The Arctic Challenge logoTerje Haakonsen’s event officialy called “The Oakley Arctic Challenge” 5* TTR is kicking off in Oslo-Midtstuen today and will climax on March, 3rd with the quarterpipe finals live on Freecaster!
The quarter pipe has been built up with the latest high-techs to allow riders to beat a new “Highest Air” world record in total safety.
Here again the list of competing riders is impressive! Along side the legend himself, will be high flyers such as Henning Marthinsen, Steve Fisher, Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis, Gian Simmen and our favorite for the win Arthur Longo!

Don’t miss out on probably the most impressive contest of the season and remember you have until this thursday to predict what will be the Men TTR Top 5 presented by Swatch after The Oakley Arctic Challenge and get a chance to win a stylish Swatch watch!!!

We are cool so here’s some advice…

As riders start accumulating more than six contest results, the margins are getting tighter amongst the battle for the TTR Top 10. A rider’s TTR ranking score is based on an average of a rider’s best six results in the season. Once a rider reaches over six results, the lowest TTR results are dropped from the accumulative score. The TTR Top 3 looks set for a drastic make-over as victory for the current TTR Top 10 riders at The Oakley Arctic Challenge will mean certain ranking change.

Current TTR World Nr 6, Kevin Pearce (USA), may become the new Tour leader with a win. The event will be Pearce’s (USA) 6th result on the Tour this season, and consequently only add to his TTR Ranking Points. If Pearce (USA) finishes anywhere in The Oakley Arctic Challenge top 7 he will move ahead of present TTR World Nr 1 Iouri Podladtchikov (RUS) and become the new TTR leader – by a potential margin of 29.47 points. Pearce’s (USA) average finish at TTR FIVE(5)STAR events this season is 3rd.

Also looking hot for change with the event title win is Danny Davis (USA). Currently holding TTR World Nr 5, this will be his 8th result on the Tour this season. Coming from a 2nd place result in Halfpipe at the recent TTR FIVE(5)STAR Nissan X-Trail Nippon Open, he dropped his second lowest score, 15th place in the Slopestyle at the TTR FOUR(4)STAR Burton New Zealand Open. A win at The Oakley Arctic Challenge would see Davis (USA) drop his 7th place in the Halfpipe at the TTR FOUR(4)STAR Burton Abominable Snowjam, moving him to around 2nd on the current TTR Ranking List. For Davis (USA) to increase his TTR Ranking position, he must come 15th or higher (allowing him to drop the 7th place) – a likely scenario considering his average finish at TTR FIVE(5)STAR events this season is 15th.

Current TTR World Nr 8, Steve Fisher (USA), also looks good to boost his ranking position with an event win. As potentially his 7th result this season, Fisher (USA) would drop his 13th place in the Slopestyle from the TTR FOUR(4)STAR Burton Abominable Snowjam, and move him up to the TTR World Nr 3 spot.