It’s been a while since our last BrOADER[view], so today we are stocked to present you a new one with Christian “mee-z” Miessner who is the man behind shralp!, probably the best weekly podcast dedicated to snowboarding!

We were lucky enough to be featured on shralp!’s episode 53 last January, and from this point on we were eager to learn more about how shralp! worked and its future plans. Read on!

Hi Christian, could you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Christian Miessner aka mee-z. I am a pretty old guy – getting 40 soon. I have been working with the internet since 95 but before that I was editor of snowboarder MBM. I am snowboarding since 1984 and still enjoy it a lot. You can see me in the 1985 outro clip, waving good-bye. You can see me here.

shralp2.jpgShralp was born in october 2005. Can you tell us what gave you this idea to produce a weekly video podcast? is it just a side project for you or your fulltime job?

The technology was there but no one used it, especially not for my favorite content -> snowboarding. So I had to do it. shralp! is a hub, we don’t need exclusive stuff. We are scouts looking around and tell what’s going on. Showing segments of stuff and telling the people where to get the rest. We try to be as up-to-date as possible.
shralp! is a weekend project, we all have regular jobs. Every sunday is shralp! day 😉
shralp! currently makes no money although we sooner or later need to find a way to cover our costs.

Who’s involved in shralp? and what’s your connection with

Boris Benedek (David’s brother) from Blank Paper became part of shralp! in Jan 06. Helping to get content and improving video quality. He is an extremely important part of shralp!
Quirin Rohleder does shralp surf! since May 06 all by himself.
My long time friend Tom Wagener supports shralp! with his knowledge and wisdom.

How does shralp work? I mean how do you manage to get your video feeds from all over the world?

We know a lot of people in this community and we try to be nice. This helps!

Which subjects to you cover in sharlp and which part to you open to amateurs?

We cover snowboarding, this can be a lot of different stuff. But it needs to be short. Long videos stink 😉 .
Amateurs can send in their stuff and if we like it, we make it part of an episode. But we are thinking of improving quality by having a contest. Something like: “Send your trick tip, best one wins a board”.

I discovered shralp last summer in Wired mag. How the hell did you manage to end up in Wired? 😉
More seriously how did you promote yourself?

Seriously, being in Wired magazine is 10 year old dream! That was a huge surprise. We need to do more promotion, currently its only on the web. Being in directories and blog rolls – and giving this interview.

Can you tell us a little about your audience? How many people download shralp every week? Do you receive a lot of feedback from viewers?

We have a world wide audience. Most from US and Germany (each ca. 35%). But we also have downloads from China, New Zealand or Iceland. We have about 20,000 downloads per week. During winter a little more.
We have some very cool and rewarding feedback. This is my favorite:
” hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have been watching Shralp
every week (even at work, no especially at work) for about a year now
and I think it is one of the best things to happen to snowbording
sence bindings. I have started riding in germany in 1987 and having
done it so long, it started to get a little old. Untill I found
Shralp. Shralp gets me stoked to ride so thanks for that and keep
the magazine coming. ”

What are your objectives with shralp? And what about the hidden ones? (fame? glory?) 😉

If would have wanted fame I would have done “the mee-z vlog”.
shralp! was never meant to be a “global brand” and I think it cannot be “big business”. But it’s a good platform to try out new stuff. New formats, new content ideas. Thats probably the main objective.

Shralp is independent and advertisement free…do you plan to keep it that way?

We would love to. We will try to stay independent, because we like that freedom, but we probably need to have some advertisement involved. But we are open for other ideas that pay our bills. is a pretty sober website. The accent is on the content (the episodes) and not so much on the layout. Is this a choice you made?

Yes and no. Making new episodes keeps as so busy that we were not able to modify the web page yet, although we have a lot of ideas for that. But you are right: Focus is on the shralp! clips and isn’t that relevant. We barely have traffic on it.

What are your plans for the future concerning shralp. What vision do you have with it? (like going on TV or something…)

No plans whatsoever for TV. TV’s dead! Forget it 😉
I have to admit we don’t have a real vision. Maybe other, local versions, like a German one again. We would like to do more mobile phone stuff but downloading clips on your cell over the network is so expensive (and we get not a cent from this).

Finally, we always ask our guest his opinion about So can you tell us what you appreciate about our blog and maybe what you think we could improve?

I think you doing a fabulous job. You are up to date with your info and show way more activity than most of the “established” snowboarding media.

Thanks a lot! Do you have a final shout out?

Thanks to my family, who accepts that I am not available for them on Sundays!