Absolut ParkEnd of March (30-31) and for the fifth time in a row, the Spring Battle will be held at the Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl (Austria).
This year the invited and qualified riders can collect some extra 3* TTR points.
Beside the massive Spring Battle Kicker, the shapers of the Absolut Park with supervision from Ex Pros Max Rehrl and Seppi Harml will build a Surprise Obstacle like in the last years. Maybe you remember last year’s “Bowl to Wallride”!!
This year riders have to qualify via “Friends Events” like the Ästhetiker Shred Down in Westendorf, the Final of the Snow Park Tour or the Absolut Park Event Pop’n’Drop. There will be no open “Amateurs Quali” before the event. But a lot of international pros like Mone Monsberger, Marco Grilc, Stefan Gruber and Martin Sandberg will be present and we are curious about who is going to win.

More info under www.absolutpark.com

Photo credits : Konflozius, Rider :  Rudi Kroell