Icon is exactly the kind of brand we love to support @BrOADER!
A small team driven by their passion for snowboarding, a nice looking board range, original technical outerwear and street wear, a few experienced pro-riders (Tomi Savela, Danny Wheeler, Heppu Pentti are the most famous) and most importantly: they are European! Special thanks to Alain Frei who presented us their new 07/08 collection. Check it out!!

Wallpaper serie (140-145-150-156-160-164)


Asgard serie (165 also 152-157-162) & Heppu Pentti signature (159)
board Asgard serie IconIcon Heppu Penty signature

Kingsize (163 also 156) & Revival serie (159 also 150-154)
Icon King SizeIcon Revival

Tomi Savela signature (157)
Icon Tomi Savela signature