It’s funny sometimes like things are just meant to be.
The first post on was dedicated to MMPfilms’ Snowbored movie teaser.
Last week, we got contacted by Lars from MMPfilms and the cool news is that the swiss production crew is going to hit us regurlarly with hot news from their team, the events they will be attending and how the filming of their 2007 movie is progressing.
No time to waist! Here is a first update.

Hey SnowBrOADER,

Part of the crew just came back from Japan! Thomas Harstad, Stephan Maurer, Sanchez and Vinzenz Lüps had lots of fun shredding some fresh japanese powpow pillow lines. Watch out for the podcast which will soon be available on our website!

The rest of the MMP riding crew is spread all over Europe waiting for some more snow to come – actually it just dumped a little in Austria. At the Snowboarder MBM Golden Hill session in Flachauwinkl, Sami Saarenpää, Antti-Juhani Piirainen, and Stefan Gimpl teamed up with the Pirates.
Otherwise Christain Halland, Miikka Hast and Thomas Harstad are jibbing Oslo these days while Kalle Olson is getting ready for some more rails in Sweden. Unfortunately there are some bad news concerning Jonas hagström who injured himself, toaring the ligaments of his foot. Jonas is out for the next weeks…bummer. Get well soon buddy!
Some of our riders are concentrating on contests. Iouri Podlatchikov, Christian Haller and Markus Keller are heading out to Bardoneccia, Italy in order to bring home some gold!

Ok Bros! That’s it for now. Till next time…

In the meanwhile check out for more infos!