Snapshot : it´s all about Snowboarding and the people who love this sport. Snapshot will show you different riders, different characters and different ways of living a life as a snowboard professional.

This new European film crew is working on their first movie which will feature riding from Marc Andre Tarte, Seppi Scholler, Flo Mausser, Matevz Pristavec, Mitch Tölderer, Ilkka Ojansivu ,Werni Stock, Michi Bacher and Bernd Mandlberger, Ville, TMT, Rudi Kroell, Migl Putz, Walter Fanninger, Max Weikl, Roli Scharmer, Simon Schwaiger, Stani, Klausi Hofmeister, Reini Rieser and Herby Thaler.

They just released their first teaser: a trip to Slovenia with Michi Bacher, Ilkka Ojansivu and local ripper Matevz Pristavec. Filmed on location in Matevz’s home resort of Vogel, a place which host both the Elan park and lots of great freeride possibilities.

Check it all out on their website and follow their adventures!