Lord Of Steel

BrOADER TV logoLast week-end, BrOADER was in Lyon (Fr) for the Chosen InvitationalLord Of Steel “.
First, Big Up to Jo, the organizer, for the amount of work his crew put up to prepare this in-town contest! The jib area was filled with modules (C-rail, straight rails, box, trash car…), but the launching zone was maybe not high enough to get sufficient speed and the riders found it hard to express their skills. At that game Lucas Bennachio played well and won the pro contest.

The other bad thing was that during the pro finals, the jib zone was reserved for the “official” film company. So we had a hard time filming some good footage. Anyway we got some good shots during the demo session and in the crowd we enjoyed the good vibes, the punk & bling bling attitudes of a couple of dutch riders, the beers, the yellow, the black…

Here is the 19th episode of BrOADER TV!!