snowflake2.JPGAt BrOADER we are scanning the world of snowboarding, and reading feeds about what’s going on in North America right now just go us crazy!!!
Check this out :

The Echo team has been working all day to get ready, and we will reopen Friday morning at 10am with 29″ of new snow! We a plan to leave some powder stashes for the powder hungry, so bring your wide boards.

What some local meteorologists have dubbed the “storm of the year” has blanketed Colorado Ski Country with 37 inches of powder in the last three days, and will continue through tomorrow morning.
Wolf Creek has been buried in 37 inches of snow in the last three days. Durango Mountain has received its fair share with 33 inches of new snow in the last 72 hours, while Silverton and Telluride have seen 31 and 30 inches respectively pile up over the same time period, creating some of the best skiing and riding conditions of the year.

Since here in Europe, it feels more like end of season, BrOADER would like to propose to everybody to : step outside, watch the sky at night, put your hands up in the air, start jumping around, and yell ‘Let it snow, let it snooooow, let it snoooooooooow! aaaaaaaaaahhh!’