avatar-boy-1.gifHey, maybe you remember a previous post where we presented all these little things which we have in the left side column.
Well, we have just released some more new cool stuff!

I guess you noticed that since a week we now have a BrOADER TV box so that you can easily see all our latest episodes, product reviews or spot checks without leaving http://www.snowbroader.eu!

We also just added the possibility to subscribe by email! Just click on the “Subscribe by email” button, leave your email address and you’ll receive our new posts directly in your mail box! Cool no? However this doesn’t mean you don’t have to come check out the site anymore! 😉

Finally our last feature is probably the best because you get to play! It’s our brand new BrOADER MAP! The idea with the BrOADER MAP is that all of you start adding new “places” – by places we mean resorts where you usually go shred. If possible add a little comment, web link, and even better pictures and videos. If the “place” already exist, just add information or leave a comment with your opinion!
Check out what I started to do for Leysin my home resort and one of two BrOADER headquarters!

Thanks! We hope you like these new features!