64060611&w=426&h=320]



If you haven’t heard about Scalp it means you haven’t been snowboarding on the same planet as us.

Scalp has been on the scene since the birth of snowboarding in Europe and has been showcasing it’s evolution year after year through his photography.
Senior photographer for Onboardmag and active with other magazines and brands, Scalp is a unique character in the industry. We were stocked sitting down with him for a beer and listening to what he had to tell us about his life, photography and snowboarding.

Kick back and press play for our latest video interview on BrOADER TV!

nordpark-sessions-flyer-200.jpgThe Snickers Nordpark Sessions 2007 will start next week – from February 27th to March 04th – at Nordpark, Innsbrooklyn/Austria.

Two contests will be held during the event:
The Skyline Expression session – 28/02 to 02/03 – is a freestyle contest with a final night session on March 02nd!
Nordpark Check the Ripper on March 03rd and 04th will select the perfect all-round rider.

Each rider will do a single timed run through three different sections: the park, the second section with well-shaped banks and finally a steep off-piste slope.

If you go there, don’t forget to send us pics!

method_cover-74.jpgToday is a day dedicated to LOVE. So go give a kiss to your board! It (she) deserves it!
Ok now go kiss your girl/boy friend, you freak!

Today is also the day Method Mag announced us they are releasing their last issue of the season (shit, we feel like the season didn’t even start yet!!): their highly awaited Photo Annual!

Well, we had Love, we had Drugs, we got Lost… and now we’re feeling the PAIN! Method Mag’s last issue of the winter is the Photo Annual, and it might just be our best one yet…
Why Pain?

Snowboarding may beat you, it may freeze you, and it may bury you in its embrace. It’ll spend all your money and leave you broke for sure. But whether we mean physically or mentally, the pain snowboarding brings is the kind of pain that challenges us, and makes us strong. Mentally or physically, pain is our body telling us to wake the hell up.

Don’t miss out on issue 7.4 of Method Mag and HAPPY VALENTINE everybody!

avatar-girl-1.gifstickerfriends_small1.jpgDon’t take it the wrong way!! This is not a sexist or macho trend we want to launch. 😉

Be sure that we love and respect all the girls on the following pics, and they give it back to us the best way with their beauty, fun & humor!!

But ya know after a few drinks you start sticking everybody…it was just like a game at this FUNK party on ISPO.

Big up to Maud and special thanks to Sarah!!!! They will understand!! 😉

With love….BrOs

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avatar-boy-14.gifThe ISPO is an important milestone every season! All the snowboard industry gatheres together for 4 days of chilling in the alleys and intense partying! The exposition halls are really huge and there are heaps of cool stuff to check out; special events, contests and VIP parties to attend.

Being at ISPO was very important for BrOADER and even if we didn’t have our own booth this year (com’on we’re only 3 months old – this would be nonsense!), it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of cool people!
The feedback we are getting about what we are trying to do with – bringing you closer to the European snowboarding action! yeah! – is incredible and stockes us every time!
We can see it in our stats too. Every month we reach new levels, scoring a solid 700 views/day and growing, since the beginning of February!
From our point of view, it’s quite nuts for a blog dedicated to snowboarding and maintained by two dudes on their freetime!

So this post is to thank everybody for their support!
It gives us the motivation to continue the adventure!

Keep on reading us, commenting our posts and sending us news about your projects!
And keep on spreading the word about!

Here are a few pics from friends we were happy to meet at ISPO. Enjoy!

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illume.jpgThe Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2006 is the first-ever international photography competition that celebrates the world of action and adventure sports. The spirit, the grit, the edgy perfection – that’s what we’re here to honor. The top 50 finalists will get their work exhibited in bigger-than-life outdoor venues across the globe, providing the most dramatic compilation of action and adventure sports images ever assembled.

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avatar-girl-12.gifAfter Anne-Flore Marxer, may we introduce you Vanessa Andrieux! You gonna say we are lucky guys!!! Yeeeessssssss you are right! But we have a secret weapon. We will talk about it later…

Vanessa Andrieux

This girl brings you, each month in your favoritesnowboard issues, her part of dream. Fantastic pictures taken worldwide with a fabulous style!

Indeed Vanessa is one of the most famous snowboard photographer and @BrOADER we love her work, so we got for you a BrOADER[date] with her!! Ready to learn more about Vaness?

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Women TTR Top 5 Presented by Swatch

1. Bright, T (977.2)
2. Anderson, J (933.35)
3. Maas, C (908.87)
4. Oestgaard Buaas, K (860.58)
5. Candrian, S (850.93)

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