avatar-boy-14.gifJust a quick one to tell you a little bit more about all those things that we show you on the left column of our blog. We have some new cool stuff!

The first section is called ‘Jump the Gap’ and is a short presentation about what [snow]BrOADER is or wants to be!

‘Hello World’ is our simple map showing you from where you, our readers, come from! We are stocked to see that we are getting readers from so many different countries! Thanks for your support and interest in [snow]BrOADER. It give us a lot of motivation to go on and improve ourself as much as we can everytime.

Than we have something brand new delivered to us straight from our friends from the TTR : feeds of the TOP 5 women and men from the TTR tour! So from today on, every time you check our blog, you can also see who’s leading the tour. This is cool!

After that you can find our ‘Categories’. Every post we write comes with some keywords or tags which allow us to classify them so that it’s easier for you to discover other posts dealing with the same sort of subject.

In the ‘Much respect’ section, we have a few links or feeds¬†from friends we support or link back to us. If you too want to crosslink with us, drop us a mail!

For sure Flickr is the most used social picture sharing site on the net. In the ‘Flickr pics tagged snowboard’ we simply receive a feed of the latest pics showing snowboarding action uploaded by random Flickr users…probably your best option to be featured on [snow]BrOADER! ūüėČ

Some projects¬†are vital and it’s our duty¬†to¬†promote and support them. We feature them on our ‘We support’ section.

Finally the ‘Rewind’ section is the easy way to get back in time….