fis-snowboard1.jpgFunny coincidence…not!!
We’ve just posted our BrOADER[view] with Drew Stevenson, the Boss of the TTR, a few days ago, and at the exact same time in the swiss resort of Arosa, the FIS Snowboard world championships were kicking off.

The what? Yes that’s right the snowboard circuit driven by race skiers, dude!! Check out the words they use in their program description: “disciplines, opening ceremony, prize-giving ceremony…”. It all just seems so strict, controlled, formatted. And in their teaser (further down), why is there so much skiing, uhu? Are they trying to make us believe snowboarding is just another discipline of ski?

@BrOADER, we asked ourselves if we should post or not about this event.
First of all we don’t share their vision of snowboarding and the way they “promote” it. The past Olympic pipe contests – run by the FIS – might have had positive impacts for our sport in general but maybe it’s simply because they were animated by TTR riders. Remember Heikki’s attitude in Salt Lake or Shaun’s smooth victory celebration ride in Torino?
We are not extremists but we believe snowboarding has to live by his own, follow his own path guided by the right people.
Secondly who watches slalom anyways! 😉

But [snow]BrOADER deals with the European snowboarding action and – you may like it or not, let us know – the FIS SWC are part of it. So it’s our duty to keep you informed…
However we’ll focuse on the results of the BoarderX and freestyle ‘disciplines’ because watching parallel slalom is too painfull!

Since this WE and until the 20th, the FIS Snowboard World Championships have started in Arosa, Switzerland.

Riders will compete in 5 “disciplines” : Snowboard-Cross, Parallel Giant Slalom, Parallel Slalom, Big Air and Halfpipe.

The Snowboard-Cross is over already and was controlled by France and the USofA!

img_7983.jpg1 DELERUE Xavier (FRA)
4 VALERY Vincent (FRA)
5 DELERUE Paul-Henri (FRA)

francon_frieden_olafsen_jekova4.jpg1 JACOBELLIS Lindsey (USA) – she stomped her victory grab this time 😉
2 FREI Sandra (SUI)
3 OLAFSEN Helene (NOR)
4 KRINGS Doresia (AUT)
5 RICKER Maelle (CAN)

The pipe action is planned for saturday, Big Air on friday.

Update :

Big Air Results – World Snowboard Championships

1 CREPEL Mathieu (1984) FRA
2 AUTTI Antti (1985) FIN
3 KORPI Janne (1986) FIN

4 SAARENPAA Sami (1986) FIN
5 MATTILA Risto (1981) FIN
6 PIIROINEN Peetu (1988) FIN
7 GRIMSRUD Per-Iver (1983) NOR
8 REYNDERS Christophe (1989) BEL
9 LAGO Scott (1987) USA
10 MAURER Stephan (1985) SUI