Burton US Open men results picIn harsh riding conditions, Travis Rice (USA) killed today’s Slopestyle contest at the 25th Burton US Open Snowboard Championships – as Shaun White’s (USA) 3rd place finish boosts him straight up to TTR World Nr 1 spot.

In a best of 3-runs format, Travis Rice (USA) threw down a solid frontside boardslide on the first rail, to a backside 720 Japan air, frontside 720 melon grab, backside rodeo 720 nose-grab, switch backside 180 and a front boardslide-to-270-off on the final rail.
Janne Korpi (FIN) landed a worthy 2nd place impressing the judges with his frontside-boardslide, backside 720 mute-grab, frontside 900-melon grab, Cab 720 mute grab, switch backside 720 and ending with a half-Cab boardslide on the rail.
But it was Shaun White (USA) with his podium 3rd who rocked the TTR Ranking List by landing in the key TTR World Nr 1 spot with his result. White’s (USA) run consisted of a boardslide-to-fakie, switch backside 540, frontside 1080, backside 720 mute grab, Cab 900 ending with a lipslide on the final rail. The biggest question is, can White (USA) hold his position after tomorrow’s Halfpipe results to win the TTR Champion title?

The Live Halfpipe Finals can only be viewed on www.burton.com OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA

In the women’s contest, sixteen-year-old Jamie Anderson (USA) beat her female compatriotes with a run that included a frontside 180 Indy grab, Cab 540, Frontside 360, method air and a nose press-to-tail press on the last rail. Anderson (USA) maintains her 1st place lead in the Women’s TTR Top 10. Torah Bright’s (AUS) 2nd Slopestyle place result moved her up to the TTR World Nr 2 spot – a serious contender for next week’s Roxy Chicken Jam. Jenny Jones (GBR) took the 3rd place spot at the Slopestyle.