illume.jpgThe Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2006 is the first-ever international photography competition that celebrates the world of action and adventure sports. The spirit, the grit, the edgy perfection – that’s what we’re here to honor. The top 50 finalists will get their work exhibited in bigger-than-life outdoor venues across the globe, providing the most dramatic compilation of action and adventure sports images ever assembled.

More than 2,000 professional and emerging photographers from over 90 countries submitted their best action sports photographs spanning ten distinct submission categories. The entries included a smattering of extreme-detail close-ups and lifestyle expressions to wild terrain landscapes and shots that soared. Official contest judges consisting of esteemed photo editors and respected image experts from around the world selected five finalist images to be put on display in each of the 10 categories, including: Wings, Playground, New Creativity, Lifestyle, Spirit, Energy, Close-Up, Sequence, Experimental and Illumination.

Red Bull’’s Illume exhibition spotlights the top 45 international photographers who have triumphed. Check out the official website for The Red Bull Illume Exhibit tour locations and information.

Gian Paul Lozza – Switzerland, winner of the Illumination category