jeevice2.jpgavatar-girl-11.gifWhen we asked Julie for a date, she told us that she would wear her black dress and high heels, just for us! We met her during the ISPO, she was not wearing the sexy dress she promised to, but she was sporting wonderful, trendy, glamour and sexy JEE VICE sunglasses!! And that was enough for us to fall in love… 😉

More seriously, we are proud to offer you this BrOADER[date] with the co-founder of JEE VICE.
Discover how it is like working for a small core brand dedicated to all young women who live their passion. Just by reading Julie’s word you can feel all her motivation and the pleasure this small team of people is getting by making their little JEE VICE baby grow every day! It’s hard work but it’s worth every penny!

Julie, at BrOADER we want to say big respect! And what about a “BrOADER” signature serie? 😉

Hey Julie! Who are you ? 😉 Our french education doesn’t allow us to ask about your measurements, so tell us what we are allowed to know!

Hi There, I’m Julie, a really nice 23 years old French girl who knows how to take care of boys!!!! You know, I have perfect measurements so I can tell you about my wonderful shape… I’m 1m75, 90-60-90…a soft skin and always well-done nails…ok…all is not true, I’m only 159cm and a half (yes, I have never reached 1m60…but I’m proud of that!)…but the most important is that I’m the coolest girl in the world…hey hey!
Sorry, I’ll try to be serious now…

jeevice1.jpgYou work for a funky brand called Jee Vice! What is Jee Vice all about?

Jee Vice is a sunglasses brand but not about sports or about fashion, it’s all about modern women values and their way of life. When we created Jee Vice with my lovely Charlie 3 years ago (hahahaha, my dad in fact!), we wanted to show up true women, women who live their dream, who drive their life in a men’s world, who achieve their goals with passion. Of course, we base our design line on quality and creativity, but Jee Vice is not only a designed collection of sunglasses…

How many people are working for Jee Vice today and how is it working for a core brand like that?

We are now 4 to be the main pillars of Jee Vice, but more people are working with us as sales reps, producers, distributors…We are all working with love and passion there.
Little brands as ours need all our implication, and so on, we really have to love what we do. And it’s an amazing experience.
With our hands, in 3 years, we brought out a brand now with roots in more than 20 countries. I think the best thing about working with a core brand as Jee Vice, and so on, a small brand, is that we have to be creative, always find new ideas to promote the collection, to sell it, to design it, with less resources as our competitors.
This an all day-fight, and that is pretty exciting!

Who designs the products? From where to the designers get their inspiration for the Jee Vice product lines?

Charlie, my dad, is the main designer. He gets his inspiration from us, the girls. We talk about our wishes, our way of life, what we like, what we want to do with the shades, fashion, design, objects…everything can be an inspiration…
All his knowledge helps us in our way to work, to choose material, to increase quality, and maybe sometimes, not to do too much eccentric shades!!!

Where do you produce them?

We produce our collection in Italy…sunglasses Mecqua of course! The way we make our products need a closed-eye on fabrication and a really qualitative production, so this is the most efficient place to do it.

In which countries can girls buy Jee Vice goods? Which other markets do you plan to expand too?

At this time, in Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia; almost everywhere in Europe: France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, UK, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Rep. And since this year, in US & Canada.
We focus now on developping markets already opened.

Which riders are backing the brand? Do you choose riders who have the same approach to snowboarding and life in general that Jee Vice wants to identify too?

We have kind of a bunch of riders & artists now in the team! All of those girls of course have the same approach to their passion and life as Jee Vice values. The most important it’s not what they do, but the way they do it.
We have of course snowboarders, as Conny Bleicher (Germany – 4th in World TTR Ranking to date), Sandy Gecek (seen in Last Winter), Basa Stevulova (a young rider from Slovakia who won best jib trick at Chicken Jam this year), but also skateboarders as Tina Neff (vert rider, invited to X-Games), BMX riders as Karin Bleile (2004 World Champion [flatland], 2005 World Vice-Champion [no championships in 2006]), surfers, wakeboarders, freeskiers, artists wearing Jee Vice (underground and well know artists as well) and incredible girls who drive their life as examples….
Christel Thoresen (our first “Eye”, professional snowboarder before, now amazing make up artist, worker in snowboard business…), Daize Shayne (2 times surflongboard world champion, model and folk singer, well known in US), Yaya Pagh (painter from Denmark, Dj as well, an astonishing girl…), and we never forget Sandra Laoura, freestyle skier, Bronze medal at Olympic Games in Torino last year, competing with splint on her shoulder, an unbelievable spirit, today still fighting against her inability to move her legs after her accident last January…

jeevice3.jpgJee Vice is dedicated to women snowboarding. How does the brand get involved to promote women progression in our sport?

