Location : Flachauwinkl (AUT)
Date : March 31 to April 1 2007

The official 3 Star TTR contest had to be postponed from Saturday to Sunday. The reason was the bad sight which made it impossible to clear “the biggest Spring Battle Jam Kicker ever” without any risk.

Sunday, April the 1st :
The setup for the Absolut Park Spring Battle 07 consisted of a fat booter with massive airtime bigger than any other Spring Battle kicker before. At the end of the course on the right they had a 6 m Tree Bonk, a Wallride in the middle and a small Corner on the left – the riders had to face a choice.

Everybody was having a good time – especially the 14 riders who qualified for the finals after their two runs. The just 15- year old Seppe Smits from Belgium surprised the judges with a frontside 9 over the Jam Kicker. Some locals joined the rider field too. The two park shapers Herby Thaler and Fips Gruber, the winner of the Absolut Park Tour Robert Wallner, Roland Scharmer and Joschi Scharschl. Of course some international top riders also showed up like: Matevz Pristavec, Ville Uotila, Lars Oesterle, Wolle Beer and Danny Larsen, the Austrian top- rookies Marc Swoboda from Tulln, Martin Rasinger, Lukas Perteneder and Mathias Gober.

But in the end Fips Gruber, Marc Swoboda and Ville Uotila made it to the podium.
Fips Gruber (AUT) won Euro 900 prize money for his backside 5 nose grab over the Jam Kicker and his transfer lipslide at 3er Obstacle. In his second run Fips landed his first double inverted 1080 in his life, and he was even more happy about that than winning the prize money.
Marc Swoboda, who is in good shape (4th at Wängl Tängl 07) got second and was additionally awarded with the Atomic Creativity Award. He got the second best judging of the day for his stylish backside 7 japan at the Jam Kicker and his frontside 7 indy at the Corner.
Ville Uotila from Finland received the winners check of Euro 1,500. “Today was a perfect day for me as I won. I am so happy, I had a great time in Austria this week filming for four days in Kaprun and then winning the Absolut Park Spring Battle here in Flachauwinkl”. He impressed the judges with a switch backside 7 and frontside 5 combination.

Full results :
1 Uotila Ville (FIN)
2 Swoboda Marc (AUT)
3 Gruber Philipp (AUT)
4 Matevz Pristavec (SLO)
5 Thaler Herbert (AUT)
6 Smits Seppe (BGL)
7 Wallner Robert (AUT)
8 Oesterle Lars (GER)
9 Beer Wolfgang (GER)
10 Perteneder Lukas (AUT)