Remember back in the mid 90ies when snowboard manufacturers where concentrating their R&D on bindings and offering different solutions around the step-in system? At that time, the strap binding was doomed…But riders are not lazy people, and the boot + binding combination of step-ins didn’t offer the expected confort and flex. Eventually the good old strap bindings won the battle and remained a favorite both for freeriders and freestylers.
From that point on, innovation was thought around the strap binding and different systems have been brought to the market. Most successful of them being the back entry Flow bindings, and this year the APO Expresso bindings.

open_home.jpg2007. Introducing Beyondsnow.
The Beyondsnow strap-in binding is a completly new concept that the inventors present as the next generation of bindings, born on the European slopes. 

The strap-in has clear advantages: easy and quick entry, fully adjustable, all boot compatible and extremely comfortable due to relief from foot pressure points.

The system works like this :


1. Put your board on the snow. The binding automatically goes into the ‘open’ position.Step into the strap-in™ binding and put pressure on the base-pedal of the binding.
2. The straps close automatically through the built-in mechanism.
3. Lock the straps, ready to ride.

beyondsnow.JPGThe strap-in bindings will be officially launched at the ISPO this week-end and tests will be organised by the brand during the rest of the season. They will then be available for the 2007-2008 season on the European and Japanese market.
You will find them in your local specialized shop as from September 2007.

If you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening around Beyondsnow, check out their blog which will launch tomorrow!