Vogel is probably the best riding spot in Slovenia: it’s the home resort of the Elan snowboards crew, where they’ve set up their lab – the experimental Elan Snowpark with modules designed by Aleksi Vaninnen – and an impressive freeriding spot when the conditions are good.
The mountains surrounding Vogel are not the highest ones in Europe but Slovenia – usually – gets lots of snow even at low altitudes.
But most of all the setting is beautiful and the view on the Bohinj Lake coming down with the gondola is always amazing.

Ok that’s for the scenery, now for the crew. We met up with Primoz, Elan snowboards manager, who provided us with some 07/08 Artec boards and Elan bindings and with Blaise Rosenthal…yeap Blaise Rosenthal, dude! I can’t still believe I actually rode the whole day with Blaise Rosenthal (pictured with Matej Pavli, AM Elan rider) 😉
It was really cool by the way. We sessioned the Elan Snowpark pulling old school tricks like chicken salads, cross rockets and so on. Blaise even nailed a backside 3 double suitcase! 😉 sick! Up there we also met with local Elan pro rider Matevz Pristavec who was going big on the main kicker, stomping switch frontside 9s like he was having a beer. Too easy.

So we rode a couple of different boards from next season’s ARTEC serie and we were really stocked! The Elan Plab is pushing snowboarding to the next level by providing some of the best hardgoods ever.
Check out our video and get the full story!