Jee Vice is not only dedicated to women snowboarding, it is dedicated to all young women who live their passion. And of course, snowboarding is a part of that. Snowboarding is always about passion.
We want to push and promote women in our action fields. We are partner of a lot of boardsports events dedicated to girls as Last Standing Jam, a feminine skateboard event in Germany, MISS, a wakeboard camp for girls in France, Etnies Girl Sk8 Camp in Basel, Intergirlactik, Soul Gang Tour…
Soul Gang Tour is an European AM Feminine Snowboard Tour we launched this year, gathering, under the same banner, girls events from everywhere in Europe: Girls Gone Wild in Switzerland, Jee Vice Snowboard Session in Austria, Jam On in Spain, Chiquitas Jam in Czech Rep, Sista Session in France and Pinky Jam in Italy.
The goal is to help those small events to get a real structure with a ranking, to get a better involvement from riders by offering them wildcard for TTR events, and so on, being a better window for public showing what is now women snowboarding in Europe.
We begun 3 years ago by supporting Intergirlactik and since this time, and this first event aimed to girl riders, feminine boardsports events have incredibly increased, and I’m really happy to see that as I personally fight to enhance women riders’ exposure as I organized Intergirlactik and Soul Gang Tour beside my work at Jee Vice.

So as the PR and Promo manager you must be quite busy. What does your work consist off exactly? Is it all about partying or is it a lot of hard work too?

Just partying you know…I’m a social alcoholic! Joke…
In fact, we work now with a PR agency in Paris, so I’m just working for boardsports PR now. Aside from that, I manage promotion as events (sponsoring, organizing, going on trade shows…) and team (I’m kind of ridersitter when we are on events or shooting…that’s fun…cooking, housework, partying manager…!).
I work on media planning with my dad and I’m also sales rep in the Alps…so it’s kind of lot of work and a lot of driving, but really interesting and I love what I do.
And the most important is that in our company we all work to promote Jee Vice, we all are on the move to find the right girls to wear our products, getting the good information to know where we should be, what we should do etc…
We are a gang, that what is making our strength.

How are you working on the promotion of the brand? Is your online strategy important?

We stay on the field, this is the most important. Going where the girls go…boardsports events, music shows, cool party places etc…
And of course now, our online strategy is really important. That’s how we stay in touch with our target…emailings, networking, banners…keeping them informed of what we do and what we support…
We are like them, we love the same things, we want to keep close to them and share passions and values with them.

Could you give us an exclusive hint on the 07/08 products Jee Vice is preparing? Do you plan some signature products? Are you expanding the product range?

Of course we are expanding our product range, new original sunglasses, new colors, new limited goggles serie and new goggle style…rock’n’roll stance…keep patient…!

Will Jee Vice stay concentrated on women gear or is it possible that you also propose products for guys in the future?

Keeping on doing women shades to keep on charming guys! ; )

Julie, we always ask our guest their opinion about our blog. As a girl involved in the snowboard scene what do you think? What do you like and what could we improve? Do you think we cover women snowboarding enough for example?

I really like your blog concept, bringing news, keep on interactive networking, having videos etc…
The website seems well organized, maybe you should need a news list before them, to have an easier way to find hot news we are looking for and have emailings announcing each week what’s new.
And I think you should have more rider views with direct links to videos.
Women coverage…hmmmm…needs to be improved! Fortunately, Anne-Flore is in da hood! But maybe, you should promote more girl riders, according to contests results and TTR ranking for example (and add TTR Women Tour’s logo please…not only the Men’s one…!).

You are right sorry. Just did it! 😉
Well Julie, thanks a lot!! Final big ups?

BIG BIG BIG UPS TO : Charlie, my dad, and all his angels working with us…
My girls team who are doing such a good job to promote Jee Vice and whom I got unbelievable parties with…
All the distributors who involve themselves so much in Jee Vice.
Vanessa A., who will need to support me soon as her new flatmate (gather your energies my dear…it won’t be so feng shui at home now!).
My bro I love, of course, my happy skulls team (salut les borgnes!)…and my sweetheart, heu…no..I suck…I don’t have a boyfriend…they all left!