avatar-boy-14.gifThe ISPO is an important milestone every season! All the snowboard industry gatheres together for 4 days of chilling in the alleys and intense partying! The exposition halls are really huge and there are heaps of cool stuff to check out; special events, contests and VIP parties to attend.

Being at ISPO was very important for BrOADER and even if we didn’t have our own booth this year (com’on we’re only 3 months old – this would be nonsense!), it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of cool people!
The feedback we are getting about what we are trying to do with http://www.snowbroader.eu – bringing you closer to the European snowboarding action! yeah! – is incredible and stockes us every time!
We can see it in our stats too. Every month we reach new levels, scoring a solid 700 views/day and growing, since the beginning of February!
From our point of view, it’s quite nuts for a blog dedicated to snowboarding and maintained by two dudes on their freetime!

So this post is to thank everybody for their support!
It gives us the motivation to continue the adventure!

Keep on reading us, commenting our posts and sending us news about your projects!
And keep on spreading the word about http://www.snowbroader.eu!

Here are a few pics from friends we were happy to meet at ISPO. Enjoy!

Gogglelined photographer Vanessa “vaness” Andrieux, with Fanny “foxy” Caspar from Roxy.


Christian mee-z Miessner from shralp!


(from left to right) Christian “Kiki” Moillen, Olivier Pictet, Joel Strecker and friend from Thermos Crew


Stephen Cleary and friend from eesa