Rough snowboards 08

@BrOADER we love these small core brands which have an original philosophy/approach to snowboarding – and even more when they are from Europe!
So we got in touch with the Italian guys from Rough and asked them for info regarding their 0708 range.

Appreciate it! It’s only on!

Rough Snowboards winter 07/08 production includes a total of 8 models based on seven different shapes.
Directional boards are 4, in XS, S, M, and L sizes. The XS has been thought and designed for cool chicks that want to rip on the mountain, while the S deck sets aside sex distinctions and will be appreciated by all freestyle enthusiasts. The M and L are dedicated and thought for the most demanding riders.
Twin tip boards are 4 in S, M,and L sizes. To top it all the Rejdo Army M Twin Tip limited edition is designed by a Core Crew of Italian riders…

Check all the boards down here !!!

Directionals base & top : from left to right sizes XS-S-M-L
Rough snowboards 08 Directional baseRough snowboards 08 Directional top

Twin Tip base & top : from left to right sizes S-M-L
Rough snowboards 08 Twin Tip baseRough snowboards 08 Twin Tip top

Twin Tip limited edition top & base size M
Rough snowboards 08 Limited Edition top

Grazie Andrea & Marco from Rough!!