Lord of SteelSaturday March the 31st, the “Lord of Steel” rail contest will be held in Lyon, France.
This original idea to bring snowboarding downtown comes from the crew called Chosen.
The event will take place at Espace Raphaël de Barros- Villeurbanne.
And BrOADER will be there to bring you back some footage!!

Regarding the schedule :
12h : Amateurs warm up
14h : Amateurs Open contest (jam session)
18h : Pros warm up
20h : Pros Invitational contest
23h : Party at «La Marquise »
Mix from dj’s HOLLS (fonktion) & dj’s OXIMOR (kinetik)
Inscription fees : 10€

All informations on the official “Lord of Steel” website

Have a look at the teaser (french speaking)