0207webisode4th90.jpg@BrOADER we are subscribed to a whole lot of podcasts so that we can watch them when we travel around.
Here’s a little selection of good snowboarding podcasts you should definitely check out :

  • shralp.com – The free snowboarding news video podcast is an independent weekly video produced by Christian‘mee-z’ Miessner! Probably the best snow podcasts on the Internet today! Check out our favorite episode : number 53! 😉
  • Volcom has cool volcasts. Check out the Escramble Bonus Footage Download Project Webisodes! Number 4 is out since last week-end! It features big mountain sessions in Alaska and New Zealand starring Jason Toth, Bjorn Leines, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Terje Haakonsen, Erik Leines, Billy Anderson and Mark Landvik.
  • Lib Tech also has great videos from their riders – or ex-riders actually as the first video is from Markku Koski who recently joined StepChild. The latest one featuring Eric Jackson is – like always – perfectly edited!
  • The DC shoes snow team comes up regularly with cool videos. Their latest one features the team tripping in New Zealand.
  • Resort-wise, Laax, the European snowboarding mecqua has regular podcasts with good footage from their incredible snowpark.

Of course, the best way not to miss any new podcasts is to subscribe to them on iTunes, just type “snowboard” in the search box…

Here’s the Eric Jackson video – sick soundtrack!