The sLOVEne brand Elan – which produces almost a third of all the snowboards found on the European market in their Austrian plant – is becoming a force to recon with. At ISPO they had a very nice booth presenting a very complete range of products including boots, bindings and boards. Elan snowboard is not imposing itself on the scene with heavy advertising. Step by step they are building a name for themselves through innovative products, quality finitions and a good team of riders which includes the likes of Aleksi Vanninen and Anssi Maninen just to name a couple.

The P.lab’s – that’s the name of their snowboard development team – most interesting line is definitly the Artec Project. In 07/08 they are increasing it, adding new models and more sizes. They also improved the graphics a lot. This last comment is true for the whole Elan range.
Producing the boards yourself gives you some advantages other brands who are outsourcing production don’t have. Elan took full advantage of it through their Blue print project which got awarded at ISPO with a “Personal design” award.

Check out what Elan/Artec is preparing for next year!

Elan bindings are starting to look really good!
Featured here are the Neon Black and the Neon Red.



Top of the range Helium binding (left) and Argon black (right).


The Artec Project 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 (here), 4.1 and Team (below) with their new stylish graphics and Omega sidecut technology.



The awarded Artec Blue Print project.


Elan Answer, Answer wide and Prodigy.