Tattoo Boards You’ve probably noticed that this season, the trend is to ride his own designed board! Many projects give you the possibility to get your personal board graphics : Unic Riding, The Artec Blue Print project, and probably some others…

But Tattoo Boards, a small Italian company, provides you the cheapest and easiest way to pimp your board!! And it goes further, because you’ll have your design on your favorite deck. Where Elan (The Artec Blue Print project) and Unic offer you your own design on their branded boards, Tattoo Boards gives you your own design on any board. How does it works? It’s very simple, Tattoo Boards prints your design on a special sticker covered by a scratch resistant protective film. Resistant to ice, water and sun. It seems much more wear resistant than a simple PVC sheet!

The whole concept hold in 3 steps : send the design – receive the material – stick it like a skateboard grip!

For the design you’ve got two choices :

1- Your designs are ugly! Don’t worry, you can choose in the 272 board’s templates already available. It’s the widest design offer in the whole snowboard industry! Ok some are not really interesting but you’ll find one that fits you. You can also shoot your naked girlfriend, send the pic, stick your new top-sheet and ride the sexiest board ever! She will appreciate!

2- Your design’s skills are recognized worldwide. Send your artwork!


And we’re stocked by the price, only 38 Euros (+6 Euros for worldwide shipping).

Perfect? Almost…You must know that you wont be able to stick anything on a 3D shaped deck like some Salomon or Morrow boards. But who has them 😉 . More and more boards have aesthetic parts bonded on the top (patch, stickers, aluminium plates,…) and you’ll have some trouble when you’ll cut the stick around them. Also the material is not as resistant as a classical snowboard top-sheet.