laneo_logo_rgb.JPGWe posted already briefly about Laneo here @ BrOADER. But we were so stoked about it that we wanted to learn more. I had the chance to meet Andrew Paterson, founder and president of Laneo, for a couple of beers last thursday and he took the time to explain me in details the spirit and values of Laneo…and also why he’s confident Laneo will be a success!

Let me try to explain simply how it will work. If you are here reading this post, you are probably addicted as we are to snowboarding. It means you love the mountains and immaculated powpow rides! But democratisation of our sport and intensive exploitation of the mountain has lead to negative environmental impacts. We all have an eco-conscience and strive to bring our contribution to protecting our natural playgrounds. But we all face ‘problems’ like lack of time, money or simply information on how to get involved.

Enter Laneo. It’s easy! You log on to and create your profile. It takes 30 seconds and you leave few info’s mainly about what kind of outdoor sports you are into. That’s it! Now you are part of the Laneo online community and you’ll have the chance to participate pro actively by voting for the listed organizations you trust and support for their efforts of eco-initiatives, freely donating money, giving a hand on the field if you want to get even more involved, but most importantly follow the concrete results of the eco-actions realised!
You will then also be able to vote to define the criteria caracterising the Laneo green label. Sporting hardgoods and softgoods that comply with these criteria will be eligible to receive the label and this will then guide you in your future purchasing decisions.

Laneo will be mainly supported by sporting goods companies commited to eco-sustainability. The annual membership fees of these partners will be used to finance events and clean-ups that they will be able to sponsor. What do they get in return? Direct contact with passionate sports people ready to test their products and give their feedbacks to improve both performance and eco-respect.

This is a win-win situation for all the people involved in Laneo! You get involved, you help directly or indirectly to keep the mountains, the beaches, the forests clean, and, most important, you are part of a true human adventure!

BrOADER supports Laneo! So should you! Go to on December, 6th and get involved!