144.jpgIt was a very busy WE for the European riders! Most of them started the week in Laax competing in the BEO. Sadly the slopestyle got cancelled, but the halfpipe event went off with a day delay on sunday with perfect conditons. It’s canadian rider Crispin Lipscomb who took 1st place after completing his winning run – a frontside inverted 1080, into a Cab 720, into frontside 900 melon, into a backside 900, finishing on a huge backside alley-oop 360 indy. You can check out all of the action here.

Most of the “top” riders had left the Swiss alps after the slopestyle got cancelled, because they are all participating in the Xgames in Colorado. And the Euro riders represented massively trusting 4 of the 5 top spots in the slopestyle! Ok ok Andreas Wiig – the winner – could be considered half american, and Jussi – runner-up – almost too, since they spend so much time riding in the US but Mat Crepel (5th) and Antti Autti (4th) are definitely not! 😉 So only Shaun White managed to counter the Euro supremacy in the slopestyle. Halfpipe finals are planned for tonight…look out for the results tomorrow morning here.

Picture credit: BEO